Not So Perfect

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I had a lot to do today and so little time. Thomas, unfortunately, had to miss my first ultrasound appointment which he's still apologizing for. I get it though, my dad wants tonight to be perfect so they have a lot to prepare for.

Luckily Alice got a day off just for me. She's excited and she even sent Thomas a message about how she gets to replace him. It was a joke and he handled it well by sending her a picture of him flipping her off.

After the appointment, we have to look for a dress. I was planning on just searching through Alice's closet and wearing one of hers. She was certain that I'd hate them all but I was stubborn and looked anyway.

She was right, they weren't formal and I'd be showing everything with the smallest movement. She was more than willing to skip a day of work and tag along.

I leave her in the waiting area while I get my first ultrasound. The entire time I'm anxious and excited.

"First baby?" She asks.

I nod, my breathing staggered as she spreads the gel on my belly. My eyes are on the screen not moving away from it. I bite my lip a little too hard without realizing it.

She explains to me what I'm looking at before I see it. I breathe out, tears pooling at my eyes. It doesn't look like much just yet but just seeing for myself makes it so real.

When we're done, I make my next appointment which Thomas will hopefully be able to attend. I plan on sending him pictures, his only request for today.

"Let me see!" Alice says impatiently, ready to see the sonogram. I hand them to her as we both get in her car.

She gasps with a giant smile. "Holy shit. You're actually growing a human." She says in disbelief.

I laugh, amused by her reaction. I send Thomas a picture, pretty much getting the same reaction.

We make it to the mall and visit the first store of many, I'm sure. My goal is to find a dress, grab some food, and get some rest before tonight.

I find myself being overwhelmed after the fifth store and still not being able to find something I like. Alice is being patient which I feel guilty for even dragging her around.

I have three I want to try on, Alice gave me a thumbs up as I make my way into the dressing room. As soon as I saw the navy blue one, I knew I wanted it. It's the definition of formal. It has a v-neck and cutouts on the back. I love the way it looks and feels.

I open the door to show Alice. Her eyes light up and I'm assuming that she's ready to leave.

"Is this it?" She asks.

I smile, twirling. "It definitely is," I confirm.

Changing back into my clothes, I take the dress to pay for it. Alice goes to the food court to grab us something to eat. I check two things off of my list of things I want to do today.

Next is taking a nap before being around so many people who only talk business.

And that's exactly what I do when we get home.

Alice made sure to wake me up with time to spare. I have an hour of a drive after all. I do my makeup first and let Alice do my hair. She curls it while I text Thomas.

"Are you not afraid of running into your parents?"

I suck in a breath because of course it's been on mind all day. "Yes, but they'll be too busy to really notice me," I say it more for myself.

She turns the curling iron off, brushing through my curls to make them loose.

I turn to look at her noticing her concern. "I'll be fine," I assure her.

She gives me a smile. "Go get dressed."

I look at the time, going to my room and slipping the dress on. I take a look at myself in the floor length mirror. I'm satisfied with how my appearance.

Slipping on some sandals and getting my purse, phone, and keys, I say goodbye to my best friend.

She's in her pajamas, a bowl of popcorn in her lap as she sits on the couch.

"Bye have fun and stay safe please." She waves.

I wish I could join her but I've already told Thomas that I'd go.

"Bye, I will!" I call out, shutting the door behind me.

I let Thomas know that I'm leaving already. I won't be there for another hour or so but I'll be unable to use my phone on the road.

Driving in a dress is so uncomfortable and I have to pull it up to be able to move properly.

The drive itself is bearable with the help of the radio. I try to distract my mind by singing along and telling myself that it won't be as bad as I think.

These events are uneventful and I hope that after tonight I won't ever have to attend one. My parents attend many parties and company events but this is the most important one.

It's welcomed to every single business person in the city. They all come together and even have auctions to raise money for a charity of their choice. They even talk to each other to decide if they want to work on any new projects.

Anyone can go with a valid pass which Thomas has because he works there. My sister her boyfriend will most likely attend. They go every year to support my dad. It's a big deal since it determines if the company grows in the future.

If you're uninterested in the whole world of business, such as me, then it means absolutely nothing.

I arrive at the Millsaps home, stepping out of my car gleefully. My legs are cramped from driving. I fix my dress, making my way to the front door.

Ringing the doorbell, I wait for Thomas to come to the door. I hear his footsteps nearing, smiling when he pulls the door open.

"Hey good looking." He says with a boyish smile.

I roll my eyes with a smile. "Let's go?" I nod towards his car.

We get going in my car because despite Thomas having a flashy car it has always made me feel a little claustrophobic.

The nerves start settling in when we near the venue. I'm not sure what to expect with my parents. Hoping that they don't even notice I'm there.

It'd make things a lot easier.

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