Not So Perfect

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Chelsea volunteered to keep me out until it's time to drive to Alice's parents home for the gender reveal. They gave her permission since they won't be back for another week.

It's been hard for Alice to keep it to herself for the past week. She had to plan everything and wanted to make it perfect. I have to give her credit though, she's not giving in.

In a few hours, she won't have to.

My chest bubbles with excitement. Not knowing has been holding me back from preparing and such. There's so much to do in four months that it's actually overwhelming.

I get into Chelsea's jeep, greeting her with a smile.

"First stop is breakfast because I'm starving." She says causing me to laugh.

I agree with her, not having eaten anything yet.

Just the smell of food alone makes me feel like I've gained weight. I used to be good with not eating too many unhealthy foods, I can't say that now.

I look from the menu to Chelsea. "What are you getting?" I wonder.

She gives the menu another look before smiling brightly. "I'm going with the french toast, bacon, and eggs."

I nod, indecisive and internally panicking when the woman comes to take our orders. I quickly decide on chocolate chip pancakes and bacon.

"What do you think it is?" Chelsea randomly asks, leaning her chin on her hands.

I reply with a small shrug. "I really don't know," I say truthfully.

She nods, our food arriving. "Is it weird to be around my brother?" She asks, taking a bite of her toast.

I laugh, "Yes and no. I have this slight fear that he wants nothing to do with me because I'm having a kid with someone else. He never looks at me any differently though." I admit.

She keeps her eyes on me. "I can't give you any advice on that," She says with a snort. "But I know that he really cares about you."

We finish our breakfast and chat for a bit, going to location number two.

I look out the window to see where we are.

"A baby store?" I ask in confusion and a little bit of excitement.

She holds a folded piece of paper towards me. "This is from your parents."

I squint my eyes to read the neat little handwriting at the front. Just like the one where they gave me the one thousand dollars. Which I plan on using to buy whatever I need.

Pick out what you need for the nursery, we couldn't get you a gift and thought this would be better. Don't worry about the money. Love mom and dad.

I open my mouth in shock, I would have been perfectly fine with them not getting me a gift. It isn't necessary at all. I won't be having a baby shower not when they're paying for so much.

Chelsea and I enter the store and I'm instantly over the hesitation I had.

"This makes me want to have a baby." Chelsea coos as we pass by the baby clothes.

I give her a smile, trying to keep up with her. We make it to the furniture which is what is most important.

The prices are reasonable and I don't feel bad when I decide on a set that comes with a crib, dresser, and changing table. I also pick out a rocking chair for the room.

We spent a while in there and I'm ready to just get to where my friends are.

"Ready?" Chelsea asks with excitement.

I send a quick reply to Thomas, letting him know we're on our way.

"I'm so ready," I say.

The drive is filled with anticipation. My heart pounding as soon as we enter the neighborhood. We made it in time for everyone else to arrive.

Thomas is already waiting for me, greeting me with a quick hug.

Alice opens the door, a wide grin on her face. "Hello, welcome everyone and thank you for coming."

She lets us in, giving us each a piece of paper. It has the word boy written on one side, and girl on the other. I lift my eyes to take in the decorations.

The first thing that catches my eye is the banner hung up in the living room.

One side pink, the other blue like most of the things here. There's no hint at all and I have trouble guessing what I think the gender is. I go with a boy, putting it in the jar on the counter.

I turn around to find Chase but see my sister walk in. Her eyes find mine, making her way towards me.

"You came?" I ask in surprise.

She raises an eyebrow. "You weren't expecting me?"

I shrug, answering honestly. "I didn't think you'd want to be here."

Her face softens before she smiles. She goes with my parents who are already talking to Thomas parents. Two of his friends are here as well, talking amongst each other.

I go into the kitchen, finding Chase and Jesse there. I thought it would be awkward to invite Chase but he's so supportive and he didn't find it weird at all.

His eyes light up. "Hey, beautiful."

I smile, grabbing a cookie. Jesse stares somewhere behind me his gaze landing on me.

"Which one is your mom?" He questions.

I turn around to see my mom and sister talking. They do look really similar.

Chase chuckles, shaking his head at Jesse. "They're both taken." He tells him.

I nod in agreement. "Holly is the taller one," I add.

Matt joins us as Jesse mutters something about being single. I laugh, rolling my eyes. We talk for a bit longer until Alice ushers everyone outside.

She had set up tables in the backyard with food, drinks, and more snacks.

We eat and talk to each other until Alice announces that its time. She counts the papers first, most thinking that its a boy. I try to find something in her expression but she's good at keeping it neutral.

Thomas and I stand at the front, his arm wrapped around my shoulders. I don't think much of it other than him just being friendly.

We all listen to Alice explain how she decided to do it. She hands us a confetti cannon each as we prepare.

She tells everyone to count down, my heart thumping even louder.

This is it.

The countdown starts and my palms are sweaty. When they get to one Thomas and I twist the bottom.

All I see is pink, everything feeling like it's in slow motion. I gasp, taking it all in. Everyone cheers as Thomas gives me a hug.

I smile up at him. "We're having a girl," I say in disbelief.

His eyes are glazed over but he swallows hard with a nod.

We celebrate with our friends and family, feeling grateful to have them here. My reaction would have been the same regardless, it's knowing that makes me emotional. And now that I know it just makes it all so real.

In just four months I'll have a baby girl.
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