Not So Perfect

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We all watch her cautiously as she flicks her blonde hair over her tanned shoulder. To any outsiders looking at us, we look like four friends hanging out. Little do they know that she has caused all of us to be miserable.

"Alright." She starts, standing I'm front of me. "I met Thomas when I went to visit my aunt. We talked, exchanged numbers and went out a few times. I never realized that you two had anything to do with each other until you texted him and your picture popped up." Her smirk causes chills up my spine. "It was perfect because Thomas here is still in love with you. I took the opportunity to use him to get Chase back."

My eyes drift to Chase watching his reaction. His hands are in his pockets, eyes downcast. I then look to Thomas who is already watching me with his jaw clenched.

"The day I came here, she told me to see for myself." He tells me, giving Chase a once over.

My eyes are narrowed as I look at Kayla. "The notes were you?"

She grins proudly. "All me, I'm surprised you didn't tell Chase." She raises a brow as if impressed.

I scoff in disgust. "You did all of this because of jealousy?"

Kaylas' eyes flash with a hint of anger. "He loved me before you showed up. You ruined everything when you moved here."

"Your relationship was pretty ruined already."

Chase finally moves from his spot, putting an arm in front of Kayla to prevent her from coming near me. It shocks all even if it's a quick maneuver.

Her eyes are dark as she realizes that he defended me. "Right, if you weren't pregnant I wouldn't hold back." She says matter of factly.

The air is thick, my eyes focused on only Chase. His mouth drops open and then closes. He glares at Thomas everything making sense. When his usual bright green eyes land on mine I feel myself freeze.

"You're pregnant?" He asks, his tone is unfamiliar. Laced with anger, something I've never heard in his voice. When I don't respond he laughs. "That's just perfect.." He mutters.

Holding my tears, I swallow the lump in my throat. "Chase.."

He shakes his head, taking a step back. "You two figure this out." He points to Thomas and me.

I watch him leave with tears filling my eyes. Feeling ashamed and humiliated by all of this.

Kayla turns to us with a smile. "I've done my job." Her shoes hit the pavement as she catches up to Chase.

Deciding that today is the worst day of my life, I turn to go to my car. Thomas wraps an arm around my waist, holding me against him. I struggle to move, pushing against his chest.

"Bea, I'm sorry." His voice is a whisper, his chin resting on my head.

I find the strength to shove him away, not looking back. When I'm in my car the tears are no longer manageable. I sob, feeling weak for even caring about his stupid reaction.

Kayla got exactly what she wanted. For Chase to hate me, she should be satisfied by now. I'm more upset at the thought of losing a friend, being well aware that the two of has had a lot to deal with before even dating other people.

I knew I had to tell him about the pregnancy eventually. I was living in a dream world where none of that mattered. I didn't worry about what would happen afterward, only telling myself that nothing was going to happen anyways.

He was upset and that was enough to make my heart shatter. Was he mad at me for not telling him or for leading us both on?

Once I've cleared my mind and I'm all out of tears, I drive back. Alice tells me to drive safely which I assume that Thomas told her the minor details.

She's ready with a sad smile and my favorite cupcake in her hand. I hug her tightly.

Her hand rubs my back soothingly. "I can't bake so I ran to the bakery." She says through a frown.

Laughing sadly I take the cupcake. "Thank you."

We sit on the couch and watch a show on TLC. Thomas has sent me several apologies and worried messages. I would delete his number or even block it but that wouldn't be fair.

What he did wasn't even out of spite but because he felt that it was his only choice. I'm only frustrated at him for allowing Kayla to use him for her own gain. Although maybe he deserved it after how he used me.

I roll my eyes, I would never actually see it that way. I let things work out on their own.

Once dinner time rolls around and I've moved from my spot a total of three times, I stand up. My legs are cramped and my stomach growls in hunger.

"Let's make pizza!" I say.

Alice stares at me as if I just grew another head. Her eyes search my face before she nods slowly.

I laugh, skipping to the kitchen happily. Getting out the ingredients and searching for an easy recipe online. Between the two of us, we're not the best at cooking. Alice can make a few things, while I struggle to even make eggs.

It's embarrassing but I've learned that some of us aren't as good at things that others are great at.

The kitchen smells great as we wait for it to be finished.

"Do you think he sees me differently?" I ask.

Alice chews on her lip before replying. "I think it's hard to fully grasp. He must be torn, he definitely likes you or he wouldn't have freaked out."

"I mean we're friends so I'm sure that's why." Lie.

She rolls her eyes. "We all know you two would be dating if it weren't for the drama."

My cheeks heat up because she's right. Even if I had told him sooner I don't think much would have changed. It's still extremely difficult for a nineteen year to want to date a soon to be mom.

I sigh in defeat understanding that I'll have to accept things. I can't be mad at anyone. Maybe a little at Thomas and I for being careless, to begin with. And of course at Kayla for being obsessed and wanting to ruin my life.

Anyways, whatever happens, is out of my control. One thing for sure is that I need to talk to Chase.
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