Silent Storms - Book One

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Chapter Six

we all stop our conversations to stare at Hellen, who was standing by our table. Her voice was a little too high pitch, she was wearing a red v-neck shirt which barely contained her boobs and a white skirt that looked more like a belt. She was tall and slim, with her fake tan and her red hair. heavy make-up was caked on her face but still gorgeous none the less.

“Aaron invited us to eat, change of plans I guess” Aidan says shrugging, he tries to continue talking with Aaron when she looks over at me and speaks again.

“what the hell are you doing here?!” Hellen shrieks, giving me a death glare. I swear if Aidan wasn’t shielding me from the she-devil I’d probably be six feet under.

“stop this Hellen, she’s our friend” Clarke says trying to be polite but her voice bleeds her dislike. I guess Clarke didn’t like the all so popular Hellen after all.

she shrugs as she slides into the booth with Aidan and I, wrapping an arm around his neck. she was basically on his lap at this point.

Aaron and Clarke didn’t seem so happy with the unwanted guest and Aidan was looking annoyed, “Claire is my Chemistry partner, she was over at my house” Aidan lies and breathes out a sigh as he tries to push her off him.

“baby~ you never invite me over to your house, why does this loser get to go there and not me” She pouts and gives me a glare over Aidan’s shoulder.

“watch it” Aidan growls lowly, before turning his head and talking to Aaron again.

I roll my eyes, and spot Mrs. Miller coming to out table with our orders. She spots Hellen and gives me a sympathetic look, I look away from her pity. why should I care if Aidan was with Hellen anyways, he hates me.

“he doesn’t” the small voice whispers

Mrs. Miller places down our orders and walks away, I look up and see Clarke grab a sweet potato fry and dipping it in ketchup before she takes a bite.

“you know ketchup has 112 calories, don’t get me started on those greasy fries. you should start watching your weight more” Hellen says smugly, I gasp in rage

Clarke looks down and pushes her fries away from her, Aaron was fuming with me but he was glaring at Aidan. basically telling him to get her out of here.

how could she just body shame Clarke like that, Clarke was the nicest girl I have ever met. Clarke didn’t deserve this type of treatment even if Hellen was her “friend”.

without realizing, the water from my cup starts to shake, the water calling me to play and hurt Hellen.

It seems like a tempting offer, and I can’t help but follow through.

“Claire, stop. you need to control yourself” Aaron whispers looking at my cup with worry. I couldn’t stop, the rage was building up too fast and another storm started outside. the rain drops slamming into the window.

“HELLEN STOP” Aidan yells, standing up which knocks Hellen off his lap and onto the floor. she looks up at him with surprise. the whole diner instantly goes quiet and my cup stops shaking, the storm outside slowing down back to a soft drizzle.

I breath a sigh of relief, even though I was mad it would’ve been trouble if I went out of control.

“that’s it, all you’ve been doing these past few days is annoy me and now you insult my best friend’s girlfriend? get out of here” Aidan growls lowly, moving back to sit beside me.

“you’re breaking up with me?! because I told the chubby girl she needs to watch her diet? I would consider that advice not an insult” Hellen gasps in shock, fuming and glaring at me and Clarke with hate.

“we weren’t even dating to begin with, just get out of here I don’t ever want to see your face again” Aidan snaps.

she scoffs and turns around, flipping her hair over her shoulder and walking away. After she slams the door on her way out the diner everyone goes back to their own business like nothing ever happens.

“does this happen normally?” I question, watching as people continue eating as if some crazy red-head didn’t just cause a scene.

“Hellen is notorious for being drama queen. It wouldn’t be normal if she didn’t cause a scene everywhere she went” Clarke replies.

“I’m sorry by the way Clarke, you didn’t need to hear that at all” Aidan apologizes, reaching across me to pushed the fries towards her again.

she smiles softly, Aaron kisses her forehead and whispers in her ear. she looks at Aaron and her smile brightens. I sigh in relief when she picks up another fry and plops it into her mouth.

Clarke wasn’t as slim as Hellen, but Clarke had her own curves that were uniquely hers and she was really pretty. I’m glad Aaron brought that smile back on Clarke’s lips.

coming out of my thoughts, I realize how hot It was becoming and look over at Aidan. he was looking down at his burger with this look on his face.

