Silent Storms - Book One

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Chapter Four

I look towards Aidan for conformation and he just shrugged and digs into the stew. if my elemental was water and his was fire, it explains why we don’t like each other all that much. but why was it ironic? was it because of me moving into town while this family of fire elementals were living here?

“don’t look too confused dear, eat some stew and we’ll explain afterwards” Hestia said with a smile as she left the kitchen, Brenton looked between Aidan and I and followed his wife. I picked up the spoon about to take a bite when I see Aidan grab something from across the table. I stared as he grabbed a shaker and started shaking pepper onto his stew.

“quit staring it’s creepy” he barked

“what have I done to you for you to hate me so much?” I accuse slamming my spoon Into the bowl, “for all that is glory, I haven’t even breathed a word to you for the week I’ve been here, the only time we spoke was today when we bumped into each other.” I fume, I can’t even think straight anymore.

I quickly get up and start pacing in the kitchen, wrapping one arm around my stomach and my other hand on my forehead rubbing away a headache starting to form.

I rub my face, “Know what! I don’t care! I. don’t. care! I just want to understand what is happening to me and go home to sleep this day away”

I stop my pacing and see that Aidan is just looking at me with amusement, before I could yell some more, Aidan’s parents come back with old heavy looking books.

Brenton drops the two he was carrying onto the end of the long table, and moving to help his wife carry hers.

I move towards them ignoring Aidan’s looks, “what’s all this for?” I ask, running my hand softly over the dark leather cover, noticing some ancient language written on it. An engraved symbol marked in the middle showing a circle of four shapes.

“fire, air, water, and lastly earth. the basic elements of our world” a deep voice began, I look up seeing that Aidan’s dad was the one who spoke.

“like the Last Airbender?” I blurted out, and quickly cover my mouth with my hand. always having to blurt out whatever I say like a loon.

I hear a chuckle from Aidan and I glare at him, “Yes, if we were to keep it modernized. but that TV Show doesn’t get into the actual story” Brenton answered. I couldn’t help Imagine being an Airbender like Aang.

“and air elementals can’t control all the elements its impossible” Aidan answered with a smirk, this guy needs to ruin everything.

“but it is rare to find an air elemental these days” Hestia added with a smile as she passes by her husband and continues stirring her food

I stick my tongue out at him and continue listening to their story.

“centuries ago, everyone can use their elements, mostly used for survival and living. It is known that water and fire and, air and earth did not mix well, even to this day apparently” Brenton explained looking at us.

I look at Aidan and glare, he glared back and I looked away, rolling my eyes. can’t this guy not hate me, this feud was years ago.

“everyone is connected to one element, but few actually have an elemental soul. these days most elementals are born from either one elemental parent or both. there are some cases when a child born of an elemental parent becomes a dormant soul” Hestia replies from beside the stove.

“Aidan said I was a dormant soul just like his younger brother, but why did mine awaken?” I inquire

“our guess is that your soul awoke when you were attacked, with the influence of the rain it defended you.” Hestia reasoned as she turned off the stove and went beside her husband and leaned against him.

I smile when I see Brenton grab her in a hug and continues flipping through the old book

I start thinking of my own parent’s and how they kinda reminded me of Aidan’s parents. When I remember, “this makes no sense both my parents never said anything about this... why are they hiding it from me?” I mumble questionably

Hestia and Brenton look at each other, “either one is hiding that they’re a water elemental like you or...” Hestia begins, “...or you were adopted and they didn’t know” Brenton finishes

I look away, the times I questioned where I got my likes and interests from and how they never really understood me. It’s all clicking together now, we look nothing a like but they always told me it was just genetics, with my “fathers” ginger hair and blue eyes and my “mothers” blond hair and hazel eyes. it never matched with my light brown hair and dirt brown eyes.

I sit down and whisper “please.. carry on with the story” my mind running a hundred miles per hour.

Hestia squeezes my shoulder and continues, “these books are generations old passed down from our families, telling stories of all that has been said and done. Every secret and enemy we have faced are written in here.”

looking at the pages, I saw drawings with writing that was un-readable. I flipped through the pages until I came across a large drawing of a monster, it was coloured with dark shades, there was writing at the bottom, “can you read this?” I ask pointing towards the ancient words.

“this language has been dead for many years but I was taught how to read most to understand and teach my children and they may teach their own children” Brenton answers, “The Takers is what it is says”

I glance at Aidan and saw a grim expression on his face, looking back I ask “please tell me more and why they hunt... us”

“The Takers are as old as these stories, our greatest enemy. It all started when more dormant elementals have not awoken. they grew mad with jealousy and grew in numbers. They hunted our kind until we were almost extinct. Only a few of us escaped and separated only to live in hiding. The Takers have grown like we have over generations and soon The Takers have even been added to the government under the shadows and use the law to hunt us again.” Brenton explains, anger bleeding into his voice.

“did something happen?” I ask softly

“The Takers took many friends and family to the Taken over the years” Aidan replies, he had sadness in his eyes and I felt sympathy for him for once instead of dislike.

“it’s true that The Takers have taken our loved ones but we haven’t had an incident in years, we hope to keep it that way” Brenton says looking at me.

“i’m sorry, please tell me what I could do to fix this” I tremble with fear for myself and this family

“you’ll train with us until you can control your element and until we are sure The Takers have not come into our town” Brenton answers, grabbing the old books and closing them.

“this is good for us! we haven’t had a different elemental since sweet Aaron and his family of earth elementals came when Aidan was just 10” Hestia grinned as she also helped with the books.

I look at Aidan for confirmation but was interrupted by a knocking,

“I hope it isn’t bad things you are talking about” Aaron said poking his head at the entrance of the kitchen, “I brought Clarke too” he said and Clarke also poked her head to see.

“Claire! Aidan finally asked you out?”

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