The Run Away Mate

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After centuries of oppression, America finds itself crawling under the crimes and atrocities committed by the original shifters, the werewolves. To them, there is only one specie that shall exist and deserves the right to live. Running away from new spilled verities that just made her a stranger to her ownself, a girl finds herself stuck between danger and a mate. But between finding him and staying by his side, there are centuries of war and a lot of untold secrets that only push her further away from him. Hiram Stark is an original alpha who's lived the last decade without finding his mate. So, when he finally meets her, he’s set on never letting go while she’s set on keeping running away. So, what happens when a kitten strays from home and falls directly in the lair of the big bad wolf ? And how does it end when nothing is as simple as it seems ?

Romance / Fantasy
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1 | The Bill

10 hours before the collision.

Everything that was once on top of the desk went flying on the ground.

" Think carefully Ticya, if you don’t withdraw this bill, there would be far more consequences than what you can imagine."

The black woman in front of him stood silently but her smile never waved nor diminished and it only aggravated the black haired man. He hated it, the gleam in her eyes, the unmistakable malice in her honeyed orbs as she studied him lose his temper with all the satisfaction in the world.

Both his hands came colliding against the desk in a fit of pique but it never changed anything in her composure. Her arms resting on top of the chair, she looked up at him with a disinterested look and nothing of the fear he so wanted to make her feel.

" Those things you’re trying to defend, they are less than humans and you want to grant them rights ? They are abnormalities and I won’t let you ruin the work we have made till now to ensure our place. "

Now, her smile was gone and all the playfulness too. All he saw was the face of a woman you didn’t mess with.

" You want to enslave them ? " she asked sternly.

It only made him narrow his eyes at her new expression.

" You want them to bend to your will, to work for you, to be our workforce ? " she continued, this time leaning closer with her hands joining as she sat her chin on top of them in what would have been visible interest if he didn’t knew better.

He stood his ground while the distance became a memory between them.

" You want to still be able to kill and dispose of them freely ? Hang them on trees, stab them in empty alleys or even crowded ones and rape them with all the freedom in the world ? "

Now, her voice held all the resentment she felt and her eyes darkened at her political opponent. If it wasn’t clear before, it became now. They were both from perfectly opposite sides with no similar values bringing them together.

The man in the black suit moved away, his hands retreating and his face contorted in the anger he never lost track of since the start of this undesired and impromptu meeting he had imposed her by barging in her office.

Now, he was done with the talk. Instead, he tried to impress her or maybe oppress her with his height and stature.

" You’re making a mistake O’Neil, a huge one. One that will cost you more than your title or votes." he menaced.

But menaces didn’t work with this specific one and would never do. In fact, they never work with every woman who knew exactly where she stood in this game.

As her feet shot her whole body up, she sat an end to his attempt at towering her and she walked to be in front of him. Her high heels colliding against the expensive marble of her office, she ended up standing with all the presence in the world right in front of him.

Slowly, just like her measured and confident steps lead her towards him, her hands shot up towards his tie and she placed it correctly. When her eyes shot up towards him, the look of bewilderment in his eyes at her audacity was a pleasurable one that she enjoyed with no restriction.

" You’re the one trying to remake the mistakes of the past, Dallas." She let out casually while hand ironing his already perfectly neat tie. " You remember ?" she asked casually, feigning her interest. " The lot of you already enslaved people my color centuries ago and you saw what happened."

Suddenly, her hand pulled on the tie and she made him bend to her level, making him almost choke from the strength she pulled.

The incredulity in his eyes was everything she wanted to see.

" They stole their own freedom again even if it meant they had to spill their blood for it." she reminded him, the challenge evident in her eyes.

Wyatt’s hands shot on top of hers to make her budge but she didn’t.

" That’s what clever people do. They take what's theirs." She simply stated as a matter of fact. " You did it once and paid the price. I will never let you and your party do that to anyone again." Her voice let out, suddenly becoming low and menacing.

" You won’t be able to stop us.” he spat back, confident.

