Silent Storms - Book One

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Claire Abbott moved to WitheringHills to finally live a normal high school life without traveling. What she doesn't expect is new found powers, unexpected secrets, and maybe a new love. When a secret organization threatens to destroy everything she holds close, Claire must find a way to save her friends and family before it's too late... "you are so infuriating" I yell, "and just yesterday you called me sweet. what changed mi hleth?" Aidan smirked, "what does that even mean!" I snapped at the nickname he always gave me since the time at his parent's house. "you'll know... mi hleth" Aidan chuckled as he continued down the school hall. --- This book is still a work-in-progress and chapters will be updated frequently with edits or fixes

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter One


faster than I've ever run before, rain hitting my face sharper than knives, and my heart pounding in my ears.

"Claire!" a voice shouts, so familiar and deep. It was a male's voice but I couldn't place my finger on it. I turn around looking for a person to match the voice but all I can see is the silent storm behind me.

I wake up with a start, that was the same dream for three nights in a row. I didn't really understand it, just me running away but from what? and who was the boy yelling my name?

I don't have any friends, since I prefer it that way. Totally not because it wasn't my choice. The only man I need in my life is my awesome dad, I don't need a boyfriend. I internally cringe at my logic and finally get out of bed to start getting ready for school.

school, the one place I'd rather not be. My parents and I have been moving around a lot lately due to my mom's job as an English teacher. They both decided for my last year of high school I should live in an English country. I've basically lived everywhere; South Korea, Japan, Germany, Italy, India and etc.

I don't know all the languages but if someone were to start a conversation in Japanese I'll be able to catch on. But I have no friends so I guess my bilingual tongue is useless. Pulling on a pair of dark blue skinny jeans and my Beatles sweater, I grab my roughed-up backpack and head downstairs. I pass by a couple of moving boxes and go towards the kitchen to the smell of waffles or maybe pancakes being made.

"you're up!" My mother, Mary Abbott says with excitement. I glance towards my father and see him flipping a pancake onto its uncooked side and sends a small wave.

Both my parents are complete opposites, my mom being a bubbly and excited person while my dad being his silent, observing self.

I wasn't really sure where I fit between their personalities, "Good morning, Claire" I hear my dad, Baxter Abbott mumbles and places down a plate of three pancakes in front of me before I sit down.

Grabbing the maple syrup, I drip enough onto my pancakes to drown a person in.

"How did you sleep last night, sweetie?" My mom asks with a gentle smile, "fine, had the same weird dream again" I reply while stuffing my mouth with pancakes.

"oh sweetie, it'll pass soon" My mom gently said squeezing my hand, "yeah I hope" I shrugged, as I cut another piece.

My mother moves over to where my dad was finishing off making the final pancake and wonders when I'll have someone who looks at me the way my parents look at each other.

finishing off my last bite I look towards the clock and nearly choke, "HOLY SMOKES, IM ALMOST LATE" I gasp in surprise and flew towards the door with my poor backpack being dragged with me.

I grab my white converse shoes and quickly put them on before opening the front door, "I'll be home by 5 pm!" I shout before I sprint to my car, climb in and wave at my parents where they were looking through the kitchen window.

I drive to school, going a little over the speeding limit but making it to my regular parking spot. I get out of my white VW Beetle, grabbing my tattered bag from the passenger seat and locking the door.

Before I even start the 5-minute walk towards the school's front door I feel a pair of eyes on me. I look towards the far-right and notice, the most popular group that belongs to Aidan MacKay.

They're all surrounding Aidan's dark red BMW, Aaron Clay was leaning against the back of the car holding onto his long-time girlfriend, Clarke Blanc and it seems like they're whispering dirty things by the look of red tinting her cheeks, which are making my cheeks blush.

I've heard rumours that Aaron and Aidan were inseparable when they first met in elementary school and always hanging out together. Aaron was one of the star baseball players of WitheringHills High, and it didn't help that he was a gorgeous blond with dark grey eyes.

Clarke wasn't a normal girl either, she was a dark-haired goddess with her pitch black hair and almond coloured eyes. I heard her mother was Chinese and her father was Australian, She came here from Australia when she was just a freshman.

Aaron started dating Clarke a couple months into their freshman year. No one thought it was serious since Aidan was a play boy and everyone thought Aaron was similar but as time passed Aaron and Clarke were still together and everyone dubbed them as the cutest couple and moved on.

Finally realizing who was the one staring i look towards Aidan who stood at the front of his car with his "girlfriend" hanging from his arm like a leech, they've been together for 2 weeks which apparently was a long time since Aidan always moves around with girls. But Hellen Adair was THE queen bitch with her natural red hair and blue eyes, and she had Aidan MacKay, so everyone envied her.

I did too

But Aidan has been rude to me for the week I've been here, which might I add, i've been only here for a week. All the times Hellen pushed me over he never helped and just stood and stared at me.

At least Clarke was nice enough to apologize for Aidan's ways.

Having Aidan stare at me left a fluttering feeling I didn't quite understand but I quickly looked away after I saw the evil glare from Hellen.

I didn't need this attention, the first semester started a couple weeks ago and after the second semester, I'll graduate and get out of this hell of high school.

Even just one week of being here in the small town of WitheringHills, I felt out of place and it doesn't help that everyone knew each other. having around three thousand citizens didn't help much with blending in but I was fine with it because I was always a loner who stayed inside libraries instead of going outside and playing with kids my age.

Books were better friends anyways.

Quickly weaving through all the cars and making it to the front door, I heard the bell ring. "Dammit" I whisper to myself and quickly sprint to my locker.

Spotting my locker, I grab my lock and put in the password and open it. Taking out my AP Biology and AP English textbooks.

Thank goodness my first classroom was on the same floor as my locker or I would've missed the second bell.

Arriving at class, I sit in my seat near the door and place down my English textbook on my desk and putting my bio in my old bag.

I could never replace this bag since I had it when my parents gave it to me for my 11th birthday when we lived in Japan. It was the coolest backpack, with many compartments and it was even water proof since they knew I loved staying outside in the rain.

Grabbing my pencil case from my bag and pulling out a paper, Mrs. Jordan came into the class already yelling at someone like she normally did.

After class I write down the homework she left on the board and walk out. I was grabbing my water bottle from my bag when all of a sudden I bumped into a wall.

I quickly look up and realize the wall wasn't actually a wall

it was Aidan MacKay
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