Silent Storms - Book One

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Chapter Ten

“like the red string of fate? I’ve heard students in my old school in Japan talk about the red string and that two people are connected and bonded by fate.” I note, looking towards Aidan

“all those soulmate stories all have small truths, I guess you can also consider the half’s in our legends and ancient books tells some tales too.” he begins and he opens his door and I round the car quickly climbing in the front passenger seat and buckling my seatbelt.

“story time?” Clarke whispers and I nod, looking back to Aidan as he starts the car and pulls out of the his parking spot.

“the best way to describe half’s is like a puzzle piece. We all have different pieces, both normal people and elementals. Anyone can be in love with someone that doesn’t match their piece but when you do find that person you connect to... It’s like nothing you’ll every feel.” Aidan finishes.

“have you ever felt a connection before?” I ask, looking intently at Aidan.

“I’m..not sure” he answers, looking away from me.

I nod, “wait so, you are Aaron’s half right?” I quickly point at Clarke in the back seat.

they were both cuddling together so it was quite obvious but I had to ask anyways just to confirm. Just this thing with my logical side... which I have none of.

“yeah, It was during freshman year when I saw her. I noticed Clarke right away drawing under my favourite tree near the baseball field. My parents told me stories about half’s and their own relationship for as long as I could remember and never really believed I’d find one until I saw her .” Aaron starts and Clarke squeezes Aaron’s hand.

“We always stared at each other from either the hallway or class. Aaron finally had the guts to talk to me because Aidan dared him too” Clarke continues smiling and laughs up at Aaron, I hear Aidan laugh beside me too.

“We instantly connected and we talked a lot, but the funny thing was when Aaron told me about his elemental influence.. I sort of already knew” Clarke says with amusement shinning in her eyes.

“I didn’t realize how observent she was, even though she’s the clumsiest person anyone will ever meet” Aaron jokes, Clarke punches his shoulder and glares at him

“well, you’re a stalker. you followed me into the forest when I tried to draw the bird before class started.” Clarke exposes and Aaron looks sheepish and we all laugh.

“okay, but you don’t need to say that Clarke.” Aaron looks slightly embarrassed as he asks but she kisses his cheeks.

“don’t worry baby, you can stalk me anytime” Clarke says with a smile and Aidan makes a gag noise.

“how did you know Aaron was following you exactly” I ask interrupting Aidan.

“Well I’m not that observent but I knew Aaron was following me because I felt this calming presence and just knew it was Aaron. I didn’t want to embarrass him too so I just kept walking in the woods to find the bird.”

Clarke grabs Aaron’s hand again and traces all the lines on his palm, “when I spotted the bird on the tree I climbed it but I didn’t realize the tree was rotten and dead, the tree broke and I started falling. All of a sudden I landed on this patch of grass that felt like a big pillow. I looked up realizing some weird vines hold the tree branch like it never actually broke. I looked for Aaron to see if he saw it and he was no where to be found” she grins as Aaron lifted her hand to kiss her fingers and she giggles.

I shake my head at their cuteness but listened on, “I guessed Aaron had to be my hero who saved me and officially fell head over heels”

“And I was already in love with her when I saw her sitting at the tree” Aaron says looking into her eyes, they’re about to kiss when Aidan interrupts them.

“okay love birds enough with this lovey stuff, at least wait until we leave the car.” he replies rolling his eyes, we stop at a red light and I shove him and glare

“leave them be” I whisper

Aidan shrugs and continues driving, we all remind silent for the rest of the drive to Aidan’s house.

I thought about the Half’s and remembered when I was young I always wanted my prince to come and love me and be my friend when I had no one at school. It sounds quite pathetic to still want that knowing I’m much older now. But I always wished for it, I look towards Aidan with wonder.

“be with him” The voice whispers and my body hums in agreement but I quickly shake the words away.

Aidan doesn’t like me and if we were actually connected wouldn’t he told me already? Confusion swamps my mind and I look back out the window. I notice the road change to gravel, and remember how Aidan’s house was location deeper in the forest, so we must be close.

driving for a minute more, Aidan’s large house comes into view. I didn’t have the chance to admire it before since I was pasted out the first time and was rushed coming out when we were leaving the second time.

but Aidan’s house was gorgeous with Large stone exterior and a dark roof. his house was shaped like an L-shape with his garage and main house separate. His house was a two-story with big windows on the second floor.

getting out of the car which Aidan parked in the garage, I follow the group through a door in the garage which was connected to the house. I walk through and realized we were in the hallway near the kitchen.

