The Brothers and I

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Chapter 6

Walking towards the boardroom the next day, I went through the same emotions. However, this time, my nervousness was accompanied with a twinge of irritation for having to do this all over again. And I was well aware of the reason – Him.

Thomas Carson. After his walkout yesterday, my mind refused to think of much else. I was left with a weird feeling of longing that I simply could not comprehend.

But the longing had soon given way to frustration when I realised that he was part of the reason why many were losing their jobs and their livelihood. Not that I directly blamed him, but most business people with such kind of influence rarely concerned themselves with the welfare of employees. His cavalier attitude yesterday proved that people like him cared only about one thing – money.

With my frustration steadily rising, I was sure that the moment I laid eyes on him, I was going to explode.

But boy was I wrong!

In complete contradiction to my thoughts, I ended up standing in the same spot as yesterday, staring into his grey eyes and feeling all hot and bothered.

He was seated at the head of the table like the last time and looked dashing as ever. His navy suit moulded perfectly against his body enhancing his muscles every time he moved. His dark hair styled and combed back gave him a Mafia-esq look.

My ogling was broken, when he rose slowly from his seat and extended his hand in my direction with an expectant look in his eye.

Before my mind could issue commands, my body moved as if being pulled. I walked towards him as if in a daze and took hold of his hand. The minute our hands enclosed; I felt a shiver go up my arm. My hand felt suddenly warm and I started to feel pins and needles all over my body.

Shaking my hand, he looked at me with that intense gaze. “Miss Sutherland. I’m Thomas Carson. It’s nice to meet you again. I do want to apologize about yesterday. I hope you can forgive me for leaving abruptly”.

His voice was smooth and low with a gentleness in it. Hearing it sent another wave of curious pleasure up and down my body. God this man was hot. No other way to describe it. Up close, I could clearly make out the sharp lean features of his body. It seemed to be crafted for one purpose – sin. I couldn’t help but stare.

Realising that I was once again ogling, I quickly responded.

“That’s alright Mr Carson. No harm done”

What the fuck? Did I just let him slide after fuming and bitching about his behaviour for hours on end? Something was definitely wrong with me. Pulling away from his grip, I sat down and only then realised that we were alone. Mitch and gang were absent.

“Umm. Will the others be joining us soon?”

“No Miss Sutherland. It will be just us today”

After a few seconds, I realised he wasn’t going to elaborate any further. He seemed to be busy staring at me like I would suddenly disappear if he accidently blinked. I felt myself blush at the attention.

“Oh.. ok”

Clearing his throat and looking down at an open file in front of him, he started to speak in that low voice making me shiver in pleasure.

“So Miss Sutherland. My HR people and I have gone through your work experience at Ranford and I must say that we are quite impressed with everything you have done here."

Sending a smile my way and making me blush all over again he continued to speak.

"We think that you will be a valuable asset for our company and your work will be central when we decide to expand into new territories in the future”

My heart started to beat faster. Although I didn’t want to prematurely conclude anything positive, I couldn’t help the smile that had started to break out on my face. My rapidly beating heart accelerated even more when I was rewarded with another genuine smile. He gave me an adoring look, like my happiness somehow directly contributed to his. It was not just his look but the feeling that was emanating from him. Like I could “feel” what he was feeling.

Weird. I wasn’t the kind of person who read people easily. Normally, I was always the last person to become aware of things that others had no problem deciphering.

“What I’m trying to say is… Congratulations Miss Sutherland. We are happy to keep you with us. Someone from HR will be in contact with you to discuss details such as remuneration, job description and the rest. If you then decide to come aboard, a new contract will be sent out to you. How does that sound?”

Unable to contain my joy, I cupped my hands over my mouth and burst into a relieved giggle.

“Oh God.. That sounds fantastic. Thank you, Mr Carson,”

The smile on his face brought a twinkle to his eyes as he chuckled.

“I’m glad. And please call me Thomas”

“Alright. Thank you.....Uh.. Thomas…”

The minute I uttered his name it was as if all the air was sucked out of the room. His whole demeanour changed. The infectious smile on his face dropped only to be replaced with an intense gaze followed by a growl ? His eyes turned darker and locked me in place. A feeling of pure lust started to surge within me catching me off guard.

His gaze started to flick between my eyes and my lips. It made me uncomfortable to say the least. But of course, my body had a completely different reaction. A shiver ran through my spine making my nipples hard and my pussy clench. I was so surprised that I began to feel very flustered.

He suddenly leaned forward, closing his eyes as he inhaled sharply.

A gasp left my lips when he opened his eyes again. His iris had a gold ring to it that seemed to almost glow.

“Your eyes…”

Before I could say another word, he stood up and closed the distance between us. He towered over my seated frame. Gently cupping my chin, he ran his thumb over my lower lip.

My breath hitched and my heart started to pound. Unconsciously, I started to lean forward in an attempt to get closer. My hard nipples grazing the arm rest while I tried to take in more of his touch. The throb in-between my legs seemed to radiate into my lower belly, making me clench my legs together and grind a little on the seat. My lips parted trying to suck in more air. My eyes involuntarily closed trying to sink into this feeling.


Hearing my name from his lips made me tremble with need. My scrambling brain was trying its hardest to tell me that this was wrong but I ignored it. In this moment, nothing mattered. There was just this need. This complete and utter need to be thoroughly possessed by this man in front of me.

And just as suddenly as it started, I couldn’t feel his touch anymore. The icy chill of loneliness took over the warmth that his touch had sparked.

A loud closing of the door broke my trance. When my eyes opened, I realised that he had just done another walkout.

What the fuck !

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