Silent Storms - Book One

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Chapter Three

I gasp in surprise and stared at the masked robber in the eyes.

Fear starts moving its way into my body, “I don’t have any money” I reason. I mean if you count my drivers’ licence and my 2 dollars that probably sit at the bottom of my backpack, I had no money.

“I know you do! give me your wallet bitch! or I’ll pull the trigger” the robber screams, I shake violently but not from the cold rain.

It was weird to think there would be any robbers in WitheringHills since the town only held a small population of people, But it must’ve been the fact that this town ran on old money.

I move my wet brown hair from my eyes and grab my backpack from my shoulder. I wouldn’t be able to scream for help since no one was near, and Ms. Gawn wouldn’t even be able to hear me since the library is on the other side of the school.

Before I could hand it to him, he roughly grabs it, ripping one of the straps. I groan internally, dammit now I need a new water bottle and backpack, what a terrible Monday.

I quickly come out of my thoughts when I feel something press tightly to my head and I freeze. “you stupid bitch, where is your money I swear to God I’ll fvcking shoot you in the head” He breathes harshly, getting into my face.

I’m paralyzed, he’s asking me for something I don’t even have and now he’s going to shoot. “I s-swear, I d-don’t have any-any money, p-please” I whimper in fear, the gun pressed harder into the side of my head, most likely bruising my temple.

Then I hear something, something calling me inside my soul. Whispering promises of safety if I let go, let go of my fear and let in the power.

But what power? I listen to it and let go, feeling all my fear flow out of me like a river and let the power rush in.

I open my eyes and grab the gun, feeling the rain droplets from my skin move towards it, going to the front and around my hand.

All of a sudden the water freezes and the robber yelps in pain, the gun drops. the robber was gasping in surprise as he looked at the hand which was violent red in colour.

“YOU BITCH, WHAT DID YOU DO” he bellowed with anger and lifted his hand to hit me, I bring up mine to block out the punch.

When nothing happens, I open my eyes and realize a wall of water blocking the punch of the robber.

The man’s eyes widen with terror, ”what. the. fvck?" He faltered, before he could do anything a fist came out of no where and knocks the robber out.

“why did you’re elemental soul have to wake up now?" Someone says with annoyance. I turn towards the voice and see Aidan drenched from the rain, and shaking the hand he just used to punch the robber out.

With shaking knees, I stumbled backwards away from the fallen robber. “I-I-” I stutter, the fear was finally flowing back into me, “w-what..?” Confusion takes over my senses as I feel myself falling back.

Before I hit the floor, something catches me. Opening my eyes, I stare at vivid green orbs, “I’m not gonna carry you, you hear me?” Aidan scolded, but he didn’t have anger in his eyes.

it looked like worry.


“Claire! come back!” I heard in the distance, turning around, the storm behind me was silently raging on. It was too dark to see who was calling my name.

I knew who they were, but couldn’t place who it was. I knew I had to run, but from who?

Jerking awake, I quickly stare at my surroundings. I was laying on a queen size bed, under dark grey covers.

I push the cover off my legs and place my bare feet on the ground. Before I get up I look around to see where I might’ve been.

Jerseys that were framed hung above the bed, they seemed like football or maybe it was a baseball? I wasn’t really sure because sports aren’t really my thing. There was a desk right in front of the bed, on top was a MacBook and some textbooks which seemed like they were used recently.

The door clicked open and I jumped up, just realizing my jeans and sweater were gone and I only wore a large shirt. I push it down and looked up to see Aidan at the door.

“you’re awake” He mumbles, moving to his dresser and pulling out a pair of sweat pants, throwing them at me.

“why am I half naked?” I question, quickly putting on the sweats.

“my mom took off your clothes and dressed you in one of my shirts, you don’t need to freak out I didn’t touch you. She took your clothes to go clean and dry them.” He replied without looking at me.

I watched as Aidan seemed to fidget, he moved to his desk and started closing his textbooks and computer screen.

“how long was I out- wait! my parents don’t even know where I am what if they send a search party for me?!” I gasp out, they were always so overprotective of me, I’d die if they found out I was at boy’s house! and I hated him too!

no you don’t a voice told me. I shook my head

“calm down, i took your phone and said you were at a partners house for a project-by the way you should really put a password on your phone-they said to be home by 10:00pm” Aidan says standing at his door again, and staring at me. I look towards the clock on the dresser and see it’s 6:39pm. I breathe a sigh of relief, since I don’t need to explain too much to my parent’s for being late. I see him move towards his desk and slump on his desk chair rubbing his forehead.

