Silent Storms - Book One

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Chapter Eleven

“it’s apart of the perks of learning Healing as an Earth Elemental” Clarke replies as she got up with the help of Aaron’s hand.

I walk up to them and pick up the blood red dead leaf, “how is this possible?” I question, looking at Aaron.

Aaron leads Clarke to sit by the tree they were just at and he sits beside her, “leaves could absorb water, but it isn’t as affective as absorbing from the roots. I just influenced them to absorb Clarke’s blood since blood consists of 60% water. I also made Clarke's skin absorb the energy of the leaves to heal” Aaron explains.

I sit along side them still holding the leaf in my hand, than an idea hits me.

“blood bending” I gasp, looking at Aidan for confirmation.

“this isn’t your silly Air bending show Claire” Aidan grunts, as he also sat down with them

“is it possible?” I raise my voice, staring at Aidan needing him to answer me.

“why do you need to know, you aren’t even ready to influence yet” Aidan points out

“what if I’m so mad at you and freeze your blood! I don’t wanna kill someone” I exclaim, getting up and walking away to start pacing.

I hear Aidan get up, he walks up behind me, “Claire, you don’t hate me enough to control blood, plus it’s one of the hardest to master since it’s only 60%. It’ll take someone more than their life time to master this influence”

“what if I hate you so much that I actually do it by accident” I dreadfully whisper, turning around and staring up at him. Aidan has a look of hurt but quickly it’s gone and he wraps his arms around me in an embrace.

I press my face against his neck and subconsciously breathe in his scent, a mix of oak, some Cologne and him, I breathed in deep again.

“you’ll be fine, and you don’t hate me enough to do it anyways” Aidan mumbles into my hair and squeezes me tighter against his chest, I pull away and nod at him.

“you’ll never hurt him” the voice whispers softly

we both turn towards where Aaron and Clarke were but find that they’re gone, “they probably went to the forest to do many inappropriate things” Aidan laughs and I blush deeply.

“lets go, the stores will be closing soon and I don’t want to see your ugly bag anymore than I have to” Aidan exclaims as he makes his way to the porch.

“Aidan Thomas MacKay, my bag is not ugly!” I stomp towards him in anger.

“my middle name isn’t Thomas” Aidan replies with amusement in his gaze

I walk past him into the kitchen and make my way to where the garage is, “well maybe you should make it your middle name” I glower

we make it to his car and I climb into the passenger seat, Aidan following still silently laughing as he sits in front of the wheel.

“It’s Aither, after my great grandfather” he explains, turning on the car and pulling out of the garage

“isn’t Aither Greek for Spirit of the Air?” I question looking towards him

“all influencers have similar names to their element, my name in Irish means God of the Sun not to mention my last name in Irish means Son of Fire” Aidan states as we make our way off the dirt road into normal streets.

“Than why does your great grandfather have a-- OH! He was an Air Elemental!” I shout with excitement, “does that mean you are also?”

“no, we can only have one elemental soul. Not to mention that my great grandfather had a son-my grandfather-who married a fire elemental so the Air Elemental soul was pushed out.” Aidan explained as we finally pulled up to a Wal-Mart

“come on, lets go” Aidan says climbing out of the car, waiting for me to come out before locking the car up and both of us walking inside.

we both silently move towards the school supplies and stroll to the back packs

“hurry up we don’t have all day” Aidan mumbles and I stick my tongue out at him in annoyance.

looking at each bag, I do some needed checks to make sure it could live up to my old bag.

coming across a dark brown bag with many pockets, I grab it and open it up looking at each compartment.

“that one looks good, now lets go, I’m starving and I know you haven’t eaten lunch today” Aidan grumbles impatiently

“I need to make sure it’ll carry everything I need” I explain, continuing my inspection

“all it needs to carry are your books” Aidan mumbles as he walks towards a bin full of large colourful, yoga size, bouncy balls.

