Silent Storms - Book One

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Chapter Twelve

“Claire!” the male voice yells in my dream once again but it doesn’t seem like a dream and more like...

real life.

I’m still running but this time when I look back I don’t just see a silent storm raging behind me but also the same shadowed man that was outside my window

my alarm blares into my ear as I instantly wake up from my dream, I’m even more surprised that I had a dream since I couldn’t really sleep at all last night because of that shadowed man.

I get up from my bed and look again outside my window to only see my front yard and the beginning of the forest just past the road, no sign of that man.

I shake my head, “it must’ve just been my imagination” I whisper to myself, but shiver in fear.

I hear a honk from a car and realize that Aidan and the others must be waiting for me so I quickly put on a plain black shirt and some jeans, grabbing my new backpack and stuff my laptop in it, I make my way downstairs to grab a quick breakfast.

noticing my parents aren’t home again, I see a plate with what looks like my dad’s famous blueberry banana muffins on the table.

I grab one taking a bite and grab a small container and putting in three more for the gang.

I guess they’re my friends now that we always hang out, which is a first for me since I never had time to make friend let alone keep them.

I walk out of my house, finishing the muffin in the process and notice Aidan is using his Jeep that he mentioned he let Aaron borrow, it’s a black Jeep Wrangler with the doors removed.

I climb into the passenger seat, “how many cars do you have?” I joke as I try to close the door and remember there isn’t one and hear the couple in the back laugh.

“he only has two but he also owns a motorcycle” Aaron replies, I put on the complicated seat belt and we start driving

remembering about the muffins I pull out the container holding them, “my dad baked these this morning, I brought you guys some” I offer, taking out a muffin for Aidan and pass the container to the back

I hear thank you’s coming from the back and pass one to Aidan, he grunts and grabs it taking a bite while continuing driving.

“I never had a muffin without the paper on it” Clarke brings up as she takes another bite of the muffin.

“my mom is one of those eco-friendly type of people and she try’s to make my dad and I use less waste” I mention

Clarke hums in acknowledgement as I place the empty container in my bag and look out the window.

the rest of the ride is silent filled with soft chewing. We finally arrive at school and Aidan parks in his spot once again, we all climb out and just chill around the car.

“you never go inside the school to hang out?” I ask Clarke, we are both sitting inside the trunk of the Jeep.

“it’s expected of Aidan and Aaron to be always seen my students since they are the golden boy’s. Aaron as pitcher and Aidan with the highest grade. But don’t get me wrong Aaron gets good grades too and Aidan is pretty good at baseball too” Clarke states as she pulls out a sketch book and opens it up

“wow such pretty drawings” I gasp at all the nature sketches in different mediums like charcoal, pencil, and watercolour.

“yeah, I guess I finish the trio with my artistic skills but my main muse is Aaron” Clarke giggles as she continues flipping until I see a couple sketches of Aaron mixed in.

I laugh with her, “I guess I’m just the loner who just barged into your group huh?”

“of course not, I don’t know how but I feel like you always belonged here with us” Clarke answers and gives me a side hug in reassurance.

the bells rings and Clarke puts away her things as we both jump out of the trunk and close it, Clarke makes her way to Aaron and they both wave goodbye.

“I’ll walk you to class” Aidan declares behind me, I turn around and nod.

we both make our way to my locker as I grab my things and then to my english class, eyes of fellow classmates stare at us and I look down not liking the attention.

we make it to my class and turn I to him, “well this is it, see you at lunch” I say avoiding his deep green eyes, I see his head nod from my peripheral vision and I walk in the class.

time went by as lunch came around the corner and I find Aidan, Clarke and Aaron waiting at the other side of the hall after my Biology class. I make my way to them with a wave and we all walk to the cafeteria to get food

“wish you had more of your dad’s delicious muffins” Clarke moans in disappointment as the lunch lady places a hamburger on both our plates, the meat looking more grey than brown.

“why don’t we go to my house tomorrow for lunch?” I suggest, I’m sure my parents would love to meet my friends I finally made since the last time I made a friend was never.

