From the depths of hell

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Cara wood is the normal quiet girl with some tragic secrets. Nicholas is literally the devil. Nicholas came up from hell to check on an important artifact when he stumbles along his mate Cara. Their story will be filled with heartbreak and new findings. Will Cara like what she finds or will she be in denial. Disclaimer there will be spelling and grammar errors. Blood, abuse and sexual content will be present in this book. Read ot your own accord. Do not copy this story Thanks BTW this is an unedited book

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Cara pov :

I might have fallen in love just by looking at him. His dark hair fell carlesly down his forehead. It separated into two parts due to the weight and flow of the water he just came out of. His green eyes look like theyhave captured a forest full of life. His lips look as if they have been stained by bright raspberries. His cheeks have been dusted lightly with freckles. My eyes lowered to his torso capturing everything it had to show. My eyes swept down to his v line. My gase lingered a little longer than I would of liked it to. I brought my gase back up to his eyes only noticing now that they were trained on me.

I quickly averted my gase up to the top of the waterfall. I found that one of his friends were readying themselves to jump down to the bottem. My eyes longed to take in more of this handsome stranger. I found him planted underneath the falling water as if he was taking a shower. I became mesmerized by how the water flowed down his body. I was snapped out of my trance by my boyfriend James. James has dirty hair dirty blonde hair with thee most captivating blue eyes. They look as if they captured the heavens waters. James kissed my forehead and handed me a strawberry mint lemon drink my favorite. "Hey babe wanna go for a swim."

I nodded my head and began to take off the clothing I had on over my swimsuit. I was left in an ash colored bikini. I loved the ash color it was the least bright and this ment it did not draw anyone's attention.

My friends always say we're seventeen Cara show off what you got. I bring up my light brown hair that flowed to my mid back. I had pale green eyes that did no good for brighting my face. My only good feature is probably my rose colored lips.

James took off his top reveling his hard earned muscles and ran into the water. I soon followed. The water was warm but James did not agree with me James quickly swam towards me and proceeded to wrap his legs around my waist and his arms snaked around my neck. To others it probably looked like I was carrying a oversized baby.

"Dam the waters cold babe." I laughed at his childish antics.
You just needed a reason to be this close to me. His smile turned into a cute adorable pout. He pekked my lips and jumped back into the water. I decided to go closer to the flowing water. After a short debate with myself I submerged my whole body into the welcoming water. I found a very colorful fish and decided to follow it. It lead me to a cave that hid behind the waterfall. I climed out of the water to explore a little bit. Running my hand along the rough walls of the cave allowed me to admire its beauty. Something shiny was shimmering from inside th wall. Walking towards the shine I found that a crown was embedded into the rough stone wall.

It was black with green verdite critsals as the base for each gold linded spike. My hand started gravitating toward it. It felt as if I needed to touch it just before my fingers could grase it a voice that sent electric shivers down my spine spoke.

"I would not touch that if I was you "
Wow he's even more handsome up close. My body tensed he came closer. I realized that I must of looked like an idiot just standing there frozen. Gosh I got to get a handle on my axeinty when I talk to other people. Ok Cara say something so your not awkward.
And why shouldn't I touch it.
Well done Cara that wasn't half bad.
His green eyes stared into my pale ones with slight amusement.
"It's delicate." Gosh his voice was amazing. Oh ok. I slowly backed away from the artifact.
"Whats your name little dove?"

Oh shit for somereason it's like I forgot how to speak.
"Did you forget how to speak love ?"
No um my name is Cara, Whats yours?
"My name is Nicholas."
Hmm Nicholas. " well Cara you should get going your boyfriend I looking for you." Oh right James. I jumped back into the water. I quickly spotted James and swam towards him.
" Hey can where you been I've been looking for you everywhere?" Don't worry James I found this cave and decided I should explore a little.
"Well your folks have been calling. Time to go." The drive home was quiet. I got home as I entered my perants rushed to me. Alright time for me to put on my obedient daughter mask.

Hello mother , hello father. Hello Cara were have you been all day. My perants had to know exactly what happened in my day to make sure they had a handle on our public status. What ever happened it needed to stay intact.

When my mother introduced James to me we were 10 he was top in every class ( still is ). Je also comes from a very wealthy family so mother deemed it appropriate to associate ourselves with them. James and I soon became best friends. We both knew our family's pushed for a relationship so at sixteen we made it official. We also became thee power couple. With me being the artist/writer of the school and him being the academic and sport star we were the diverse couple every one strived to be like. James loved all thr attention I on the other hand did not enjoy being showed around like a trophy. O was quite quiet with ment I did not talk to may other people so James dating me was the aliment move.

Once we told our perants they through a "small" party. More than 50 business associates were blacked out around the house. Father packs the alcohol so that more deals come rolling in.

I told my perants about my day with James leaving out Nicholas.
My mother smiled at me and handed me a small bag of carrot sticks. "Here's dinner honey." I smiled, thanks mom.
Another thing I dread super. Supers never large this is because we often have large lunches with business associates. But even if we don't have a large lunch dinners still small.

I took a shower and got ready for bed. The bag of carrots now being digested I headed off to a dreamless sleep.
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