Not So Perfect

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Work is a lot more exhausting when you're pregnant. It's almost humorous if you're not the one taking five minutes to stand up after kneeling to stock shelves.

I sigh, lifting the empty box and carrying it to the back room. Chase eyes me when I enter the room again.

"Bea just let me help you." He exasperates.

I narrow my eyes at him. "I'm fine. We have a deal, you carry the stuff in and I do the rest." I say with a tight smile.

I'm done for the day, physically and in every other way.

"Are you doing anything today?" I ask, leaning against the counter.

He keeps my gaze, "Nope."

I smile causing him to raise his eyebrow. "Do you maybe want to get ice cream with me?" I ask.

The weather is slowly shifting to actually feel like fall. Not enough for it to be more than a little cooler outside. Plus I've been craving Oreos and creme ice cream all week.

Chase pretends to think about it before agreeing. "I'm always down for ice cream."

"I'll remember that."

As soon as our shift is done, we head to the ice cream shop in separate cars. I'm more than excited at finally getting one of my cravings.

I'm practically in heaven when I walk inside. I order with a smile, feeling like a little kid. Chase orders a plain vanilla ice cream which I tease him for.

We sit outside underneath an umbrella at a round table.

I offer him some of mine which he denies. "Do you seriously not like flavors?" I ask.

He chuckles with a shrug. "I occasionally get the mint kind."

"You're a grandpa," I say, laughing.

He stuffs a spoonful of ice cream in his mouth instead of responding.

We finish our ice creams but I know I won't see him tomorrow because he has two classes. And part of me doesn't want to leave yet.

"Can we go to the park?" I plead.

Chase nods, "I was gonna suggest going somewhere but the park sounds nice."

We walked the trail at the park while we waited for Jesse to join us. Chelsea had a facetime date with Taylor and the other two are currently busy with work and school.

We sit at one of the tables, Jesse telling us how much he wants to drop out.

His gaze drops on me briefly.


Shaking his head, he waves me off. There's something he wants to say.

Chase is oblivious to his glances towards me. "This year has been interesting." He laughs in disbelief.

I agree with a hum. It sure has been.

"Who would've thought that you'd be single and that we'd meet this pretty girl." He points to me.

I laugh, rolling my eyes at him.

"You have a type Chase, crazy but stunning," Jesse adds.

I let out a choking noise, Chase laughing in amusement. We talk for a while more until it's time to go.

Jesse skateboards beside us to our car. "I forgot to mention that Kayla came this morning." His head is down, avoiding our eyes.

"Is she finally leaving?" Chase asks.

Jesse nods, lifting his head up to catch my gaze. "She wants to make sure you're not together."

I cross my arms, stopping at my car with a frown. "Why does she care so much?"

We drop the topic, deciding that she isn't important. Hopefully, she stays in New York and far away from. She constantly tries to stir things up only to leave and to give us relief before she shows up and does it all over again.

I got home an hour away to Alice sitting on the floor with a bunch of bags around her.

Gradually I make my way to her, "What's this?" I question, seeing baby items.

Her dark brown eyes are wide. "I bought a few things." She bites her lip.

"Alice..." I mutter.

She lifts her hands up, "I know we don't know the gender yet but we will soon, right?"

I answer her question with a nod eyeing the bags. I take a seat on the couch, letting her show me what she got.

We find out the pretty soon and I've decided to not find out immediately. Alice will be planning the reveal for my parents and our friends to find out. Thomas is okay with that, wanting his parents to be there too.

I feel overwhelmed because I still don't have my own apartment and I really want to get the nursery ready.

"This is cute," I comment, feeling the soft blanket. It's white, a gender-neutral color.

Not that the color matters to me, but most baby items are all solid pink or blue. It's hard to find something that doesn't directly have the words boy or girl on it.

After we've seen everything, I look at Alice. "So where do you plan on keeping this stuff?"

Her lips press together, her eyes darting around her apartment.

I laugh, standing up slowly and patting her head.

"I'll keep it in my bedroom!" She calls out.

I take a water bottle from the fridge, grabbing an apple from the fruit bowl.

Joining Alice back in the living room. She already has a show playing. I bring my laptop to the couch and begin my endless search for an apartment.

One that doesn't cost my entire savings for one month.

I wasn't in a rush to move out, but every day I feel the need to have a room for the baby ready.

Especially once we find out the gender, there's no way that I can contain myself from buying things. I have to keep myself from becoming frustrated all over again.

I shut my laptop, averting my eyes to the TV. Alice has passed out, college and work both draining her.

I turn the volume down and pull a blanket over her. My closet is empty since I don't have many clothes in there. It takes me longer than I thought to put everything she bought in my closet.

With an audible sigh, I get comfortable on the bed. My hand cradles my stomach, feeling movement with a smile on my face.
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