It only made her smile reappear bigger on her lips.

" Really ?” she asked in faked astonishment. ” Wyatt, please, it’s wake up time honey.”

Her fire lit eyes danced ecstatically with confidence while her smile only went bigger.

" I’m the prime minister and head of the council here." She admonished with no restraint, reminding him of his transgression. " In this country and in both sides, my word is law."

Her hand harshly let go of his tie, pushing it all left and imposing for his body to follow the movement and make few steps for balance at his side. When he looked at her again, he found all the determination in the world burning in her eyes as his own sent silent but evident threats her way.

" You think I don’t know why you’re doing this ? " he demanded, a new hateful smile stirring his own lips.

Her eyes only narrowed at him now.

" The girl, Tycia." he reminded her.

Suddenly, her blood froze in her body but she never showed it, except for her eyes’ darkening color.

" I can protect her." he tried to negotiate.

At his corrupting attempt and hidden threat, her teeth painfully gritted as she tried to hid the sudden emotions filling her.

" She won’t need your protection."

The man’s face contorted in that redundant displeased expression at the sound of her decisive and final tone. He wanted her to bend and for that, he was ready to go to any extent.

" Fair enough then. " he finally let out, an air of resilience closing on him. " Let’s see how you will manage to keep her alive."

Despite her attempts at staying calm, her breath caught in her throat and with a last evil smile, absolutely delighted that his words had finally some effect, he walked towards the door.

Yet, when he grabbed the knob, she stopped him again.

" You know why your party lost the elections long ago ? " she asked, her voice showing nothing of the battle inside of her.

Silence was her only answer but he stopped to hear what she had to say.

" One of your fellow henchmen said it once."

Her voice was toneless but perfectly clear to him.

" A man with courage makes a majority."

When he turned his head, she smiled fully with wisdom.

" Yeah Wyatt, I’m that man."

The only thing that answered her was the angry sound of the door almost falling of its hinges as it banged shut. With it, her smile vanished completely and her feet hurriedly walked her towards her desk to pick her phone from her hand bag. She quickly found the contact number she was searching for and pushed her finger on call.

With each ring, her heart was menacing to stop.

" Tell me " a male’s voice interrupted her agony playfully.

" Vincent, where are you ? " She demanded, the panic in her voice an evident one.

" Why ? What’s wrong ? "

" They are coming after her. "

The person on the other side stood silent, with only her breath as an indication of the undisrupted conversation.

She wanted to say so much, to explain, but speaking her motives or the directions she wanted him to follow on the phone would only lead them to her quicker than expected.

" Vincent, I…"

" I will take care of that. "

She stood stunned, the phone still next to her ear and her eyes bewildered at the huge bookcase in front of her.

" Don’t worry, I will find her."

She knew she wouldn’t, but she held on the hope that her little girl wouldn’t hate her for this.

" You got it mom. You’re doing the right thing and we’re all proud of you. "

With that, the phone hung up on her. She stood stunned for long seconds, still hooked on the long lost phone call. When her hand glided the length of her lilac suit to fall limply at her side, a sudden heartbreak got to her.

" You’re doing the right thing. "

" We’re proud of you. "

" She will understand. "

All those things meant to remove the burden off her shoulders only made her feel the shame. She felt the guilt of putting her child at danger for the greater good.

Her hand moved at her side and she unlocked the screen again, just so she would look at the picture of her family. She felt the tears prickle at the inner corner of her eyes but she swallowed them all with a blink.

Her thumb came next to the face of her youngest daughter and she tried to held on her words.

She wouldn’t cry she promised herself, but a tear escaped her resignation.

She knew it. Freedom had a price, a pricy one she was accustomed with.

But what broke her heart was that this time, she wasn’t the one going to pay for it.

" I’m so sorry baby."

A/N : This a story I wrote as a training for romance in my spare time. I wasn't planing to publish but I ended up liking it and decided to share it with you. So if you happen to like it too, dont forget to drop a comment, a like or a review!
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