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Rise of the forgotten

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Two legends ment for two souls, one will cause the end of the super natural world threw death and war. The second, will bring peace back to the lands and the rise of the super naturals. One will have gold eyes, The other will have violet eyes. No one was prepared for Emelia the first daughter of beta Strom of the Red moon pack to have both. Her left gold, her right violet. Keeping her hidden would be a little easier with a witch being her grandma but what happens when Emelia starts getting older and her powers come threw and she has to move away to learn control. What happens when she can go back to school in the pack she's been hiding in and what's with the alpha's son? Can she save them all or kill everyone that ends up to close?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Franks pov.

Watching my beta pace back and forth in the waiting room was driving me crazy, this wasn't the first time we were in this room and at this point I'm wondering if he's going to fall through the floor with the thousands of steps he's taken in the same spot.

"Will you just sit? You're giving me a headache" I state as I rub my hand over my forehead.

"I would rather be with my wife" he growled.

"Look after the first time with the twins we can't let you in there" I say sadden for my friend.

His wife was having a c-section again. She had to get her first one six years ago with their twin boys. The doctors joked that the twins wouldn't let one go first so they we're stuck moving around and not coming out. So they decided to go ahead with surgery. All was fine till Rick saw them cutting her open and lost control. I ended up holding him to the floor as the doctors took out the babies and until Emily was stitched up. This time around I ordered him to this room till a nurse came to get us. As I was finishing my thought we heard a cry from down the hall.

I smile"see all is fine" I get up and walk over patting my best friends back "now you got another girl to run your life" I laugh causing Rick to laugh as well.

In the middle of laughing the nurse runs in "alpha, beta you need to come see this" she says already rushing back out the room.

We both run out afterwards not saying a word. We could hear the baby. What's going on? Is it Emily? I thought as we reached the door. Rick runs in and I follow behind and the first thing I see is Emily. She looks okay for being cut open. She was crying holding the crying baby. Ricks already at her side looking and the baby. A quick look of fear shows before he regains a relaxed expression .

"Shhhh it's okay Emily she is perfect" I hear rick loving tell Emily placing a kiss on her forehead.
Walking over to them I see Emily move the baby closer to her.
"Emily I would never do anything to your child. I just need to look at her so I know what's going on" I say calmly raising my hands to show them no threat. After a quick nod from Rick she moves the baby away just enough so I can see her face. I don't see anything but a cute little new Born pup with her eyes closed looking as those she's about to fall asleep. Giving her another look over
I still see nothing and I'm about to ask what I'm missing when she pops her eyes open. Her left was gold and the right was violet. Shocked, I stumbled back a little.
How is this possible? We had always thought one would come before the other, maybe even hundreds of years from each other but never once had I thought it would be one person. Let alone my betta's new Born pup.

"We will protect her, Emily nothing bad is going to happen to her '' a voice I know fills the room. A gush of air swirls next to Emily's bed and within a blink of an eye her mother is standing there.
I let a growl out. Hating how this witch enjoyed showing up out of nowhere talking first.

" Hush alpha, you should be used to this by now." Rose says with a smile on her face.
Shaking my head at the old witch I ask. " how do we do that" with a low growl in my voice.

"Easy, I cast a spell on her to hide her eye colors not only from everyone else but herself as well, it will give her a chance at a normal childhood at least but we can not stop her destiny" Rose says looking loving into her daughter's eyes.
"can she ever have a normal life?" Emily asked looking down at her little bundle.

"No, but we can at least let her be normal and have fun till her destiny comes knocking" Rose says pushing a few hairs behind Emily's ear. " we have to have faith in the moon goddess. She wouldn't do this to her if there was anyone better to do it" Rose says with a soft smile.

"That will be our plan then" I start looking at the little family. " I will order none who know what happened here to speak a word of it and Rose will do the spell. We will let this pup grow up normal till she is ready to know" I finish looking over at my betta, who nods his head approving my decision.

I let the family bond and watch Rose as she starts to pull out things in her bag. Assuming she's getting things ready for the spell, I decided to head out stopping at the door on my way.

"by the way, with all the excitement I forgot to ask what her name was" I say holding the door open

"Emelia" Emily says kissing her baby's forehead.

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