Silent Storms - Book One

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Chapter Thirteen

“what do you mean we’ll never practice” I counter back at Aidan’s comment and I turn back to Aaron for answers

“your soul woke two days ago, I doubt we’ll practice this week or even this month” Aidan answers instead with a smirk

I fume, “how do you know, aren’t I a elemental? Shouldn’t I learn to influence my element?” crossing my arms together and stare up at Aidan

“you’ll probably cause a flood if we practice to soon now that I think about it” Aidan provokes as he walks away from me

“I would never do that” I reply back, anger slipping into my voice.

“you’re a water elemental the most uncontrolled compared to the others” Aidan taunts some more turning back and also crossing his arms

I poke him in his pectoral, “what does that have to do with anything? and how would you even know? you’re a freaking fire elemental!”

“it’s known by all elementals around the world and I witnessed it first hand” Aidan notes

“Aidan don’t go there” I hear Aaron say behind me, “witnessed it?” I push for more

“your type attacked my grandparents because they thought we called The Takers on them, which is wrong.” Aidan barks with fury stepping forward

I step back, shock and.. hurt running through my head. “that wasn’t my fault” I whisper in disappointment. Why would he blame me for something I didn’t do?

“I was only three when a water elemental came into my home and killed both my grandparents. They’re the most unreasonable and unstable of all the elementals” Aidan scoffs and turns around walking away.

“you’re an asshole Aidan, blaming others for other people’s wrong doing!” I scream at his back, slowly walking forward.

tears burning my eyes as I try not to cry in front of everyone. Aidan stops walking but doesn’t turn his back, “you were supposed to die that day”

“die?” I whisper in question and fear

“Aidan please don’t do this” I hear Clarke plea, but Aaron whispers to her and takes her inside the house.

“die when Aidan?” I push for more, stepping closer, dreading what Aidan will say next.

“when your soul woke and you used your elemental influence to stop the robber from shooting you” Aidan whispers, rubbing his face with his palm

“yeah and you saved me” I answer back, he turns around and looks at me with despair

“the man wasn’t the one that was supposed to kill you.. I was”

Thunder cracks in the distance, “no” I step back, away from Aidan’s hand which was trying to catch me from my stumble.

the pain was unbearable, it felt like tiny hands were gripping my heart and squeezing. I clench my chest with my hands and almost topple over.

“I trusted you” I whisper as my self-misery cloud my thoughts like a storm about to start.

“Claire?” Aidan cautions as he tries to grab me, I couldn’t see his hand with my blurred vision full of tears.

“get away!” I yell, tears streaming down my eyes. Emotions I don’t understand crashing into my body like thunder and lightning.

“Calm down Claire, you’ll start a tsunami like this” Aidan grabs my arm but I rip it away from him.

“I said GET AWAY!” I sob loudly, I turn around running into the forest trying to escape the pain from what Aidan just told me

Rain pours down on me as I run deeper into Aidan’s backyard forest, thunder sounds in the distance speaks to me of giving in but I ignore the voices and keep running

“Claire!” I hear Aidan yell behind me Deja vu invades my thoughts of my dream but it wasn't his voice. Not realizing, I trip and fall on the muddy ground. I curl up into a ball on the floor, sobbing uncontrollably.

I feel hands grabbing me off the floor, and a warm body pressing into me.

“Claire, look at me” Aidan begs as he wipes tears and dirt from my cheek with his thumbs.

I open my eyes to stare at his forest green eyes filled with fright and pain, “Claire...” Aidan hesitates

we’re both on the ground, me sitting on Aidan’s lap as he holds me close. Shielding and warming me from the cold rain.

I lift my hand, tracing the wrinkles on his forehead as the rain mixes with my tears.

“why didn’t you kill me that day” I mumble, moving my finger to his cheek and feeling his stubble that grew during the day.

“I just... couldn’t” he trails off, still staring into my eyes.

my broken heart beats on as I slowly cup his face. Aidan hugs me tighter to him as I move my hand behind his head and rest it on the back of his neck.

