Silent Storms - Book One

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Chapter Fourteen

“Claire!” The same dream I’ve been having for days still appeared, I was running but not the same as last night, when I ran away from Aidan.

But I was running from danger instead, I only felt safe when that voice called my name.

“Claire! Run!", I turn to figure out who it was but I find the masked man again but when I turn to face forward, he was right in front of me.

I wake up with a start, sweat collecting on my temple like I was actually running instead of dreaming.

I glance at my alarm clock and find I woke up 30 minutes before my alarm. Deciding it would be a waste trying to fall asleep again with my busy mind, I get up and start getting dressed in my normal sweater and jean style.

I grab my bag and make it downstairs and see both my parents in the kitchen making eggs and bacon.

“Morn-ing” I croak out, I clear my throat and repeat what I tried to say.

“Morning hon- Clarity! Why are your eye’s so red and puffy? Were you crying last night honey? See Baxter, I told you we should’ve made the conference on the weekend” my mother scolds my dad as she wipes her hands on a dish towel and grabs me in her arms, hugging me tight.

Just being in my mom’s arms calmed my sad heart, even though I knew she isn’t really my mom. but I didn’t want to ruin the moment so I didn’t speak.

“Okay honey, come have some breakfast and I’ll grab some ice for your eyes” my mother pulls away, as she went to the freezer and I sit down at the table.

they must’ve had a reason for not telling me that I was adopted. but why keep it for so long, I’m a 17-almost 18-year old and they still kept me in the dark.

my mom come back towards me with a plate filled with food and a bag of ice wrapped in a small towel.

I quietly thank her as I use one hand to slowly move the ice from eye to eye and the other to fork up some food.

after breakfast, I grab my things and my car keys, waving my parents goodbye before I open the front door. As I make my way outside, I spot Aidan’s Jeep right where I didn’t want it to be.

I completely ignore his car and walk towards my own, clicking the unlock button on my remote key.

I was about to open my door when I hear Aidan call my name, and my heart squeezes in pain.

“Claire wait!” Aidan yells out as I see him jog towards me from my peripheral view.

I quickly turn around and silently yell at my heart which now decided to beat a million miles an hour.

“Aidan please, not here. My parent’s are home and they already know I wasn’t feeling the greatest this morning” I drag on as I open my door and climb into my car.

just when I’m about to close my door, Aidan grabs it and keeps it open.

“don’t do this Claire, at least come over and let us help you with your influence” he stands near enough that I could smell his cologne.

go to him, the voice whispers but I couldn’t even look at him or I’d probably cry a river.

“Aidan I’ll figure it out, thank you for your help these past few days but I’m good now” I try to reason grabbing my door handle, still not looking him in the eyes

“Claire you aren’t ready, you still don’t have complete control just yet” he tries to say but I shake my head

“you’ve done enough Aidan, I’ve learned enough to keep it a secret so you don’t have to-” I take a deep breath, “-kill me”

I felt Aidan radiate with heat, “Claire, that was before, let me explain-” he begins but I interrupt

“explain what Aidan? you never actually wanted to kill me? you knew the whole week that I was an elemental, when were you going to decide you were going to kill me? Tuesday? Wednesday?” I whisper-shout at him, looking towards the house to make sure my parents weren’t coming outside

“Claire, I-” he tried, but I stop him again

“I’m not asking Aidan. Leave me alone” not even looking at him, he moves away from my car and I close my door quickly pulling away from my drive-away

Hearing his voice was like a trigger and I’m surprised my heart didn’t gave out from the pain and sadness.

I still didn’t understand how this could cause so much pain. Deciding to ignore everything that happened these past few days. I focus on what I needed to finish for homework and any assignments I was behind on, until I finally see the parking lot to the school.

driving to a spot, I park and quickly climb out while looking for any signs of Aidan’s Jeep.

quickly walking to the front door, I basically sprint to the library. Opening the door, I see no sign of Ms. Gawn but still move to the back.

dropping into an empty chair, I pull out my homework from last night and start working on it.



*Flashback (a week ago)*

“There wasn’t supposed to be a storm today” I question the air, looking up at the darkened clouds.

“It’s probably just a miss-reading with the weather forecast, it happens sometimes” Aaron replies back as he closes the passenger door to my car.

I climb out as well, “this isn’t some miss-reading Aaron” I claim, looking again at the clouds.

“Come on Aidan, it’s gonna rain and I don’t have any extra clothes in my locker” Clarke voices as she grabs Aaron’s arm, both of them watching me.

There wasn't supposed to be a storm today, the weather channel called for sun and warm winds. But today was slightly chilly with dark clouds overhead. Like they just appeared out of no where, like that one day.

Then it hits me.

“There is a water elemental here” I fume, looking around trying to find any threats.

Aaron walks up to me and grabs my shoulder, “come on man, you’re jumping to conclusion now.”

I push him away, “I know a water elemental’s influence anywhere, they’re here”

Clarke squeezes my arm with sadness in her eyes, “let’s hope they’re nice than” she smiles trying to lighten up the mood

Aaron gave my back a slap, “see you at lunch man” he offers an understanding smile, as he takes Clarke’s hand and they move to the front doors.

I look up towards the sky once more, this has to be a water elemental. It’s just like that day when I was only five.

But I remembered it so clearly,

I was sitting on the floor by the kitchen playing with my toy cars when there was a banging on the door.

Mom and dad went to see a doctor for my soon to be baby brother, so my grandparents from my mother’s side were watching me.

I remember seeing my grandmother smile at me as she passed to go answer the door and my grandfather getting up as well, patting my head as he went with her.

Then the yelling started about calling The Takers and blaming us, I didn’t know what was happening but I heard both my grandparents trying to talk to the person but they kept yelling and it made me scared.

All of a sudden my grandmother came rushing to me, grabbing me and hugging me to her chest as she ran up the stairs.

She hugged me so close I couldn’t see anything but I heard the clashes and sounds of water and fire.

When my grandmother finally let go of me, I was in a closet, most likely my parents.

I don’t remember what she said but she kept a finger on her lips for me to be silent and hid me behind some laundry basket. She reminded me to be silent once more as she slowly closed the closet door.

I could never get the screams of my grandmother crying over my grandfather, the sounds of someone drowning...

and the unexpected storm raging outside.

When my parents finally came home, they found me hiding with my ears covered and a haunted look on my face.

The person committed suicide days after my grandparents funeral and we moved to WitheringHills when my brother, Kai was born and I was only three.

I’ve hated water elementals since and one moving here to my town just spelt trouble.

someone grabs me, “Aidan, you’ve been leaning against your car for quite some time. You’ll get your clothes wet” a high shrill voice spoke

I look to see Hellen standing in front of me with her overly expensive purse and an annoying scowl.

“I don’t need a keeper, Hellen. Go find someone else to lecture” I mutter as I began walking past her.

I hear her heels click against the smooth concrete behind me, “honey-boo, wait up” I hear her whine

I keep walking, ignoring her

That’s when I saw her, a girl walking with her head down looking at a piece of paper.

An old tattered bag hang from her back, and her long dark brown hair fell around her face.

When she finally looked up, our eye’s connected.

She used her hand to push her hair behind her ear and all I wanted to do was touch her soft pale skin of her cheek

but when I looked into her dark brown eyes, I knew-

She was a water elemental


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