Silent Storms - Book One

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Chapter Two

all I could do was stare.

Aidan was right in front of me and all I noticed were his brilliant forest green eyes and his dark hair, which looked black from afar but was actually a dark espresso brown.

he is actually really handsome up close.

“are you gonna get up? I need to get to my class” Aidan said harshly, I blinked a couple times before I came to my senses and scrambled to get up.

He just stood there while I picked up my water bottle that was cracked on the side and dripping water onto the floor.

“aww man” I said while looking at my poor water bottle. “are you deaf? do I need to repeat myself?” Aidan barked as he glared at me.

I instantly fumed, “excuse me sir, but as you can see my water bottle is broken and now I need to buy a new one. If you were looking at where you were going I wouldn’t have bumped into you.” I grumbled as I also glare up at him, he was at least over six feet tall when i was only five feet and six inches.

Aidan had this emotion in his gaze but quickly covered it by rolling his eyes, “ph-lease, maybe you shouldn’t go out the door while grabbing something from your bag”

“break it up kids, I have a class to teach. If you want I can bring you both to detention and you can glare at each other all you’d like” Mrs. Jordan said dryly and made a movement with her hands indicating for me to go to my class and Aidan to come into her class.

Aidan glared at me one more time and shoved himself inside, hitting my shoulder and going to the back of the class.

I shook my head, and started walking to my AP Bio class which was downstairs.


It was finally lunch time, I couldn’t get Aidan and his remark out of my head. Every time I thought of my poor water bottle, I thought of how it got broken because of Aidan.

UGHHH he’s so annoying and handsome but I hate him.

Making my way to the cafeteria, I join the line and slowly start moving forward. Making it to the food section I grab some pizza looking mess with a water bottle and make my way towards the library.

Ms. Gawn was a substitute librarian and didn’t allow food in the library but she knew I wouldn’t make a mess, plus I always help her out after class.

I waved at Ms. Gawn and started walking towards the back, where no one really was. As I was about to sit down I heard some whispers. I ignored them since it was a library after all, and started munching on some mystery pizza.

The whispering lasted for the amount of time it took me to finish my slice and throw away my plate. When I came back I heard a clash and jumped up.

Did a fight start? It did sound like they were having a argument. Should I go and see whats happening? I probably shouldn’t. who was I kidding, I was always curious why stop now.

I quietly walk toward the bookshelves and notice Aidan leaning against the other bookshelf with Hellen pushed up against him, her back facing me.

Hellen was trying to convince Aidan to do something, he kept trying to push her away but she was really resistant.

When I see her push his hand around her waist I finally understand what she wanted and gasped. Aidan must’ve heard me and stared right into my eyes. Shock filled his gaze, quickly masking it with a mischievous look he grabs Hellen’s face and kisses her.

I quickly turn around and walk away, a weird painful feeling came into my chest and I didn’t know what it was. I shook my head and went back to my bag and opened up my homework.

For the rest of lunch and third period which was my spare, I couldn’t get the look that Aidan gave me and the feeling of disappointment in him afterwards.


The end of the day bell rung at three o’clock, usually after school I always went back to the library to help. I walked into the library and waved at Ms. Gawn, “Hey Miss, anything you’d like for me to do today?” I beamed with excitement, I always loved the library and I knew a new shipment came in and was excited to look at any new books that she ordered.

“Clarity! I got a new shipment in the back, would you be a dear and go grab it?” She replied with a smile. I squealed with glee and went towards the back.

Moving around the boxes that piled around the room, I finally found the box of new books and picked it up. Almost falling over by the weight of it, “dam I love books but I didn’t know they’d be so heavy” I wailed to myself as I slowly carried it towards the bookshelves.

I placed it on the floor and opened the box, realizing they’re all fantasy and mystery books, my favourite genres. I picked some up, placing some of them on my arm and moved in and out of the shelves placing them all in their rightful place.

As I was moving towards a section while humming, I stop and realized it was where I found Aidan and Hellen together in and shivered in disgust. Of course both of the most popular people in the school have to bother a loner like me.

I never did anything to them! why do I have to be in the middle of it. But Aidan is the hottest guy I’ve ever seen. I would never be able to tolerate him if we hypothetically dated, he’s way to rude and egotistical.

why am i even thinking about this?

I quickly put the books away in the shelf trying not to burst out with rage at my situation.

Putting all the books away took longer than I thought, mostly because I was reading all the descriptions but thats besides the point. I look at my phone and glance at the time and realize it’s 4:48pm. I should start heading home before my parents ask where I am.

Walking towards the front desk I wave Ms. Gawn goodbye and head towards the parking lot. After going through the whole school, I open the front door and notice it was pouring outside.

I grin, my favourite weather had to be rain and it totally matched my raging mood from today. I step out into the rain and look at the sky, letting the water run down my face. For some reason rain always calmed my nerves and made me feel safe.

Somedays when mom told me to stay indoors while it was raining, I was always tempted to go outside, it was like the rain called me to come and play.

I heard a click,

“give me your wallet or I’ll shoot you”

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