Not So Perfect

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Standing at the doorway to the nursery, my heart swells with pride.

There's plastic covering the carpet and the walls are freshly painted. It's a start before I officially move into my first apartment.

A warm presence stands behind me, "We did well." Chase says, admiring the pastel pink walls.

I nod already mapping out where I'll be putting the furniture. It should arrive sometime this week which is why I wanted to go ahead and paint the room.

I lean my head back, Chase wrapping an arm around me. He smells so good that I find my eyes closing. We're both covered in paint but it doesn't matter to me.

"Tired?" He murmurs, his chin resting on my head.

I yawn, "Mhm."

This past week has been the most exhausting. From getting approved for the apartment to ordering furniture and still getting to work every single morning. Not to mention that my feet are sore constantly.

Chase leads me to the living room where we have a chair. I needed one to paint the top of the walls so Matt was kind enough to drop one of his off.

I sit on the floor instead before sprawling out on the floor. Getting up is going to be a pain.

He chuckles, doing the same. We lay there in the middle of my empty living room. I actually start dozing off, my back aching but not enough for me to move.

I don't know how long we're there for. My eyes snapping open at the loud voice entering.

"I brought food!" Chelsea exclaims.

I sit up, glaring at the oblivious brunette. She notices, sheepishly shrugging.


Chase helps me up, his hand rubbing my back soothingly. He does it without even realizing it which I love.

He peers at his sister from where she stands in the kitchen. "You came alone?" He asks her.

I tune out their conversation still feeling groggy from being disturbed. I doubt that I slept for more than a mere five minutes anyway.

The smell of food wakes me up, my favorite fries being placed in front of me. We have to eat standing up but it's okay.

I feel a lot better after eating.

"Did you finish painting?" Chelsea questions, taking a long sip of her drink.

We both nod, happy to show her. She follows behind us, looking over my shoulder with a gasp.

It was previously white which saved us the time and money. I only plan on painting this room, liking the modern feel of the white walls in the rest of the apartment.

"It's so cute!" She squeals.

I smile, placing a hand on my stomach. I have some names in mind but I want to make sure that Thomas likes them too.

Speaking of, he's been really helpful. He, unfortunately, can't miss too much of work but he wants to put as much of the nursery together as possible.

I'm okay with that, I like that he wants to help.

I yawn again, leaning against the door tiredly. It's past seven, the sky turning dark due to it being mid-November. It feels like we barely have enough time now.

Chase turns the light off, gathering my keys and phone. Chelsea takes the trash and I make sure to lock the door as we make our way to our cars.

Chase drove me to the apartment to drop my car off before we drove here. I'm happy we did that because I'm barely able to keep my eyes open. I say bye to Chelsea and get into the car.

On the drive over my head is against the window, my eyes shut. The radio plays only further helping me fall asleep.

I'm shaken awake shortly, rubbing at my eyes.

"Thank you for helping me paint," I say, holding the door to the apartment open.

Chase gives me a smile. "Go get some rest."

I manage to get in bed after changing clothes and brushing my teeth. Feeling too tired to even take a shower although I'm going to regret that in the morning.

I've been busy all day, Thomas and I put all the furniture in the nursery. It's coming along nicely, with everything that Alice bought for her and what I've gotten as well.

I also have a couch now, and a tv stand. Everything has been ordered it's the delivery that I'm waiting for now.

I just feel the need to get her bedroom finished before focusing on any other part.

"Where do you want this?" Thomas points to the bookshelf.

I tap on the wall where I want it. "Let's try over here."

After hours of being here, we've finally done as much as we can. I admire it with a smile, glancing at Thomas. He wears a proud smile, sitting on the rocking chair.

It's comfortable and I'm sure that I will be spending plenty of time on it.

The furniture is white, the rug matching the chair, and hints of pink every here and there. I didn't want it to be completely covered in pink, choosing the very pale pink paint for the walls.

Thomas pulls my hand to stand in front of him. He's still sitting, my stomach inches from his face as he leans forward.

"You're ready to come out aren't you princess." He says quietly, rubbing my stomach in a soothing manner.

My stomach immediately moves, our little girl kicking against his hand. He chuckles breathlessly, continuing to talk to her. I simply watch, already knowing how loved she's going be.

It's also amazing to see how much Thomas has grown. He's more than ready to be in her life.

He peers at me through his lashes. "I have a name in mind Bea."

I nod, urging him to say it. I have a few that I've been keeping to myself.

"Madeline or Maddie for short?"

I scrunch my nose up, not knowing about that. "I'll think about it," I tell him.

I don't hate it.

He gets up from the chair, stretching his legs. "I have to get going, but I'll stop by tomorrow."

I nod, following him out to the living room. He grabs his keys, kissing my head. I watch as he leaves leaving me to clean up a bit.

To anyone else, we would look like a couple. Thomas has just been really friendly recently. Not in a flirty way either, I know his intentions aren't to stir anything up between Chase and me.

I appreciate both of them for not being immature about it. They've been in the same room a few times now and they actually greet each other.

It was surprising to me at first too.

After picking up the trash and sitting in the nursery just admiring it, I'm ready to meet with my friends. We're not doing anything other than hanging out at the apartment and eating most likely.

I lock the door and start walking towards my car. It's cold outside, my thin leggings being a bad idea to wear today. With a huff, I make it into my car. The heat immediately blasting when I turn the key.

They're already eating takeout when I make it there. I think I've eaten enough for a whole family of bears this entire pregnancy.

The tv is playing a horror movie because Jesse got to pick what we watched.

I curl up as best as I can, jumping constantly but nothing beats Chelsea shrills.

Matt and Alice are cuddled up on the floor, a blanket over them. I smile as his hand plays with her hair. He's such a softy when it comes to her.

Feeling a hand on mine, I look up at the most beautiful green eyes ever.

It's such an amazing feeling every time he does something as small as looks at me. I loved Thomas when we were together, but it never felt like this. Maybe because I met him when I was so young and I always had a crush on him. He was the only boy that I really grew to care about.

I swore we would be together forever.

Things didn't end right but I'm so proud of where we stand now. I wouldn't change how things are ever, no matter how complicated it gets.

I squeeze Chase's hand gently, my smile getting bigger.

This feels right.

I have made enough mistakes in my life to know this isn't one of them. But I'll make plenty of those to make up for it.

Looks like I'm not so perfect after all.
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