“I put my whole life in my bag, sir" I reply in annoyance

before Aidan can reply back an old couple holding hands makes their way towards us.

the old woman with white hair and a kind smile laughs softly, “Oh John! they remind me of us when we were younger. what a sweet couple you guys are” she gushes and grabs her husband John’s arm in excitement.

I look to Aidan and back to the old couple, “we aren’t together Ma’am” I reply holding the brown bag to my chest, my cheeks going red

“Call me Gracie!” the old woman says, “this is my husband John, we thought we weren’t a couple too but the whole town knew before we did” Gracie giggles, love shining in her eyes when she looked at her husband.

John grunts, “we got to go Gracie, you kids have fun and you, young man, treat this missy right or you’ll lose something special”

the old couple walks away, as Aidan and I stare after them.

“So did you choose the bag yet” Aidan sighs changing the subject, I nod my head and look back to where the old couple went to

“that was kinda awkward” I mumble, as we walk to the water bottle area and I quickly choose the same one I had before.

we make our way to the cashier and I pay for my things.

walking outside Aidan unlocks the car and we both climb in, “let’s go to Miller’s, I bet you’re starving” Aidan mentions, right when my stomach grumbles in hunger.

I look away embarrassed, my face flushing bright red, no doubt.

Aidan laughs and I glare at him, blushing harder.

“you should text your parents” Aidan suggests while looking at the clock. I glance over too and see it’s 6:47pm and nod.

I pull my phone out of my pocket and send a quick text to my parents saying I’m going to the local diner with a friend.

we arrive, climbing out together.

Aidan holds the door for me and I smile softly as thanks and we seat ourselves in our old place.

“shouldn’t we have picked up Clarke and Aaron? I’m sure they still need a ride home too” I mention, smiling at Mrs. Miller as she gives us our menus and walks away.

“I have a Jeep that Aaron can use to drive Clarke home and himself” Aidan replies, I nod in understanding.

they must trust each other a lot to allow Aaron to drive his car. Sometimes I wish I had a friendship that strong but relocating schools is a pain in the friend department.

Mrs. Miller takes our drink and food orders, while we waited both Aidan and I talk about everything and nothing at the same time.

I never really realized how much in common and how different we were. When our food arrived we dug in and surprisingly it wasn’t awkward. I always felt like I needed to continue the conversation while eating but thankfully Aidan didn’t want to talk. So now I could eat my warm food.

as we finished Aidan placed down two 10s,

“no way, at least let me pay this time” I suggest pulling out my own 20 dollar bill, Aidan grabs my bill and stuffs it into my pocket and grabs my hand pulling me away.

“Aidan! why didn’t you let me pay, I told you I was going to pay you back?” I question as he opens the passenger door and motions with his hand to get in.

he climbs into his side and starts the car, “because you bought stuff already and my mother would scold me if I made you pay for the food”

I mumble colourful swear words at him in different languages and blush slightly.

we finally arrive at my house, “thanks for today, it was... eventful and educational” I laugh as I close the door

“we will pick you up again tomorrow” Aidan says as he pulls out of my drive way.

I walk inside the house and notice my parents in the living room

“was that a boy?” my dad instantly questions with a look of disappointment.

I drop my new bag so I could take off my shoes, “he’s just a friend, I was helping him with Chemistry” I reply to him.

I start moving towards the stairs so I could escape.

“where do you think you’re going, we still need to talk about that you and that boy” my dad bellows, I turn around and look at him not saying anything

“well? who is he to you?” my dad questions

I look towards my mom and she just looks away, she must’ve lost at rock, paper, scissor to speak to me because she isn’t saying anything.

“Clarity?” my dad warns

“I told you he’s just a friend, and I’m turning 18 in a couple months it’s not like I’ll be single forever” I state

both my parents look taken aback and I use that as an escape route and bolt upstairs.

this was the first time I talked back to my parents and I was a little taken aback as well.

dropping my new bag beside my mirror I get up and see a man wearing all black outside my window staring at me through the mirror

I quickly turn around to see him properly

and he’s gone

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