I pull his head down, staring at his eye’s as they came closer. I felt his warm breath touch my lips making me shiver.

our lips touch softly at first like a whisper, the heat of Aidan’s lips spread around me making the cold disappear and warming me from the inside out.

Aidan moves his hands towards my hip leaving a trail of heat in it’s wake as the kiss gets deeper by the second.

I slowly lick his bottom lip when all of a sudden he pushes me off his lap, on to the muddy floor and quickly stands up, rubbing his head with his palm.

“this was a mistake” Aidan chokes out, the rain slows and small streams of the evening light was peeking from the trees all around us.

“I liked it better when you didn’t exist.” I hear Aidan whisper to himself but I heard him.

“Well, I liked it better when I didn’t know I needed you” I mumble back to him as tears gather in my eyes once again

but I will them away, “take me home” I whisper as I hug my wet and muddy self to fend of the cold creeping back in.

“Claire I-” Aidan starts, “Take me home, please" demand, starting to walk back from the way I came, soft thunder heard in the distance.

I didn’t stop walking to make sure Aidan was behind me as I walk through mud and fallen leaves from the storm that I created.

Aidan was right, there has to be a flood in some part of town with that storm I created. I wasn’t ready and I might’ve ruined someone’s home.

I shiver again from the cold as we finally make it to the clearing, I spot Clarke and Aaron standing on the porch looking at us with sadness shinning in their eye’s but I look away not wanting them to see my pain.

I climb up the porch grabbing my bag Clarke must’ve brought outside for me. I mutter a quick thank you and walk in the house.

I still didn’t know why I felt like this, I’ve known Aidan officially for three days and this pain feels like he actually did killed me.

I hear Aidan talk to Clarke and Aaron, but I ignore them as I make my way to Aidan’s garage and climb into his jeep and wait for him.

a few minutes later, I hear Aidan climb into the front seat but I don’t turn to look and just stare out the window.

the car ride was quiet and longer than normal, but when Aidan parked in front of my house I couldn’t get out of the car fast enough.

I already closed the door when I hear Aidan also climb out of the car, “Claire wait!”

I stop not even turning to look at him, “please Aidan, you’ve done enough”

“Claire I’m sorry.. please” I feel Aidan’s body heat against my back, not quite touching.

“Aidan please, leave me alone” I step forward and turn my head slightly not quite looking at him.

“you don’t need to pick me up tomorrow, and I’ll figure out my practices myself.. thank you for helping me this far but I got it now” I mumble and walk to my front door, not even waiting for him to answer.

I close the door and lean against it as I fall down and break out into a sob, I hug my knees to my chest as time passes.

when I finally get up, it’s dark outside and I notice my parents aren't home.

I find a note on the mirror that hangs near the front entrance saying they went to a conference and left some money for dinner on the kitchen table.

I drop my dirty belongings on the ground and make my way to the backyard which I know has a river.

I make it outside, almost stumbling onto the ground until I make it to the river and I sit down on the moist dirt.

the water was calling me in millions of inaudible voices the entire time I was crying and finally when I reached the river, they all hushed except for one.

I couldn’t barely hear the voice but I understood what it wanted me to do, to get into the water and let my emotions out.

and I did, getting up from the ground, I stand and finally step into the water and sit down.

the water was deeper than my mid-calf so I wasn’t fully submerged.

I wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing but I knew something was happening.



“yes I see her” the unknown person whispers into a burner phone as they watched the elemental girl sit in the water and influence it to move in complex shapes and curves.

“yes, she was dormant and her parents adopted her without knowing” the voice spoke but kept watching making sure they weren’t spotted.

“sending proof now” the unknown person replied as they moved the burner phone and took a quick picture and sent it to the caller.

“am I clear to extract sir?” the unknown person asked, as they put their hand on a gun with a single tranquilizer dart.

“Wait- the elemental is moving” the unknown person watched as the girl they were tasked to observe got up and moved back inside the house.

the voice on the phone spoke.

“affirmative, I will wait for backup to arrive tomorrow... G29 out” the unknown person ended the call and looked towards the house

“we caught you now”


hey guys happy new year! hope you liked the chapter, it was super intense lol

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