Silent Storms - Book One

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Chapter Eight

“jump in, you’re getting a ride with us” Aaron answers my confusion, I round the car and open the passenger door and climbed in.

Aidan drives off right when I close the door, I buckle in and pull out my phone shooting a text to my mom saying i’m driving to school with some friends and that I’ll be home late again.

hopefully they don’t question me about my sudden flood of friends.

“so I’m apart of the cool kids now? Never experienced this before” I laugh, “I’m usually the loner kid with no friends”

Clarke gawks at me, “no way, but you’re so pretty” she states as she was seated in the middle and was leaning to be in between Aidan and I.

I hear Aaron try to convince her to sit properly but she swatts his hand away.

“I preferred reading over friends” I reply back

“I could tell” Aidan mumbles disinterestedly, he looked at my sweater and turned back to look out the front window.

I glance down too and just remembered I was wearing my favourite sweater that said,

books over boys

remembering Aidan’s clothes I open my bag and pull them out, “hey, I have your clothes, don’t worry I washed them” I announce.

he nods, “sure just put them in the back”

“no thank you? rude” I mumble to myself, I pass them to Aaron and he just throws them onto the floor. I shake my head and look back out the window.

it only took 10 minutes to get from my house to the school. I watched as Aidan parked into his original spot near the edge of the parking lot.

I climb out and slung my only strap of my backpack onto my back and close Aidan’s door. Since it was only 7:40am and we still had 25 minutes before the bell. I look around noticing there were still people loitering the parking lot.

looking closer I finding almost all the students staring, “it gets better over time” Clarke speaks from my right, I turn around to face her.

“I’ve never had this much attention before” I reply, Clarke leans against the car and I go beside her.

“you said you never had friends?” she asks me.

“I always move school once a year, I found it useless.” I mumble, Clarke squeezes my arm and says, “you have friends now” and walks to the back of the car where Aaron was.

I walked towards Aidan smiling softly at what Clarke said, I notice he was on his phone texting someone.

“I need to go to the store today, when is training finished?” I ask, Aidan just kept texting ignoring me.

I wait a minute, but he keeps texting. “Aidan?..” I begin

“I don’t know, whenever” he replies roughly not even looking at me, I roll my eyes and start walking towards the front of the school.

and to think he’s a fire elemental but still runs cold towards people. I snicker at my small joke

“don’t forget to come to our table for lunch!” I hear Clarke yell to me interrupting my thought, I turn around and wave an agreement. Turning back, noticing the school staring at me still I quickly walk towards the front door to escape them.

word will travels fast in a small town and I knew by second period even the teachers will know that quiet Claire was hanging with the “it” crowd.

dammit I need to get out of this situation I’m always in nowadays.

I go to my locker and opened it, taking out my first two period textbooks. instead of closing the locker I just rest my head on the edge of the open door, this day just feels like it’s gonna get worse by the second.

I close my locker and move towards where my english class was, but someone pushes me over and I fall to the ground. Catching myself with the wrist, it moves the wrong way and I yelp in pain.

“watch where you’re going, book nerd” I hear someone mocked, I fume. really? book nerd that was such a bad nickname, I even call myself that on occasion.

I look up and see Hellen Adair looking down at me with a sneer clouding her face.

“really Hellen? you can have Aidan okay? I don’t need this right now, I’ve done nothing to you” I say getting up with my other hand, when I stand up I reached down to grab my bag when Hellen’s heeled foot kicks it away.

I glare at her, “you’ve done everything to me, since you first came here Aidan never gives me his full attention anymore” she snarls, raging hate gleaming in her blue eyes.

“Look Hellen, I’m sure you’re...nice and all. But these mean-girls-bullying-loner-girls-over-a-boy is kinda old. We aren’t in a teen romance okay? I just want to finish this semester with zero drama like my whole life was originally going. Okay! good talk, see you around” I finish while picking up my poorly abused backpack.

