Remembering Vincent

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Meera had an awful accident, resulting to 10 years lost on her memories. She woke up seeing a man claiming, he is her husband and they have 4 kids waiting for them at home. Will she trust him fully knowing she has no memory of him.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Pain, that is what I felt right now, everywhere hurts. Did I sleep on the wrong side of the bed? No, this pain is too much for that reason. As I open my eyes bright light stung them forcing me to shut it again. I groan loudly as I tried to move my hand to rub my eyes.

“Meera?” A deep voice calling me. I groan in response since my throat is incredibly dry.

“Hold on sweetie I will call the doctor.”

I tried to open my eyes again but all I see is white walls and ceiling, I can’t figure out other stuff that is present in the room. It’s all blurry all I can identify is its color. I saw people coming in but I can’t see their faces, just their figure.

“I see that you’re already awake Mrs. Ochea. We will just run a few checks on you.” Wait..... what? Mrs. Ochea? I am not married yet and as far as I can remember I am a Knight, not Ochea.

“Doc I’m confused,” I said as I try to look at the man that I think has a long lab coat.

“You have been in a coma for a month it’s normal to be confused. Can you see clearly?” Wait what? Coma? A month?

I didn’t get the chance to reply when a man approaches me and put glasses on me. I squint my eyes because of the sudden effect on my sight. I blink a couple of times and now I can see better. Weird I don’t remember having this awful eyesight. I mean, I wear glasses but not this thick.

“Can you see better now ma’am” I nod as I looked around the place. I have lots of beeping machines attached to me, and an IV. My arms are bruised, and I can’t move my head so much.

“Water,” I asked They gave me a glass of water and I drank it immediately. The doctor stopped me telling me I should drink slower, and so I did.

“I’m so confused. What happened to me?”

“Well a drunk driver hit you, don’t worry his in jail now.” A man with that deep voice said. I looked at him deeply. He is very familiar, I’m pretty sure I know him, and then Ding!!!

“Vincent? What are you doing here?” he was taken aback by what I said.

“What did you just call me sweetie?”

“Why are you calling me sweetie? Where’s Ray? Why is he not here?” Vincent’s eyes widen. I started breathing shortly, my hands are shaking. I clutched my head as its starting to hurt, I screamed to lessen the pain but nothing works. My sight starting to blur. I saw the nurses trying to pin me to the bed, while the doctor injects me with something. I screamed louder as I felt the medicine injected burns a little inside me. Then I felt light-headed, it feels so peaceful, as I shut my eyes and embrace the darkness that is creeping. Then I heard him.

“Meera stay strong please.”

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