Not So Perfect

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We've been meaning to hang out and actually plan something to do. With school starting up, everyone but Matt and I will be busy during the week.

Chelsea's girlfriend flew here to spend the weekend with her. It was perfect for all of us get together and go do something. I thought they'd both want to be away from everyone else but apparently, Taylor doesn't mind.

I have yet to meet her, just now arriving at the carnival. Alice was eager to spend time with Matt. They finally got together and I'm happy for her.

I told her to go ahead and I drove my own car. I pay for my entrance and walk to where my friends stand at.

I smile at the sight of a petite girl with black hair and pale skin. She's beautiful, her light brown eyes meeting mine. Her hand is tightly intertwined with Chelsea's'

"Hey," I say.

She immediately introduces herself, complimenting my outfit. After we've established that we shouldn't waste a second we begin to head towards the rides.

Jesse walks beside me, now a third-wheel. With Alice and Matt, and Chelsea and Taylor.

I smile up at him, "You can hang out with us." I tease, poking his side.

He narrows his eyes. "You two are worse then them combined."

I gasp, giving Chase a brief look. He only laughs, rolling his eyes at his friend. Luckily the two couples aren't all over each other the entire time.

We stop at different booths to admire the art. From photography to paintings to drawings. It's amazing to see how talented and creative others can be.

We even take a picture in the photo booth. The seven of squeeze together to fit in the small frame. Multiple pictures are printed, each of us getting to keep one.

"I want to go on that!" Chelsea says excitedly.

She tugs on my arm, dragging me to a ride that looks promising to make me sick. I shake my head, hiding behind Chase. My stomach is too sensitive for that.

Chase looks at his sister. "I don't think she should go on that Chelsea." He tells her.

She pouts but sighs, tugging Taylor to the line. Alice says something about staying with me while the rest of them go but I urge her to go. It's sweet that tries her best to make sure I'm never bored but I can deal with just watching.

Chase doesn't go on which is fine. He doesn't seem to be a fan of them anyways. We wander away, wanting to see some of the things we missed. Might as well since the line for the ride is long.

My arm occasionally brushes against Chases' making me feel a warm sensation inside.

Being around someone you strongly want to be with is almost painful. When it's the two of us at work, I can handle the proximity. And then I see him out of work and I just want to kiss him. I want to hold his hand, and do cheesy couples things.

This is coming from someone who hates showing affection in public.

He peers down at me, "You're being really quiet today." He states.

I shrug, hiding my red face from him. My mind is constantly telling me to ignore my feelings.

I can't.

Turning around so I'm facing him, I open my mouth before seeing a blonde behind him. My mouth clamps shut, my heart hammering against my ribcage. Please don't be her I beg, my shoulders dropping when I see her properly.

She spots us, her eyes gleaming mischievously at the sight of us. She makes her way towards Chase and I and as much as I want to run, I don't react fast enough.

Chase turns at the call of his name. "Kayla?" He asks, shock and confusion evident on his face.

She's supposed to be in New York. Far away from me, from him.

She has a smug look on her face. She practically feeds on our vulnerability.

"This is even better." She laughs, biting her lip.

She closes the distance between Chase and her. Placing a hand on his chest, her finger slides down his torso. His jaw clenched at her touch.

He gently grips her wrist as I stay frozen in the same spot. "We don't want anything to do with you." He tells her, his voice low and unlike anything that I have ever heard.

She doesn't react, observing our reactions with a satisfied smirk. "Come on Chase, we can have so much fun. You always loved when we spent time in the bedroom." She winks, making sure that I'm listening.

A look of disgust passes his face, his hand blindly searching for my hand. Taking his hand in mine causes my heart to flutter but I'm brought back to what's happening.

"Stay away from us." He says one last time, not giving her a second glance.

Once we're sure that she isn't near us we both relax. My eyes study his face for a sign of reassurance.

He lets go of my hand much to my disappointment. Chelsea jogs to us, all of them trailing behind.

Her eyes land on her brother. "What did she do?" She asks, searching my body to make sure I'm okay.

I give her a small smile, "She didn't do anything, don't worry." I tell her.

Alice stops beside me. "Are you okay?" I nod, still worried about Chase.

The mood is pretty much ruined and I want nothing more than to take away his anger. We walk behind our friends who have suggested we grab some food and sit to calm down.

"Chase," I say quietly.

He gives me a glance, looking somewhere behind me. I reach up to hold his chin in my hand, making him face me. His eyes are glazed over with something I can't pinpoint.

He doesn't say anything but maintains eye contact. "We can't let her get to us, it's exactly what she wants."

He nods, his throat bobbing as he swallows. His hand lifts to mine that's still gripping his face. I can feel him lean into my touch.

I'm aware of our friends watching us curiously. But it feels like it's just us two.

I do something confusing to us both.

Standing up to meet his height and giving him the smallest peck. My lips tingle, begging for more but I can't.

I pull away completely finding it difficult to breathe.

I grasp onto reality, closing my eyes for a split second. "I'm sorry," I mutter.

His eyes burn onto the side of my face. My body is on fire, nothing making sense.

We manage to collect ourselves and join our friends. They've already ordered our food and drinks, not questioning anything which saves me the embarrassment.

I quietly eat, sitting in between Jesse and Taylor. It was awkward for the first few minutes but they get over it quickly. I refuse to catch his eyes willing myself to not look up.

I blame my hormones for not keeping it together.

Lifting my head is a huge mistake when my eyes immediately meet with my favorite pair of green eyes.

Tearing my gaze away, I pretend that I'm listening to whatever Taylor is saying. She's telling a story on something she experienced a few days ago. My mind is too clouded for me to think straight right now so I have no idea what she's saying.

I barely eat, pushing my food to Jesse who happily takes it.

"I'm gonna walk around for a bit," I announce.

They plan on going on a few more rides. We've finished eating but to prevent them from getting sick they're going to take a break.

I almost slip out of their view until I feel someone right beside me.

"Bea." Chase breathes out.

I press my nails into my palms, not knowing what to say. I continue walking repeatedly telling myself to keep my expression neutral.

Chase doesn't let me go that easily. "Let's talk for a second." He pleads.

I step aside silently agreeing.

We stare at each other the air thick with tension. I sigh, chewing on my lip.

His eyes drop to the ground. "Bea, I thought we were set on waiting." He exasperates.

My mind continues to battle with my heart.

No, I can't I repeat to myself.

"We are," I say, not convincing him at all.

He nods, stuffing his hands his pockets. "Because we can change that if that's what you want."

I want that so much, and I was willing to try but then we saw Kayla. I can't be selfish about this and I have to think about how it could affect our relationship in the long run.

I shake my head. "We should wait," I say more confidently.

"As much as I love kissing you, it contradicts your words." He teases, raising a brow.

My cheeks heat up, hitting his arm. "Okay, no more of that." I laugh.

Now I have to convince myself of that.
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