Leaving a gasping, shock faced Hellen I make a detour and walk back towards the nurses office with my hand cradling my hurt wrist.

I feel slightly satisfied with what I achieved, I have a small skip in my step.

Finally finding the floor, I walk up to the nurses door and knock I hear a muffled ‘come in’ and I open the door and walk in.

“hey, Clarity Abbott right?” the nurse asks, she wasn’t like typical nurses. she looked more like a teacher but wore a lab coat and her blond hair in bun. She was at her desk typing away on her computer.

“just Claire please” I reply, I look around her office and see a hospital type bed against the wall to the right with a screen for privacy. Her desk was in the middle, it was pretty neat and had a name tag which read ‘Mrs. Ivy Clay’

“wait are you Aaron’s mom?” I ask, she looks up and smiles.

“are you one of Aaron’s new friends?” she gets up and motions for me to sit on the chair in front of her desk.

I nod, “yeah, I met him and Clarke through Aidan.” I explain, she points at my wrist and I show it to her.

“ahhh, girlfriend?” she smiles and I shake my head quickly a blush growing on my face.

“oh no way, Aidan and I aren’t like that. he’s just... helping me out at the moment” I answer.

she slowly rotates my wrist in different directions, I yelp pulling my hand away.

“I fell and caught myself with my wrist” I share, she nods and went towards a drawer and pulls out some gauze.

“I’m going to wrap your hand, try not to move it too much for the day and it should be okay by tomorrow since it looks to only be a small sprain. If it still hurts when you wake up just ask your parents to take you to your family doctor” she says with a smile, finishing up wrapping my hand.

“so you’re an elemental?” she says all of a sudden, my eyes widen and I look towards the door to make sure no one heard.

“I- yes, water elemental apparently, recently awoken dormant” I whisper, holding my hand to my chest.

she nods and the first bell rings, I stand up “thanks a lot” I say with a wave as I leave the office and head towards my first class.

that was kinda weird and cool at the same time, I walk down the crowded hall towards my class. walking in I notice Mrs. Jordan wasn’t there so I sit down placing my broken bag on the ground.


Since this school had four periods per semester, after english and bio it was lunch and I was so not ready for the stares.

I haven’t sat at the cafeteria since 8th grade, I need a plan which will make me not sit where people can stare.

okay, I’ll get my food, sit down then I’ll say I need to use the bathroom and never come back. If they ask where I was I’d just say something like... explosive diarrhea.

I cringe at my logic once again but just decide to keep it, I walk into the cafeteria and spot Clarke, Aaron and Aidan sitting together at a table in the middle..


I move towards the food line and grab some type of mac and cheese and pay the lunch lady with a thank you.

I walk towards their table and Clarke looks up and waves me over. Since Clarke was sitting next to Aaron I had to sit beside Aidan.

“hey Claire!” Clarke says with a huge smile, I smile back and wave.

“I saw your mom today Aaron” I say trying to start up a conversation and show him my wrist.

he looks up from his food and winces, “looks like it hurt” he replies

I shrug, “Hellen pushed me over and I fell on my hand”

Clarke gasps, “you really need to control your “girlfriend” Aidan, look what she did!” snapping her fingers in Aidan’s face trying to get his attention.

“she never was my girlfriend in the first place” Aidan mumbles annoyed as he picks up a fry from his plate and flicks it at Clarke. Aaron taking a chicken nugget and throws it back at Aidan.

Clarke looks at the fry that hit her arm and landed on the ground. She rolls her eyes at their stupidity and we both laugh.

I look behind Clarke and see Hellen glaring daggers at me, I look away and finally start getting my plan rolling.

“yeah, I- I gotta do my- I mean.. I gotta use the bathroom!” I stutter and quickly get up leaving my tray and sprinting out the cafeteria.

finally getting out of there I lean against the wall outside the cafeteria when I hear a voice,

“you can’t escape that easily”

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