The Brothers and I

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Chapter 17

I watched the colour drain from his face as my words hit home. He blinked once and then twice before his lips pulled into a tight line. A deafening moment of silence passed between us as the air thickened with obvious tension.

To say I was “hurt” would have been an understatement. My gut twisted while he refused to say anything. But I didn’t need words. His silence alone spoke volumes.

Traitorous tears clouded my vision as the words started to roll out of me in an uncontrolled torrent.

“Why Thomas? Tell me why I got the job.”

Overwhelmed by the need to vent my frustration, I did not wait for an answer. Three weeks of tolerating sidelong glances and whispers from my colleagues bubbled to the forefront. “Do you know how embarrassing it was to find out that the whole office was talking about it? Did you know they were saying I fucked you to get the job? How do you think that made me feel?”

His face went from looking serious to utterly shocked. He seemed to be at a complete loss for words as he opened and closed his mouth like a fish gasping for air.

My anger slowly started to build at his lack of response and at my own weakness for being this vulnerable around him. Self-control was one of the things I prided myself for, but with him, it’s the one thing I miserably failed at. What the fuck is wrong with me!

“Did I get the job because you wanted to fuck Thomas? Keep me on speed dial when you visit Manhattan? Is that it? Or did you think-”

“ENOUGH! Just stop!”

My heart slammed to a stop as his powerful voice reverberated off the walls. It was now my turn to open and close my mouth uselessly.

In two long strides he closed the gap between us and pulled me into his arms. His eyes held that strange ring of golden glow while his gaze penetrated my soul. I did not need to “sense” his emotions to know what was going on. His eyes said it all.

He was furious.

“Do you want the truth Mia? Fine.”

He tugged me closer crushing my breasts against his broad chest. And as he levelled his face with mine, a tinge of fear crept in. The realisation that this man could snap me in half if he so wished, did not escape my notice.

“Yes, you were not meant to keep the job and yes I was the one who decided otherwise. But not for the reasons you are thinking”

I gulped as he bent down closer. His lips inches away from mine. My eyes flicked down to them as the sudden need to run my tongue over the edge of his mouth overcame me. I sucked in a breath and bit down on my lip to shake the intrusive feeling away.

His keen eyes, however, did not miss that action and the ring of gold in his eyes burned brighter. His voice lowered taking on a huskier note.

“I gave you the job because I want you Mia. I wanted you from the moment I saw you. I want you to be mine….only mine....”

He whispered the last part before his lips crashed against mine. My breath lost in my throat, as tingles erupted with his every touch. He moved with an urgency; like there was no tomorrow. His need was evident as he licked, sucked and pulled my lips in-between his teeth. There was a ferocity in the way our lips danced against each other, as all the anger, bitterness and the sheer longing came pouring out.

I moaned as my own need began to take over. My heart sped up and my breathing quickened as he released my lips to trail his tongue down my neck. While one of his hands pulled my top down to squeeze my bare breast, his other hand slipped around my waist and pulled me further into him. I groaned as I felt his thick length press against my thigh. A rush of unadulterated desire shot through me, making me ache for him deep in my core.

His mouth on my neck was a mix of bliss and torture. Running my fingers through his hair, I pushed his head further into my neck, desperately wanting more. A low growl resonated through him while he simultaneously pinched my nipple in response. I yelped and let out a whine, frustrated that I wasn’t getting exactly what I wanted.

He chuckled at that sound before giving in. And the moment he lightly bit the spot on the crook of my neck, I shattered. The surge of white-hot current that started at my neck quickly spread all through my body before centring on my clit. I gasped when I felt the heat build in-between my legs, the wetness seeping through onto my panties.

“Oh…God…Thomas…” I was a blithering mess. There was so much I wanted him to do to me at this point but the words just wouldn’t come out. Instead, I ground my hips against his length, trying to express this burning need that was steadily rising within me.

Suddenly, I was off my feet and tossed over a shoulder like a ragdoll. I let out a cry at the abrupt movement. “Thomas! Wh-what are you doing?”

“Taking what is mine.” His dominant voice sent a shudder through me, making the juices gush out of me in response.

He groaned and smacked my ass, leaving a stinging sensation behind. “Fuck! You smell so good baby. I don’t think I can take this slow. I need you now”

And before I could even think of a response, my back was on the soft bed and my clothes were being mercilessly ripped off my body. When I was fully bare, he rose and quickly shed his own clothes and tossed them on the floor.

My mouth watered as my eyes took in his ripped form. Broad shoulders trailing down to rippling layers of abdominal muscles which then gave away to the prominent “v” that housed his cock. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the sheer girth and rigidity of it. I involuntarily salivated at the sight and my pussy clenched in anticipation.

“Greedy, are we?” I looked up and noticed that his eyes were completely black and the golden ring around the iris burned like the sun. This time however, it did not scare me. It made me ache for him even more.

“Please Thomas…I want you” My words were barely a whisper but he seemed to have caught it. Growling, he crawled up the bed and placed himself above me before capturing my lips in a searing kiss. I arched my back and rubbed myself against him. Feeling something sticky flow onto my inner thigh, I lowered my hand and gripped his cock. He moaned loudly as I traced the head, feeling the precum gush out onto my fingers. I felt his body shudder.

“Fuck... Mia!”

He lowered himself onto my breasts and took one of the peaked nipples into his mouth, sucking loudly while his other hand massaged and pinched the other one. My pussy at this point was drowning in my own juices. I began to move my hips against his unable to contain my desperation any longer. He let out a low growl before diving down and spreading my legs wide.

My eyes flew open at the sudden feeling of being so vulnerable and exposed. “Shh. Relax baby... I just want a taste.” Giving me no time to react, he dove straight in and ran his tongue along my slit until he reached the bundle of nerves. He kissed before he started to suck hard. I cried out as the sensation coursed through me like a blaze.


Suddenly I felt his finger slip into my opening, making me involuntarily clench. And as he began to suck on my clit and finger me at the same time, I felt myself begin to climb. But all of a sudden, he stopped. I whined as I felt the loss of his touch. My core ached for him.

I looked up to see him position himself between my legs, pumping his cock close to my entrance. “I’m sorry baby. I have to have you now.” Silently, I spread myself wider, giving him the permission that his eyes seemed to be requesting. Without another word, he plunged his length into me all the way to the hilt. I gasped at the fullness I felt. It was nothing like I had ever experienced before. We locked eyes as he began to move slow at first before picking up speed. I writhed in pleasure beneath him, never wanting this to end. His face close to mine; our breaths mingled before our lips locked into a passionate kiss.

I felt myself close to the edge as he continued to pound into me relentlessly. “Thomas…I’m going to…”

“Cum for me baby”

With those words, I shattered in his arms. And as he reached his own high, a loud growl went through him before he coated my insides with his seed.

And as we lay in each other’s arms, coming down from our high, I smiled.

I had never felt more alive.

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