“you shouldn’t use the elements out in the open like that, now my family has to do damage control with that guy” Aidan remarked, “we don’t need The Takers coming into our town and causing havoc”

“elements? you mean the water that moved? I thought that was a dream?” I trembled, elements? The Takers? my mind was spinning so fast I had to sit back down on the bed. Confusion felt like it was going to be a constant state for me now and I was just a normal loner girl just 3 hours ago!

“I didn’t even know” I whispered to myself, the room grew weirdly warm. “you didn’t know? you’ve been making storms this whole week you’ve been here. Haven’t your parents taught you to never use the elements outside? Surely they told you about The Takers, it’s quite obvious” Aidan replied with annoyance.

I looked up with surprise at his criticism of my parents, this boy! “excuse me for going my whole almost 18 years of existence without knowing I had superpowers! Plus my parents are the most normal people in the world, for crying out loud my mom is an English teacher and my dad works a freelance job editing peoples books!” I snapped at him, “and who are The Takers anyways, are they like something from a storybook!?”

“The Takers take you to the Taken, and nobody comes back from that” Aidan answered, sorrow clouding his eyes, he looked away quickly.

“that makes no sense!” I exclaim, jumping up and pacing. Of course when I move into a new town something like this needs to happen!

“you’re a dormant elemental, aren’t you?” he asks, I stop pacing, “a what?”

“usually the element souls start speaking to you when you’re 4, dormant elementals rarely get their element souls to wake” Aidan reasons.

“so, i’m a dormant elemental you say? my element is water? what happens when I’m no longer dormant?” I question, wrapping my arms around my torso, a headache starting to form.

“usually their powers are the most powerful since their element soul has not been released. The Takers always come for awoken dormant souls the most, since they’re the most powerful” he says with disdain.

Before I could rip him a new head we hear someone call from below, “Aidan! honey? is she awake?” A motherly voice asks.

“yeah mom, we’re coming down now!” Aidan yells back, he looks at me with a frown. “my parents want to speak with you”

I look at my attire and grimace, I was wearing a large white shirt that slipped off my shoulder and dark red sweat pants that barely fit. Trying to fix the shirt, I grab an elastic from my wrist to make the shirt stay on both shoulders. I quickly take the string of the sweat pants and pull them out tightly and start tying them together.

“I- okay, I’m ready” I state as I look back up at Aidan but all I could see in his eyes was heat. He masked it quickly and turned around, “let’s go” He barked and moved out the door. I followed behind him, moving into the hallway.

The walls lined with picture frames and two young boys, they looked so similar. One was definitely Aidan and the other was just a few years younger. They looked to be at a beach, “that’s my little brother Kai, he is a dormant elemental like you used to be” Aidan says breaking my thought.

I quickly move away and start making my way down the stairs before I could reach the bottom step, I hear a deep voice talking to Aidan’s mom.

“she’s a dormant? and she didn’t even know?” The deep voice bellowed, “calm yourself dear, let the poor thing rest, she just had the scare of her life and being thrusted into a world she didn’t even think existed.” The same motherly voice from before reasoned.

I rounded the corner and found a kitchen, a woman with dark blond hair and Aidan’s forest green eyes was near the stove cooking something in a pot and the man who had Aidan’s dark brown hair and blue eyes was standing beside her leaning against the counter.

“Oh! sweet thing, come here I made some mutton stew to help set your stomach from that terrible incident.” The woman said, grabbing a bowl full of stew and placing it on the table.

I nodded sitting down, realizing I was beside Aidan who was spreading butter on some bread. He scowled at me and continued with his task.

“I’m Aidan’s mother, Hestia and this is my husband Brenton. So you’re a water elemental dear?” She asked, turning around with a spoon in her hand.

“I-i guess I am” I reply with uncertainty, “oh dear what irony for our sweet Aidan, don’t you think Brenton” Hestia joked as she poured stew into another bowl and giving it to Aidan.

“irony?” I question.

“yes dear, since we’re fire elementals”

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