Silent Storms - Book One

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Chapter Nine

I turn my head and see Aidan standing to my left.

“I know I don’t belong in your group, you don’t need to remind me. I was perfectly fine being alone in the library” I mumble slinging my one strap bag on my back.

“your bag is broken” I hear Aidan say, I look towards him

“uh, yeah during the robber thing yesterday he ripped my bag strap. that’s why I needed to go to the store tonight” I answer back walking towards where the library was.

I heard Aidan’s shoes hit the floor behind me, “so that’s why you were bothering me this morning”

I turn around and glare at him, “I’m sorry your highness, I just asked when we’ll finish training. you were too busy texting someone on your phone”

Aidan stops and just stares at me, “Hellen was texting me, she was asking if she could come over. I told her no but she was very persistent and said she’ll come over anyways. I had to make sure she doesn’t see something she wasn’t supposed to”

I nod, turning back to walk to the library

“I’ll drive you” he states, not even asking.

“you don’t need to, just when you drop me off at home I’ll take my car and go to the store” I reply still walking, still hearing Aidan’s footsteps following behind me.

he grabs my arm stopping me from walking and turns me around, “don’t be stubborn, let me drive you there”

I fume some more, “stubborn?!” I gasp “I’m not stubborn, I’m independent thank you very much” I huff an angry breath and continue walking fast but with angry steps.

“calm down, Claire. you can still be independent and catch a ride with me to the store and buy all your girly products” he mocks

I turn around so fast and punch him in the pectoral, “you are so infuriating” I yell at him. Thank goodness there wasn’t anyone in the hallway.

“and just yesterday you called me sweet. what changed mi hleth?” Aidan smirks while rubbing his chest,

“what does that even mean!” I snap at the nickname he always gave me since the time at his parent’s house.

“you’ll know... mi hleth” Aidan chuckles as he continues down the school hall past me.

I groan in annoyance and speed up to match his long strides.

“I’ve been to almost all the foreign countries and most languages have similar roots like Italian and Portuguese.” I start

then it hits me, “the ancient language from the books, your father mentioned that he must pass on the words. so let me guess, a mean nickname? I’ll find out what it means and I’ll bring on some of my own colourful words” I accuse

“always thinking the worst of me” Aidan replies, we finally made it to the library and Aidan holds the door open for me as I slip in.

I wave at Mrs. Gawn and she gives me a questioning look and I just shrug before moving towards the back of the library with Aidan close behind me

“well last week didn’t make me see you as an angel did it” I indicate to the times Hellen would push me over and laugh at my and Aidan would just stare.

“not my best moments, we can both agree on that. I was distracted if you’d accept an excuse” Aidan offers and I roll my eyes

I sit down on my usual table, I watch as Aidan takes the chair and turns it around to straddle it. I take my bag and place it on the table taking out my english textbook, pencil case and papers to start on an essay that is due in two weeks

changing the subject, “why did you follow me anyways? I thought you didn’t have study period this semester”

“skipping is a thing, mi hleth, you should try it sometime. Maybe it’ll calm you down and stop all these rain storms” he suggests, grabbing one of my many coloured pens and twirling it between his fingers

“it’s not raining today is it? Plus I want to get my 3.3 GPA to at least a 3.8 so I could go into university” I reply opening up the textbook to find some sources.

“no it’s not raining which is a first this past week and a half, I can help you study since my GPA is a 4.0” Aidan mentions and I glare at him

“I don’t need help studying, it’s just that every time my parents move it’s hard to catch up due to the new language and different strategies they teach. I usually catch up after two to three months but my grades due suffer during that time.” I continue,

“thankfully they decided to live here, where english is the first language and I can finally bring up my marks” I finish.

I’ve never told anyone about my struggles before. My parents always thought I was doing fine with each new location and that I didn’t need help.

but what they didn’t know that many all-nighters and night school classes I had to take to not drop my mark. I didn’t want them to worry, but now I have to keep another huge secret which was my elemental soul.

“I could never be as strong minded as you are” Aidan says looking at me with wonder, I shake my head.

“it’s nothing really, I’m sure you would’ve done the same.” I reply.

the bell rings for the end of lunch and I stare at him, “you should go to class Aidan, your 4.0 won’t always be a 4.0” I address, pointing my pencil at me

“told you mi hleth, I’m skipping. Now stop trying to get rid of me and start your essay” Aidan points towards my empty sheet, I nod my head.

we stay in comfortable silence as I work on finding research for my essay as Aidan goes from checking his phone and staring at me.

