Not So Perfect

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I made plans to start looking for a job today. I at least want to begin my search rather than sit around doing nothing. I've always been restless, I like working and being occupied. It gives my mind a break from overthinking.

According to the internet, there are three shops at the beach that are hiring. The drive is less than twenty minutes away and I'm okay with that. Alice tried to convince me to not worry about any of the rent or bills. But if I'm staying with her I refuse to do it for free.

She's been extremely kind in letting me stay with her, I wouldn't take advantage of that. Which is why I'm currently here, determined to find a part-time job.

The beach isn't as crowded as I expected it to be. I did come before it supposedly gets packed.

As I walk to the shopping area I hear my name being called. I recognize their voice but have trouble finding where it's coming from. Stopping near the restrooms I turn around at the sound of shoes hitting the pavement.

I smile when I see Chelsea running towards me, she leans over to catch her breath. Jesse cackles behind her which causes her to roll her eyes.

"Hey," I say, stepping aside to let someone walk by.

She grins, tucking her hair behind her ear. "Hey Bea, how's life?" She acts casual, still out of breath.

Jesse stands beside us, wrapping an arm around Chelsea's shoulder. I can't tell if they're a thing or not. From what I've seen, the two of them are just close friends.

"Good, I'm looking for a job," I tell them.

They both look at each other, looking at me with a smile. "The surf shop is definitely hiring."

I raise a brow, "Thank you, I'll check there first."

She nods, "Chase works there and his co-worker just quit so I'm sure you'll get the job." She explains.

That sounds way too simple but I nod nonetheless. The two of them are lifeguards at the kids center so they leave. I make my way to the store that has a giant blue surfboard at the entrance.

Chase stands at the register, his head lifting when the bell rings.

A smile takes over his face. "You're new." He jokes. "How may I help you?"

I put my hands on the counter, looking around. "Your sister mentioned there being an open position."

He nods, grabbing something from under the counter. He places a paper in front of me, the words application printed in bold letters at the top.

"She skims through it and calls you if you've got the job or not. Honestly, I'm positive you'll get it." He chuckles.

I take a pen from the cup on the counter, filling it out. It takes me a few minutes before I complete it. Handing it back to him and placing the pen back.

I open my mouth but quickly close it when the bell rings again. A girl with blonde hair walks in. She smiles when her eyes land on Chase.

She leans over the counter, her bright red acrylic nails scraping the surface. "Are you coming over later?" She asks completely ignoring me.

I stand back searching for his eyes. He gives me a small smile before clearing his throat.

"I can't, I have to help my parents with something." He tells her.

The blonde finally turns to me and scowls. "Why are you still here?" She says harshly.

I raise a brow but keep quiet. We stare at each other until Chase speaks up.

"Kayla, I'm working right now. I'll see you on Friday." He sighs.

She's fuming, her eyes narrowed as she glares at him. "You keep making excuses when just two months ago you were begging to be with me." She adds.

I really think I should go, this seems very private. I stand back to walk away discreetly but Chase stops me.

He gives me a brief look before setting his attention on her. "Two months ago I didn't know that you were hooking up with someone else."

She retaliates, "I never cheated on you!" Her nostrils flare and I can practically see the steam coming out of her ears. "I love you and we're figuring this out." She demands.

Chase studies my face before shrugging. "We can do whatever you want when I'm not busy."

Seeming satisfied with his answer Kayla nods. "Bye. I love you." She smiles triumphantly giving me a once over.

Chase doesn't respond only watching her leave. His eyes flash with a hint of annoyance before he shakes his head.

I bite my lip feeling extremely awkward. "Thank you for the application."

"No problem and I'm really sorry about that." He says sheepishly.

I tell him it's no big deal, the two of us feeling embarrassed. Although I hide mine to make him feel better about it.

"I should get going."

Chase smiles but quickly remembers something. "Actually, there's a party at the beach on Friday. If you'd like to come?" He asks with a hopeful smile.

I agree and let him know that I'll be there. With one last smile, I turn to leave and make it out the door. I must've been in there for longer than I expected.

Deciding to enjoy the weather and the fact that the beach is not yet crowded, I walk around. Holding my sandals in one hand and letting the fresh air hit me. The sand feels warm but not enough to burn.

I smile and allow myself to close my eyes. I never knew I needed to feel this type of peace until now.

Unfortunately, I have to leave because everyone decided to arrive. I have laundry to do anyway so it's fine.

Stopping on my way home, I grab some food to eat while I watch whatever I can find. Alice is all about shows and showing me the series she loves.

While I throw in my clothes in the washer, my phone rings from my bedroom. I let it ring until I'm done. Picking my phone up from my bed I see Thomas' name on the screen.

We have an appointment tomorrow for our first ultrasound. But I doubt it has anything to do with that.

I call him back, getting comfortable on the couch. "What's wrong?" I immediately ask.

"Nothing serious, I have a quick question though." I hear beeping and papers rustling, wondering why he's calling me at work.

I nod though he can't see me. "Okay."

"Before you say no, hear me out." More rustling and cabinets being open and closed. I hum to let him know I'm listening. "The company is having their annual party tomorrow and my parents can't make it. Do you mind joining me?"

I stay silent, I knew about the party already. I really want to say no but Thomas would say yes for me in a heartbeat.

I hesitate but exhale before asking. "What time do you want me to be there?"

I can hear him smiling. "Seven, we'll drive from my house because parking gets bad."

Again, I completely know what he's referring to. And while I'm aware that my parents will be there all I can think about is being there for Thomas.

I also have to buy a dress before tomorrow or borrow one from Alice. I don't realize how late of notice it is until I check the time.

It literally is last minute but I can always figure that out tomorrow. It's really no big deal.
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