Silent Storms - Book One

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Chapter Five

“ask me out?” I question, they had to be joking, but I still felt that flutter in my stomach at the thought.

“Clarke, come on, let them be, they’ll figure it out... someday” Aaron says, slinging an arm around Clarke and gave her a squeeze. she looks at him and nods,

“well , we’re off. You kids have fun, don’t forget you need to take Claire back to her house by ten tonight” Hestia cheers as she went out of the kitchen, Brenton following close behind with the old books.

“did you guys eat yet? we still have two hours before Claire has to go home, I’m sure we can go to Miller’s Diner for a bite” Aaron suggests

“we can also talk about everything thats been going on” Clarke continues

I look towards them, realizing just now that I didn’t touch the stew Hestia gave me. my stomach grumbles and I blush, “yeah I could eat” I mutter

“I’ll start the car” Aaron replies, before leaving he grabs Clarke’s hand, gave her a look and they leave the kitchen.

Leaving me and Aidan alone

“the training will start tomorrow after school, in the mean time try to not start a storm or something” Aidan says breaking the silence.

anger was starting to become a default emotion every time I was around him now, “funny, try not to start any forest fires” I mock, going back out into the hallway

but I still feel the flutter in my stomach even though I want to hate him

“you can’t” I hear a voice within me whisper

“do you know where my stuff is? I need to text my parents” I huff, turning around which made Aidan almost bump into me.

“upstairs in my room, I left it by the bed while you were sleeping” he answers, “by the way you snore”

“I don’t snore!” I grumble, going up the stairs towards his room. “were you like.. watching me while I slept?” I accuse, going across his room and grabbing my ripped backpack.

I found my phone on top of my dry clothes on the bedside table and quickly sent a text to my mom saying I was going to a diner with some friends.

I stuff my phone into the pocket of Aidan’s sweat pants and grabbed my dry clothes. deciding not to change, I stuffed my clothes into my bag. I didn’t want to waste any time changing into my previous clothes when I had a perfectly fine pair on right now.

I hear clothing ruffling behind me and I turn around, a sweater is thrown onto the bed.

“here, it’s cold tonight and it didn’t look like you wanted to wear your sweater” Aidan pointed out, I nodded pulling the sweater over my head. the smell of detergent and a faint hint of Aidan’s cologne filled my senses.

“you love it” the voice whispers again, I shake my head to clear the thoughts.

“come on, mi hleth, Aaron and Clarke are waiting outside” Aidan calls out, leaving the room. I pause for a minute, was that a nickname? Of course it was, also in a language that I didn’t know.

“you jerk! what did you just call me?” I grumble, running down the stairs after him with bag in my hand. I find him in the hall putting on his shoes, I grab his arm before he goes out the front door. “what language was that, and what did you call me?” I question

“you’ll know soon enough” Aidan replies, my hand started growing warm until the heat started to becoming unbearable, I yelp and stare at my hand. Realizing he used his elemental power, “hey what was that for!” I exclaim but it fell on deaf ears as Aidan opened the door and was already climbing in the passenger seat of Aaron’s car.

Aaron sat at the drivers seat with Clarke sitting right behind him, I quickly put on my shoes and sprint around the car and open the back door climbing in, I throw my backpack in the open trunk. “finally, did you guys kiss and make up yet?” Aaron laughs as he puts the car into gear and starts driving.

Clarke kicks Aaron’s seat and gives him a look through the rear-view mirror, “don’t mind my boyfriend, sometimes I think he’s more of a gossip than the girls at school” Clarke sighs and gives me a smile

“you love me” Aaron replies smugly, stopping at a red light.

“sadly” I hear Clarke mumble and I laugh. I see that Aaron is pouting and I look at Clarke, “so you know? about the powers? what’s yours?” I drill Clarke with questions

she laughs, “yes I know about your elemental souls. I mean, knowing comes with the package of dating someone with elemental influence, but no I don’t have the “power”, I’m just a normal person”. I nod, Clarke must be really special to Aaron if he told her about his powers.

“they aren’t powers, the elements have their own “soul” we just connect to them because a piece of the soul is in us.” Aidan made known, I roll my eyes and try to erase my pout.

“don’t hate him too much, he doesn’t like water elementals all that much but he’ll like you, I know it” Clarke replies and squeezes my hand.

I shrug, like I care if he likes me or not

“you do” that little annoying voice says again

“we’re here” Aaron states, pulling into a parking spot right in front of the Diner.

“come on, Miller’s has the best sweet potato fries” Clarke beams

I get out of the car and I see Aaron open the door for Clarke and giving her a quick kiss on the lips. I look away not wanting to stare, “they’re really affectionate, but you’ll get used to it” Aidan jokes, we watch as Aaron wraps an arm around Clarke’s shoulder and she wraps her arms around his waist and they start going towards the diner.

I always wondered what it would be like to love someone so much and be loved in return. but not a parental love...

A couples love.

“let’s go” Aidan said, his voice breaking my thoughts

we make our way into the diner, the smell of frying grease hits my nose. I look around noticing the diner was quite popular even if it looked like it needed a remodel a few decades ago.

the floor was black and white checkered tiled and the walls had a faded blue wallpaper but was covered by pictures and posters dating back to at least the early 1960s.

I glance and see Aaron and Clarke pick a booth near the back, away from the window.

I follow close behind Aidan, sliding into the booth right beside him since the couple were cuddled together.

“hey kiddies, a double date I see? Aidan MacKay, I didn’t know you had a new girlfriend! I’m so glad you dumped that other girl, this one seems nice” a nice old lady, around 70 greets us. She had a blue and white striped shirt and dark pants, a dark blue waiter robe around her waist.

“I’m sorry miss-” I begin,

She cuts me off, “Mrs. Miller, my husbands father used to be the owner of the diner”

“-Mrs. Miller, Aidan and I aren’t dating” I reason, with a slight blush on my cheeks

“oh! dear thats what they all say” she replies, placing down the four menu’s she was carrying, “I’ll be back to take your drink and food orders” she babbles, moving to another table

I hear Aidan laugh and I send him a glare

“but Mrs. Miller is right, you need to lose Hellen before she becomes attached” Aaron points out

“relax, I only kept her around for some fun. Plus she’s still of use to me” Aidan laughs, looking over the menu.

I look down at the menu and tried to use it to cover my hurt-looking face, I don’t even like Aidan but for some reason him “keeping” Hellen makes my heart squeeze in pain.

“Aidan” Clarke warns quietly

Aidan shrugs not looking at me. Mrs. Miller comes to our table again and asks for our order and what we’d like to drink.

Aaron asks for a burger, sweet potato fries-for Clarke-and two Iced Teas, Aidan asks for a burger and a chocolate shake.

I finally order a hot dog with water.

Mrs. Miller writes this all down and starts yelling at the kitchen about our orders. She continues yelling at the kitchen as she makes her way over there.

Clarke and I are chatting away when a voice interrupts

“Aidan! I thought you had a lot of homework to do tonight”

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