“really? that would be so much fun!” Clarke says clapping her hands together in glee. we wait for the boys to pay for their food and we make our way outside instead since Ms. Gawn wasn’t here today.

since it was still the beginning of fall the weather was still warm outside and the school had some picnic benches in the yard and we sat there with our food.

we all went to do our own things, Aidan and Aaron were talking about a baseball game and Clarke was sketching Aaron no doubt.

I pull out my homework and work on my essay I needed to finish, after a few minutes I yawn and blink away sleep.

“did you not sleep last night Claire?” Clarke questions, looking at me with concern. I look around and see Aidan and Aaron also staring at me

“oh! yeah I’m fine just had to finish some last minute assignments you know” I awkwardly laugh as I look down at my homework again

“you have deep bags under your eyes Claire, it wasn’t just last night you haven’t slept” Aidan states, looking intently at my face

“guys I’m fine, just some weird dreams I’ve been having since I moved here” plus that shadowed man but I didn’t want to mention it to them.

“what dreams?” Aaron asks

“running mostly, a guy calling my name and I turn around only to see a silent storm behind me” I explain picking at something on the table

“every night?” Clarke whispers in question even though there was no one around. I nod my head slowly.

the bell rings for last third period, Clarke and Aaron wave goodbye before leaving with their trays to go to their next class

I look at Aidan and he hasn’t moved from his seat from across me, “don’t you have class?” I ask, continuing working on my essay.

“yes but I’m skipping again” He claims as he looks at me, I look back up at him and shake my head.

“if you’re gonna skip every third period might as well switch your spare” I suggest, then cringe. I was starting to sound desperate but I needed to remember that i hate him.

“you like him” the voice whispers

“actually don’t do that, go to class and be a good boy” I blurt out before blushing wildly

“that’s a great plan I’ll be back” Aidan acknowledges before getting up taking both our trays and walking away.

I stare at his retreating back, “thanks?” I mumble confused, I shake my head and pull out my laptop continue doing my work.

I finally finish my essay when the bell for fourth rings, Aidan was gone for the full hour of third period and I wonder where he went.

I’m sure it doesn’t take that long switching classes, I shake my head

“what am I doing?” I whisper to myself as I get up and put away all my things to go to my math class, Aidan isn’t my boyfriend I shouldn’t be worrying about where he is.

I walk to my locker and put away some things and make my way up the stairs

“Claire!” someone shouts, bringing deja vu and I turn around spotting Aidan climbing up the steps behind me.

“hey, where were you” I say before I mentally kick myself, you aren’t his keeper Claire!

“I had to switch my whole schedule around just to have that third period spare, did you miss me?” Aidan replies with a smirk.

I roll my eyes, “of course not and you know you didn’t need to right?”

Aidan ignores my question, “I wanted too anyways I have english again this period with Mrs. Jordan” he grunts walking beside me

“I’m sure she’ll have an aneurysm when she see you in her class again” I laugh as we finally make it to my class

“well, see you after school, Aaron and I don’t have any baseball practice today so we can leave right away” Aidan mentions. I nod and watch him walk away

I go into my class and sit down, wondering why Aidan would go through so much trouble to switch his spare.

the hour past of boring math equations and finally the bell rang to go home, I didn’t need to go to my locker since I had everything I needed already and made my way to the Jeep.

everyone was already waiting and we all hopped in and drove to Aidan’s

Clarke went on to talk about how her art teacher saw all her sketches of Aaron and told her to try different subjects to expand her practices

“it was so embarrassing, I was supposed to be working on the new assignment when she caught me working on your nose” Clarke pouts as she softly traces Aaron nose with her slight stained fingers, most likely charcoal.

we all laugh at her silliness

we make it to Aidan’s house and walk to the backyard

“we’ll work a little bit on concentration and calming down and then you should be ready to start the real deal” Aaron grins and Clarke claps her hands

“how exciting! I always wondered how influencing water would look like” Clarke says with a smile, we all sit down near the forest.

“I doubt we’ll practice any time soon”

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