Not So Perfect

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We basically decided to stay friends and not let whatever happened to get in between us.

I don't think he realizes how hard having a kid around is going to be. But Chase is set on waiting around until the two of us have healed from our previous relationships. And until I feel ready to let anyone in again.

Despite yearning for his affection, I will admit that I'm not ready. My body is adjusting to carrying another human and it's already started to wear me out. While I can't put my feelings on hold, I can accept that this is how things need to happen.

I went home a lot happier than I when I left this morning. I know better than to get too comfortable due to how much has happened everytime things feel calm.

I still have Kayla to worry about. She watched the destruction happen and is apparently going away to college in New York. That doesn't ease my mind at all, I'm sure she'll figure out a way to get to me mentally.

I'll deal with that later though. I can finally sleep at night and stop wondering if he hates me or not.

A smile appears on my face once again as I sit on my bed with my laptop. Alice and Matt were having a makeshift date in the living room with takeout. When I came home, I ran into Matt who told me very nicely to get the hell out.

I told him that I'd grab some stuff and be out of their way. Alice said it was fine if I stayed, glaring at me when I told her I was leaving. I caught on that she was nervous and didn't want to be completely alone so here I am.

Anyways, now I'm stuck in here. None of that matters when Chase and I are on face time.

"You can come over if you're bored." He says, laying on his back with the phone in front of his face.

Smiling softly I hold my chin up with my palm. "What would he even do?" I ask with a laugh.

Waggling his eyebrows he responds. "We'd eat cookies my grandma baked and watch the rest of Friends."

"Scandalous." I roll my eyes. "I'll take you up on that offer some other time. I need to shower."

He frowns, "It can wait." We stay on the call for another hour.

Matt knocks on the door, opening it when I give him the okay. He shuts it behind him, leaning against it.

Closing my laptop, I toss it beside me. "How may I help you?" I smile.

He has a serious look on his face but his eyes have a glint in them. "You're actually pregnant?" He asks.

I stand up, lifting my T-shirt up, being three months my bump is noticeable. My shirts hide it but it's there.

"Holy shit." He mutters, grinning. "Congrats."

I thank him, sitting at the edge of my bed. His eyes search my face for something before he stands up straight.

He turns to leave before giving me one more look. "Next time I'm on a date with Alice, I better not see you around." My eyes narrow as he steps out. "Nice talk Bea." He smirks.

If he weren't much taller than me and had the muscles of a clearly for person then I'd tackle him.

I finally shower and eat dinner while Alice tells me about how it went.

"We didn't kiss because he said it was weird with you here." She pouts. "And because he doesn't want us to call this a date."

I frown, "As in you're going on a real one?" I ask.

She shakes her head. "This was our version of a real date. He just thinks that we should kick you out next time because he was annoyed with your girly laughter."

I bite my lip annoyed. "I see." I tease. "I know when I'm unwelcomed."

She laughs, shaking her head." Matt's just messing, he likes working you up."

"I've noticed." I nod.

He's definitely a joy to have around.

I woke up excited to get to work knowing that Chase will be there today. I'm glad that we'll be back to our usual routine.

He meets me by the door, unlocking it. "Hey." He smiles.

"Hi," I say, flickering the lights on.

We get ready for the day, the atmosphere feeling so much better. Today's a busy day at the beach as the end of summer nears. All of my friends will be going back to college and I'll be stuck working all alone.

Chase will only work three days a week. Linda is already looking for someone to cover his shift since he can only come in after classes.

Despite us being occupied most of the time, we both maintain genuine smiles.

"Are you doing anything this weekend?" Chase and I grabbed some food from the restaurant next door.

I nod, wiping my mouth. "I have to help plan my sisters' engagement party. I'll be back Sunday afternoon."

I haven't seen her and I'm just hoping that she doesn't throw a fit. She's the last person I have to talk things over with. It isn't as easy as it seems. Holly is stubborn and loves to make a huge deal out of everything.

It's her day to shine, I'll just go for support.

Chase takes one of my fries with a grin. "I didn't know you had a sister."

I nod, "She's twenty-three and a pain."

"Unfortunately I know that pain."

"We can trade?" I ask, wishing that my sister was as supportive as his.

Chase thinks about it before tilting his head. "How bad is your sister?"

I smile innocently. "She's the sweetest actually, loves hugs and walks on the beach." If only.

He sticks his hand out. "Deal."

Laughing I shake his hand. I love his playful side, which is what makes him so easy to be around.

I didn't realize how much torture it is to be friends with someone you want so much more with.
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