“come on, Mom made food we’ll eat it outside so we can start training” Aidan suggests as we all move into the kitchen.

looking around, the table was full of small hand foods like cheese, hams, fruits and chips.

I picked up a plate and placed mostly all of the food choices on it, “I see you’re hungry too” I turn and see Clarke with her plate filled with food as well. We both laughed and move towards the open door in the kitchen which led to the back porch.

the porch was pretty big but the backyard was much bigger, “you have a pond?” I ask turning to Aidan with surprise in my eyes

“yeah, my mom didn’t want to get rid of it so my dad built around it.” Aidan replies as we all climb down the porch stairs to the grass.

I watch as Aaron plops down and instantly Clarke finds her place in front of Aaron and leans back resting against Aaron’s chest, Aaron had his legs stretched out while Clarke crossed hers.

Aaron did have a plate but Clarke seem quite content to share her food with him.

I sit beside them and look around, the backyard was pretty clear and was a decent size. but behind the pond was all forest.

“you own a lot of land, huh?” I question looking around at all the big trees, Aidan shrugs and grabs a cracker from my plate.

I glare at him

“funny how he has this pond and the forest but he’s a fire elemental” Aaron jokingly interrupts as he takes a bite of a square cheese from Clarke’s plate.

Clarke and I laugh and Aidan just glares, “do you expect me to live in a volcano or a desert? My mom would freak out over all the sand tracking into the house”

“you’re mom would freak” Aaron contemplated, we all laugh.

after eating Aidan gets up,“come on guys we need to start training”

Clarke gets up as well, with Aaron behind her.

“hey wait, I remember in the Last Airbender, Aang would train in the water. Are we gonna do that?” I ask pointing towards the pond

Aidan just looks at me, then laughs and I glare at him, “The Last Airbender was always such a cool show so don’t judge me” I pout and cross my arms

Aidan laughs some more, “no it’s too cold to train in the water. Plus we’re learning about controlling anger and stress like normal people do.”

“wait so, no water bending stuff?” I pout more and sit back down crossing my legs, my arms still crossed.

Aidan and Aaron both shake their heads.

“So not fair. I can control myself, I haven’t done anything all week-expect maybe the robber thing-but that doesn’t count!” I glower at Aidan as he looks down at me with an amused shine in his eyes.

“are you sure? What do you call those rain storm this Monday and last week” Aidan questions me

I glare at him and stand up, not wanting the already large height distance due to me sitting on the ground and him standing up to stop me from showing him a piece of my mind.

pointing my finger into his chest, “excuse me sir, I couldn’t help feeling stressed and mad when your ‘girlfriend’ harassed me the whole time and you always gave me those mean glares when I did nothing wr-” I get interrupted by loud thunder in the distance, and Aidan gave me a knowing look and I glare harder.

I totally could control it and I’ll just have to prove Aidan wrong

“come on, lets go to the tree and sit down there. we’ll practice relaxing and calming your nerves” Aaron suggests,

thunder cracks again, and I take a deep breath to try to calm myself, “okay yeah, I don’t want Aidan harping about me making rain storms”

Aaron points towards a big tree and he sits down, Clarke was holding a caterpillar as she crouched near the tree we were at.

I sit down also and Aidan leans against the another tree while facing us.

“okay why don’t you close your eyes and just clear your mind” Aaron starts.

For the next hour Aaron helped me practice calming down and he taught me breathing techniques, he said that it was always hard for little elemental children to learn these ways since they aren’t keen to sit still for long periods of time. But since I was older I wouldn’t take as long to learn.

Aidan was laying down on the ground, most likely sleeping.

all of a sudden we hear Clarke scream and we all instantly stand up.

“CLARKE?” Aaron yells out, worry and fear clear in his voice as he looks in the forest for Clarke.

“The Takers?” I whisper to Aidan as we watch Aaron run into the forest.

Aidan steps closer to me as we both wait for signs of the couple.

we finally hear Aaron call out to us and we follow his voice.

we find Aaron and Clarke crouched down together with Clarke holding her knee, blood slowly seeping from her grip, “I tripped on a tree root and scraped my knee on a rock while I was chasing a butterfly, don’t worry guys it’s nothing” Clarke mumbles softly, pain an obvious sign on her face.

“it’s not nothing, here let me heal you” Aaron addresses, as he grabs some seeds from the ground. he squeezes his hand around the seeds, a soft glow comes from his palm, opening his hand he places new light green leaves and places them on Clarke’s knee and held his hand against it.

Clarke winced in pain then quickly relaxed, lifting his hand Aaron reveals dark looking red leaves and Clarke's knee all healed.

only a faint mark of an already healed scrape.

“how is that possible?”


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