Silent Storms - Book One

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Chapter Seven

my dad automatically paused the movie so my mom and him can focus their attention on me.

“it was fine I guess” I reply, I felt bad for lying to my parent’s about the almost being shot in the head by the robber and finding out I was an elemental but I felt like it was some type of pay back for them keeping the fact that I was adopted.

I knew it wasn’t right, since they raised me and i’m sure they meant well but I was still upset over the fact. I felt my anger start building up and I knew I needed to get out of here before I cause a tsunami or something in my small living room.

my dad interrupts my thoughts, “are you okay Clarity? where did you get those clothes from” he questions, a stern look on his face. I look down and realize I was wearing Aidan’s clothes.

“I spilt chemicals on my clothes and my partner gave me his, nothing like you’re thinking happened” I grin awkwardly trying to calm down my dad. I’m even lying to my parents about fake chemistry classes.

“so a boy partner?” he asks with more sternness.

“I- my teacher picked the partners and we were in his kitchen and his parents are really nice and... I-I still have a lot of homework to do before bed, so I’m going to head upstairs to my room now... Goodnight!” I lie again quickly and climb up the stairs before they can reply back.

I finally reach the top and stop to listen, making sure they don’t come up after me. I hear my mothers un-hearable mumble to my father and then the movie plays once again.

I sigh with relief. My dad is usually perceived to be similar to an owl, wise and quiet but in reality he’s more like a tiger since he’s very observant and fierce. My mom usually always catches peoples attention with her bubbly personality and friendly smile.

I make my way to my room, and drop my ripped backpack on the ground.

“I’ll have to go to the store tomorrow to buy another bag” I think out load as I unzipping my bag

I pull out my empty water bottle that has a crack at the bottom, I guess I’ll also have to buy another water bottle too.

finally taking out the homework I still need to finish, I walk towards my desk and plop my homework beside my old Dell laptop. It was a really old model and I was still surprised it still worked since it belonged to my dad when he was in University.

I open the laptop, turning it on and waiting for the screen to load up. this usually took around 10 minutes which was the unfortunate part. Sitting in my chair I swirl around I gaze at my room.

my room was pretty simple, with light blue painted walls and dark brown wood flooring. my bed was a double size that was against the wall, it had simple white coverings. I didn’t have much up since most of my belongings still were inside boxes that were just scattered around my room. I wasn’t really in the mood for unpacking since I have so much better things to do now, like control my element.

turning to my laptop, I open a window hovering over the student website to start my homework.

deciding against not doing my work, I click on the Google search bar and type in

‘Elemental souls’

hitting enter, I click on the second website. since Wikipedia can never really be trusted with actual information.

skimming through the website I get out and click the next one.

I scrolled through websites after websites all having very different information about elemental souls and powers.

I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for since I didn’t really know where to start.

all of a sudden my phone vibrates, glancing down I see a text message from Aidan. he must’ve put his phone number in while he was snooping through my phone, that jerk!

Aidan: I brought your car as requested

I get up and look out my only window that faced the front yard, I saw my Beetle in my driveway with Aidan leaning against it.

I push up my window, since the house was pretty old it didn’t have a bug net. I step out of the window and climb onto my roof.

“hey!” I shout quietly, hoping my parents don’t go into the kitchen and look out and find a boy leaning against my car.

Aidan looks around before looking up at me. “Why are you up there. That’s dangerous” Aidan replies back.

Ignoring him I ask, “where is Aaron and Clarke?” as Aidan moves closer to where I was.

“i’m not gonna talk from down here” Aidan says without answering my question. I shake my head in annoyance.

“what do you want me to do? grab the ladder that’s in my closet?” I sarcastically reply.

he gives me a look, he shook his head and starts looking around. He looks at my large oak tree that was a little far to the left of where I was and walked towards it.

“no... Aidan!” I gasp but he was already climbing the tree and I roll my eyes. I watch as he climbs with some type of elegance and strength, I couldn’t help but admire.

Aidan was straddling a thick branch that was a little higher than the roof but still a good 4 feet away.

“are you sure...?” I question, watching him study how far the roof was from where he was.

Aidan slowly stood up, his feet barely covering the branch. i watch with silent fear as Aidan went as far as he could go on the branch and jumped.

I cover my eyes with my hands waiting for the sound of broken bones or maybe my dad yelling saying he has a gun( which he doesn’t).

I uncover my eyes and I see Aidan beside me staring at me, I let out a sigh and laid back on the roof. Counting to ten a couple times to calm my racing heart.