“Aaron and I have baseball practice after school, you volunteer at the library right?” Aidan breaks the silence.

I look up from my paper, “yeah, I usually stay until five but I can leave earlier if you need”

“yeah we finish around 4:30pm, I’m sure Clarke would rather hang with you instead of waiting outside in the cold.”

I nod my head, “Ms. Gawn would really appreciate the extra help”

“we should be done training by 7 or 8 then I can drive you to the store” Aidan confirms with me,


the bell rings for last period and I start packing up my bag, “don’t skip this period, I heard this years business class is really tough” I joke, finishing putting all my stuff in my bag.

“whatever you’d like mi hleth” Aidan smirks as he gets up with me and we both walk towards the door.

I start going down the hall when I notice Aidan still beside me, “you know, my world religion class is in the basement right? and your business class is upstairs?” I question looking towards him as we weave through the crowds of students

“I’m walking you to class, or do I need permission” Aidan asks before pushing me away from a student running past us.

I was pushed up against the wall with Aidan close up to me, The added students in the hall pushing us closer together and I can’t help but blush as red as a tomato. I mumble a thanks as I push away and quickly walk in silence.

we climb down the stairs towards the basement and make it to my class. the finally bell rings indicating class has begun.

“you should get to class Aidan” I whisper facing Aidan and still slightly blushing from before, I look over Aidan’s shoulder and watch my teacher come down the hall.

he nods slowly still intently looking at my face, he steps a side and goes to the stairs as I slip into class and sit down at my spot.

softly fanning my burning cheeks.


“Hey Claire” a voice surprises me at my locker

I jump and turn around spotting Clarke, “you scared me” I laugh as I put away my textbooks I didn’t need and shut my locker.

“I’m going to help you at the library if that’s okay?” she asks and I nod my head in agreement.

“Ms. Gawn would really like that, she’s been short handed” I reply as we both start walking towards the library.

“you ran away during lunch, was everything okay?” Clarke asks, her hands behind her back, she had a slight skip in her step.

I didn’t want to lie to her since she’s been so nice to me, “yeah I’m really sorry, I’m not that used to all this... attention. I promise I’ll try to work on it” I offer, she grabs my arm stopping me from walking.

“no Claire, I should be sorry. We shouldn’t have pushed you over your comfort zone. We can totally eat some place else, I personally don’t like eating at the cafeteria either” she smiles reassuringly and we continue walking.

“thanks a lot” I grin as we finally make it to the library.

“Clarity and a friend” Ms. Gawn beams as she gets up from her desk and walks around to greet us.

“hey Ms. Gawn, I’m Clarke Blanc is it cool if i help out with Claire?” Clarke asks with a smile

“oh! of course please, I just need you two to put away the returned books. You should be finished quick too” Ms. Gawn babbles as she pointed towards the cart with books.

“I have to start leaving early these days but Clarke says she’ll help out with me so we should still get everything done by the time we leave” I mention

“no no, please you help me out quite enough. I’m glad you are starting to bring your friends” Ms. Gawn replies

she waves us off, as Clarke and I move to the cart and we drag it with us, we talk and work until the clock hits 4:30pm. we both say our goodbyes to Ms. Gawn and we walk to the front doors.

Aidan and Aaron were both also walking from the locker room to the car, both with their hair wet and fresh clothes on. Clarke looks at me silently begging me to go to Aaron and I laugh nodding. she grins as she sprints to Aaron and jumps on his back.

they go tumbling to the grass floor beside Aidan’s car. Finally when they stop rolling Clarke is on top of Aaron and they’re just laughing as Aaron wraps his arms around Clarke and kisses her.

I look away and notice Aidan looking at me and I smile softly, I walk to him as I watch Aaron help Clarke get up.

“they’re a special couple” I mumble with a smile as we watch them from the car.

A feeling of longing and need stabs deep in my chest.

“they were meant to be together, it’s written in the books. Clarke is Aaron’s half as the ancient books stated long ago” Aidan says also watching Clarke holding Aaron’s hand as she skips to the car.

“half? what do you mean?”

“we have a piece of an elemental soul but we need to find another to feel complete”

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