Not So Perfect

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It was silly of me to think that I could come to work on Monday and everything would be fine. Chase didn't show up and it got worse when he ignored my texts. I gave him space, deciding to wait and see if he shows up today.

He didn't, and I tried to justify his reasoning. Telling myself that it had nothing to do with what happened on Friday.

Linda helped with the cash register Because I can't work two positions. It's a lot different after getting used to being around Chase. She was quiet and worked with only the radio on.

It didn't feel right.

I hear her in the front talking to someone who just walked in. I continue to flatten out the cardboard box to make space. Linda calls my name so I go to the main room.

Chelsea stands in front of me a few feet away. Her usual smile is hidden by a serious expression. "Can we talk?" She asks, glancing to Linda who nods.

I follow her outside warily. "What's wrong?" I ask.

Chelsea is shorter than me, but I find her intimidating. Seeing her and her brother upset is another level of scary.

Her arms are crossed, her lips pressed in a tight line. "My brother came home distraught, he didn't say much but locked himself in his room. Kayla told me enough." She gives me a once over.

I gape at her, wondering what she could have possibly told her. "What did Kayla say happened?"

Her eyes narrow. "Why so you can lie about what really happened? You're pregnant with another guy while giving Chase false hopes."

I chew on my lip. "I need to talk to him," I say.

Her face softens at the vulnerability in my voice. I can tell that she wants to say no but she gives in. "After work meet me in the parking lot, you can follow me home."

I nod with excitement. "Thank you so much." I smile.

She looks at me for a few seconds before nodding. "I'll see you in an hour." Chelsea walks away leaving me alone.

An hour felt like days before my shift finally ended. Linda is also preparing to leave as soon as the second shift people walk in. Once I've gathered my things I stop by her makeshift office.

It has a desk and a computer, a few folders on the desk and some pens in a cup.

"I'm leaving now," I say.

Linda gives me a wave. "Have a nice day, I'll see you tomorrow if Chase doesn't show up."

Who knows if this will make a difference. Maybe he'll show up to work after we talk.

Seeing Chelsea's car a few spots away is enough to make me feel nervous. What will I even say to him? Will he shut the door in my face or tell me to go away?

She shows me a thumbs up, signaling for me to follow her. Doing as instructed we drive for a few minutes. My mind is swarming with thoughts on how this might go.

She turns into a neighborhood, every house looking as neat as the next. We stop at one with two cars in the driveway. It's a two story, the yard freshly mowed and flowers decorating the porch.

Nervously I climb out of my car, trailing behind Chelsea.

"His room is upstairs on the right. Good luck." She says, giving me a genuine smile.

I do my best at staying calm. "Thank you," I say quietly, following her directions.

I take my time to get to his door. Not even paying attention to the interior of the house but wondering if I should turn back around and go home.

My hand is already on the door before I can decide to turn around. Knocking three times and waiting anxiously for it to open.

It takes a few seconds, the sound of rustling and then footsteps before the door is pulled open. My heart beats faster at the sight of him.

His hair is messy and eyes tired yet he still looks put together. Despite his face flashing with different emotions, he holds the door open for me.

I stare in shock but walk in to take in his room. There's a full sized bed in the middle, black nightstands on either side and matching dresser in front. He has a tv and a gaming system along with a rack of CDs and games.

It's clean and organized which doesn't surprise me. I look away from the posters on the wall to see his eyes already on me.

I cross my arms, feeling insecure under his stare. "I'm sorry," I say sincerely, maintaining eye contact.

Chase sits at the edge of his bed, patting the spot beside him. He leans forward, clasping his hands together. "I'm not mad at you Bea."

Hearing his voice tugs at my heartstrings.

Confused I turn to him. "I kept it from you." I remind him.

"You never had to tell me in the first place. We both kept our lives private." He keeps his eyes on the carpet. "But you never mentioned that you and Thomas were working through things."

Giving him a confused look I say, "We're not. Thomas and I only ever talk about the baby." It sounds worse out loud.

I can tell he still hasn't fully grasped that. A small grimace on his face. "Right." He coughs.

"Would it have changed anything if I told you sooner?" I question, needing to know his response.

I watch as he stands up, leaning against his dresser. "Then I would have known sooner." He shrugs.

Looking at him skeptically I ask. "You wouldn't have stayed away?"

He rolls his eyes his lips tugging at the corners. "I would have managed to fall for you some other way." He chuckles.

I missed him so much.

"How do we solve this?" I ask softly.

Holding his hand out he pulls me to my feet. I feel my heart rate increase at the little space between us.

"I really don't know." He mutters, his eyes falling to my lips.

I inhale his scent smiling. "I came here to make things easier." I laugh, "This wasn't what I had in mind."

Chase laughs softly his hand lifting to my hair. "You're so beautiful." He says, a goofy grin on his face.

I swallow, aware that we still need to make a decision. Yet I can't help but be drawn to him, along with the feeling of everything being perfect.

I wrap my arms around his neck, "Let's talk about this later." I suggest.

He nods, on board with my very irresponsible idea. I lean in pulling him down with me. Our lips finally meet and I savor every second of it greedily. Running my fingers through his hair as his hands explore my body.

His touch is gentle and it makes me want more. My entire body heats up when he pulls me closer. Kissing for a few seconds longer until my lungs beg for oxygen. Our lips barely touch as we catch our breath.

We come to the realization that this is it. Pulling away and getting into serious mode.
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