“now you can tell me what you said before” Aidan broke the silence and I look towards him.

“where are Aaron and Clarke? don’t they need to drive you home?” I ask sitting up again, Aidan was sitting beside me with his arms behind his back holding him up. I had my knees to my chest and I laid my head on my knees looking to him.

“Aaron texted me that he was gonna drop Clarke at her house before he can drive me home” Aidan replies looking towards the sky, the sun already set so it was already dark and chillier.

I rubbed my knees tighter to my chest and rubbed my legs. I took off Aidan’s sweater while I was researching on my computer so I instantly got cold.

“here,” Aidan says, taking off his hoodie and offering it to cover me. the hoodie was very warm it must’ve been the fact that he was using his element power.

I nodded in thanks, moving slightly closer to him while wrapping the over sized hoodie around my body.

“tell me more about the elemental powers” I suggest to start up a conversation.

“it wouldn’t really be considered a power, more like we can influence the elements” Aidan began,

“since we have a part of an elemental soul we can “communicate” with the elements. encourage them to work with us, sometimes they want to play but it’s best to ignore those urges since it could be pretty dangerous. at first as a little kid, it is very hard to control the elements since kids are naturally disobedient just like the elements” Aidan said with a grin.

I laugh, “I’m imagining a little Aidan running around making fires. Your poor parents”

“yeah, my parents always told me I was the biggest troublemaker. I set fire to my kindergarten teacher once but thankfully my parents managed to convince her that it wasn’t me” he explains, stretching out his arms and laying down.

I leaned back with him and he continues,

“I was 4 when my parents gave birth to Kai, he was a surprise at first to my parents and myself but I wouldn’t change him for the world.” Aidan went on, “when Kai turned 5 we realized he was a dormant soul and I think that really impacted him. he closed off from us and didn’t want anything to do with elementals, my parents thought it was best to send him to a boarding school in Ireland with our grandparents on my dad’s side. Since our grandmother isn’t an elemental and our grandfather can’t really influence the elements anymore. It helped him a lot and now he’s happy in Ireland”

“do you talk with him? often?” I ask, turning my head to him.

“every Saturday for an hour or so, he’s almost in High school and he’s been asking me these questions about what it would be like” he laughs softly

I smile softly at him, “I didn’t know you can be sweet sometimes”

Aidan doesn’t reply and we lay side by side together for a few minutes when we hear his phone go off, “Hey Aaron...yeah...okay... see you in a few” Aidan hangs up the phone and stands up, I sit up too.

“Aaron is on his way” Aidan speaks while going to the end of the roof and dropping down. I gave a yelp and scrambled to the roof edge and see Aidan already standing.

“what the fuck Aidan! are you trying to give me a heart attack?!” I semi-yell at him, he laughs and we both hear Aaron’s car roll up near my house.

he gives me one last look and walks to Aaron’s car, I watch as the car goes off into the distance and finally decide to go back inside to finish some homework.

it was around 1:30am when I finally finished, I go downstairs and realize my parents aren’t in the living room anymore.

I turn the corner and open the door to the laundry room putting Aidan’s clothes to wash.

I make my way back to my room and finally went to bed.


Waking up on Tuesday wasn’t always my favourite, well waking up in general wasn’t my favourite but I always tried to be optimistic.

I went to my closet near my bed and pull on some black yoga pants and a sweater that said, ′books over boys’

picking up my piggy bank off my desk, I open it taking out 40 bucks to buy a new backpack and water bottle.

I sprint downstairs going into the laundry room and stuffed the folded clothes that mom must’ve folded this morning into my bag. I went into the kitchen and noticed a note on the fridge,

‘hey honey, your father and I went to the store and we’ll be doing errands the rest of the day. we’ll be home around the time you get home from school. love you so much - mom’

since my mom decided not to work this school year she’s always home with my dad. They go to conferences and run errands together more frequently.

I throw the note in the garbage and grabbed an apple and plastic water bottle moving to the front door with my backpack hanging from one shoulder, since the other strap was broken.

grabbing my shoes I slip into them and opened my front door.

I bite into the apple to hold it in my mouth and grab my keys locking the door when I hear a honk. I jump, dropping my keys and quickly turn around.

Clarke was waving at me from the back seat, I notice Aaron was beside her and Aidan was in the front seat looking unimpressed.

grabbing my keys I walk towards their car, “hey what’s this about?”

“well you’re apart of the group now so you get some VIP driving”

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