“comfort him” the voice whispers again

I touch his arm, pulling away quickly from how hot it was “you okay?” I ask, turning my head to try and catch Aidan’s eyes.

he looks at me and relaxes a bit, “yeah, she was really starting to get on my nerves these past few days” Aidan confesses, I touch his arm again and it’s cooler.

turning back to my food, I grab my hotdog and take a bite. We all eat in comfortable silence.

Clarke takes another bite of her fry, chews and finally takes a small sip of her drink. “so.. finally that’s over and done with” Clarke says with amusement in her eyes.

The group chuckles and the guys go back to their own conversation. “Hellen really seems like a piece of work when she hung out with you guys huh?” I ask

“Hellen used to always follow Aidan around since the year started” she explains, I look towards Aidan but he was in a deep conversation with Aaron.

“what changed for Aidan to acknowledge her?” I question, picking up my water to take a drink.

“who knows, he just randomly started hanging with her and she “became” apart of the group” Clarke replies, grabbing another fry and taking a bite.

“but we never really liked her, she was way too fake for our taste. Also including the fact she’s a major shit disturber” Clarke mentions with a laugh, cleaning her hands with a napkin.

“wait so, Hellen doesn’t know about the elementals? she seems like such a fire elemental with her attitude and red hair” I wonder, finishing off my hotdog. it was really good, i’m definitely coming back for more.

“no, just a normal human. but yeah I can kinda see her being a fire elemental but I think our world would come to destruction with all her tantrums” Clarke giggles like she was thinking about an inside joke.

Clarke finishes off her last fry, patting her stomach indicating her full stomach, I laugh at her silliness.

“come on, babe. It’s almost 10 and Claire still needs to be driven home” Aaron interrupts our laughing, and kisses her cheek.

“come on love birds, save the lovey stuff for the bedroom” Aidan scoffs, laughter shining in his eyes as he gets up from the booth. I slide off with him, I watch Aidan place down a 20 dollar bill and moves to the front door.

I glance at Aidan and watch Aaron places another twenty and leaves the booth as well, holding out his hand so Clarke can take it. Aaron helped her up and they held hands, I walked beside them as we walked out the door.

Aidan just paid my meal and I’m going to hammer his head with questions when we get to the car.

“you like it” the small voice whispers and I shake my head.

when we went outside, it looked like the rain has stopped making the air smell like wet grass and leaves. I look over and see Aidan lean against the door of the passenger side, “no way Aidan, i’m sitting beside my boyfriend this time” Clarke announces, bouncing over to where Aidan was and pushing him aside.

Aidan gawks at Aaron, “I can’t say anything dude, or she won’t talk to me for a week” Aaron gave a not so guilty look and slid into the drivers seat.

I giggle to myself and opened the door behind Aaron’s side and climb in, before I close the door Aidan opens his door and sits down on his side.

Aaron starts the car and we drive off, “where to Claire?” Aaron asks

“it’s the red brick house with the light blue door on Walters Circle” I reply, looking out the window and watching the trees pass by us.

“why’d you pay for me by the way” I ask looking at Aidan.

“you don’t have any money on you, and if you did you’d have given it to your robber” Aidan replies not looking back at me and just staring out the window as well.

I scoff, “well I’m paying you back tomorrow”, Aidan just shrugs and doesn’t even look away from the window.

the car was silent after that, as we drove to my house. Looking over at the couple in the front seat I see their hand intertwined.

“they’re sickening aren’t they” Aidan quietly jokes, I punch his shoulder and give him a glance in warning.

“I think they’re cute” I whisper, wondering what it would be like to have someone love you that much.

Aidan doesn’t say anything else to me for the rest of the drive.

after a couple minutes, Aaron pulls up to my drive way and parks. “thanks guys, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow after school” I say, opening the door and climbing out going to the trunk and grabbing my broken bag.

before I start going towards my front door Clarke calls out to me, I turn around and see Aaron’s window rolled down and her leaning over him, “you’ll have lunch with us tomorrow right?” she asks with a hopeful look

“yeah sure-” I start then I just remember, “MY CAR! Aidan my car is still at school!” I exclaim, looking at Aidan.

“we’ll bring it to your house tonight don’t worry, pass your key’s” Aidan says, from the backseat. I walk over taking my house key off the chain and handing my car key’s to Aaron who passed it to Aidan.

I nod my head and wave them good bye, unlocking my door and slipping in.

I leave my bag on the kitchen table as I go and grab a water bottle from the fridge.

As I make my way to the living room and I find my parents cuddled together watching a movie on the flat screen,

“who was that outside honey?”

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