Silent Storms - Book One

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Chapter Fifteen


it’s been years since the attack on my grandparent but for some reason instead of rage and hate towards the new girl

I felt longing

shaking my head in disgust, I watch as she finally finds her locker and opens it.

leaving some textbooks inside before closing it.

she glances at me one more time before quickly looking down at her paper.

a smile crawls on my lips before I could stop myself.

“what are you looking at?” Hellen questions with an annoyed whine, I quickly lose my smile and start walking to my first period class.

which so happens to be in the opposite direction as the new girl, I stole one last glance and turn my head away when she looked up once again from her paper.

“you were looking at her?!” Hellen hisses and she glares at the new girl from beside me. It didn’t even cross my mind that Hellen caught up and grabbed my arm.

my whole focus was on the new girl.

Hellen decided to hit the new girl’s shoulder while we passed by, which made her fall to the ground and all her books scattered on the ground.

“watch where you’re going new girl” Hellen mockingly laughs as she has a smirk on her firetruck-painted lips.

but the new girl wasn’t staring at Hellen but up me instead.

I was locked in a trance, her brown eyes filled with questions and wonder.

I quickly turn away and continue walking, my heart beating strongly just from a single glance.

I feel Hellen grab my arm again but I completely block her out of my mind as I go from class to class in a haze.

the bell finally rings for lunch and I storm out of class and straight to the cafeteria.

when I open the door I spot Clarke and Aaron right away and make my way towards them.

“hey Aidan! did you hear about the new girl?” Clarke beams as she points towards the cafeteria line-up.

I sit down on my chair in front of Aaron with Clarke beside him, I turn towards the line-up and spot the new girl looking in this direction.

she quickly turns away and grabs a tray and moves forward in line.

I turn back, “yeah so?” I grunt as I reach across the table and grab a pizza slice Aaron saved for me on his plate.

“she seems nice doesn’t she? I saw her while I walked past the library. She was talking to the substitute librarian” Clarke spoke as she picked up her turkey looking sandwich and took a bite.

“she’s the water elemental” I grumble and I also grab a milk carton from Aaron’s tray.

“really? are you sure?” Aaron questions, as he looks around and grabs Clarke and pulls her closer to him.

“come on guys, she can’t be so bad” Clarke tries to reassure, holding Aaron’s hand.

“her elemental soul is powerful, if I had to guess, she’s a dormant soul about to be awoken” I stated.

“no-” Clarke gasps in fear as she squeezes Aaron’s hand tighter.

Before we could continue our conversation, Hellen makes her way towards our table and I see Aaron and Clarke glare at me.

I shrug as I eat the rest of my pizza, they have told me of their dislike towards Hellen but I haven’t gotten around to tell her we weren’t a thing.

I look back at the new girl and watch as she quickly leaves the cafeteria.

sadly dormant souls were the most sought out elemental for The Takers since they were the most powerful.

and if we had a dormant soul here about to be awoken that means bad things were coming our way and I’ll have to do something about that.


I drove home alone after school since Aaron wanted to stay with Clarke. Thinking about the new girl the entire time as I drove past trees to my house.

why did she come here? didn’t her parent’s know only two elemental families per town? Did they not understand that the rules of no fire and water elemental’s together?

not to mention that elemental families with dormant members need to live in hiding when their time is near.

this all doesn’t make sense and I’ll find out why.

pulling into the garage of my family’s house, I lock my car and walk into the doorway that connects to the hallway towards the kitchen.

my mother, Hestia was cooking dinner at the stove as I walked in. she turned and smiled, “Aidan, Honey, come here and give your mother a hug” she began as she drops the spoon she was using on the stove and cleans her hands on her already slightly messy apron before opening her arms for a hug.

I walked over and embraced her, kissing her cheek before I stepped back.

“hey mom, where’s dad?” I ask as I walk to the fridge and grab a water bottle.

“you know, in his office most likely answering emails and skipping meals” mom scoffs as she turns back to the stove and grabs the spoon and stir what she was cooking.

she looked back at me and frowned, “honey, what’s wrong?”

“there’s a dormant water elemental at my school” I reply as I sit on the dinner table placing my head in my hands.

I look up and realize my mother staring at me in fear.

“BRENTON” my mother bolts out the door dropping the spoon and it hits the ground, splashing an orange liquid all over the floor.

She would most likely have to eliminated since she is a threat to our family and Aaron's. But all I could think and feel was this pain and betrayal in my chest just from thinking of her dying.

before I would’ve been so glad for a water elemental to die but now..

I couldn’t even breath just thinking about her dead, especially by my hand.

I hear both my parents come down the stairs before I see them, “Aidan” my father’s demanding voice breaks the silence.

I look up again and see my mother with tears in her eyes and my father with a hard look.

“who is she? does she look like any family we might’ve came across?” my father calmly asks as he held my mother as she sobbed softly.

“no, I’ve never seen her before” I mumble as I look down at my half empty water bottle.

“did you get her name?” he questions more as he leads my mother to sit on the chair in front of me.

“no... I didn’t get close enough to find out, I only felt her strong soul from afar” I softly mutter as I gulp down the rest of the water and crush the bottle when I finish.

“she’ll awaken soon and she will be death of us all” my father rages, he was rubbing my mothers back as she continues to sob harder.

the heat increases in the room as emotions ran high with stress and fear.

“we’ll have to get rid of her” my father announces as he walks towards the sliding door that connects to the backyard.

“NO! she’s just a child, Brenton!” my mother gasps as she rushes to my father and grabs his hand to make him face her.

“I KNOW!.. I know-” my father looks away and calmed down, “it must be done, for the safety of our children and the Clay family”

my mother sobbed harder, and my heart broke from my mother’s agony and the death sentence I gave her.

“it’s time to grow up now son” my father turns to me as he took the chair my mother was previously sitting in.

I look at him trying my best to hide my horror. I had to do this, my family and my best friend’s family depended on it

voices rage inside my mind as my soul fights my response.

“it will be done” I whisper, just before my mother storms out the room.

“go to your mother, I will contact the Clay family of the plan” my father gets up and leaves the kitchen to his study.

I get up but almost fell back down on the chair, my knee’s weak from the unnatural pain.

I place my hand against my chest, the pain burning and the voices making my head hurt.

I shake my head, “I have to do this, I have to save my family” I give myself the pep talk before going into the living room where my mom was

I found her sitting on her favourite chair which over looked the front yard forest.

“Aidan, you shouldn’t do this” my mother begins as she looks up at me, tears shining in her eyes.

I grab her hand as I kneel on the ground beside her, “I’ll protect my family, no one will ever hurt us again” I promise

“you were a baby back then and still are a child now” she sobs softly as she squeezes my hand.

I gulp, “everything will be fine” I reassure both my mother and myself, I get up and leave my mother

I walk up the stairs passing by my father’s office, hearing him talk on the phone.

I walk to my room and close the door, dropping my head against the door as I absorb all that has happened today.

she isn’t a danger just yet, only when her soul awakens by than I’ll have the strength to kill her before any Takers come to town.

“will I even be able to?” I mumble to myself, I grab my phone and dial Aaron’s number

it rings twice before he answers

“don’t tell me you’re actually going to kill her” Aaron starts before I speak

“please Aidan, can’t we help her?” I hear Clarke in the background, sniffing like she just cried

I groan in agony, “no, my father decided already. The Takers haven't looked into us for years, he said it's best we remove the threat before it becomes a problem”

“but she’s your half”

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