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What's Wrong with Emma?

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I was happy with all the simple things that I had and loved the way life was going, never complaining, and never asking for more. Everything was normal. Everything was beautiful. Everything was perfect the way it is. until unexpectedly turned to worse. Just like that, without warning, without being prepared. Destiny was merciless when it comes to me. It took me all the precious things that I had and left me with nothing. Emma Anderson had lost the taste of life after an accident that turned her life to worst. She tried to start a new life after that, but the nightmares of that accident were still chasing after her, and what made things getting worse was when she met her childhood friend again. He brought all that bitter memories that she tried hard to forget.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter One

The ringing of my phone shook me awake. I grabbed my phone to turn my alarm off, put my phone back, and closed my eyes again to sleep for a few minutes more.

Yesterday, I slept at a pretty late time. I was studying for the exams for the last semester of my junior year of high school. I hadn't slept well and now I was struggling to wake up like every morning.

As a minute passed, I hear my father calling my name and knocking on my room's door.

"Emma! I just come to remind you that you have a school in case you forgot!" He said jokingly,

I was too sleepy to reply to him. When he didn't hear me replying he called again.

"Emma! It's time for school, you'll be late. Wake up!" he yelled still standing at my room's door.

"Mmm." all I could manage to say.

"Emma! Don't make me use my special techniques." He warned.

"Okay, just five minutes more," I murmured half-asleep under my blanket.

He then broke into my room and I heard his footsteps coming toward my bed.

Abruptly, I felt him shaking me softly.

"Emma, wake up!"

Why can't he just leave me alone?

"Dad please just one minute and I promise you I'll get up", I said, half-asleep

"No Emma you'll be late. Get up!"

He ordered and pulled the blanket away from me hoping that I would immediately get off the bed but I was too sleepy to do that right now.

I heard him sighing and I could feel him standing just next to my bed.

"You such a stubborn girl!" He said but I didn't comment about that,

He suddenly grabbed both of my feet tightly and started tickling them.

His move made me gasped and my eyes shot wide open. I tried to free my feet but he was holding them tightly not having the intention to release them any soon until I give up.

I tried to suppress my laugh as long as I could, but I couldn't hold it anymore and let out a scream that followed by a giggle. I started laughing out loud that I was sure the whole house heard me. My room then filled with both our laughers

"ahhh...stop it that it, Dad, please," I screamed as Dad tickled my feet.

giggling and laughing, I started kicking trying to free myself but grabbed them around his arm very tightly.

"You don't want to get up huh? didn't I warned you that would use my techniques" he said challenging,

"Alright, alright, stop please I am up ." upon hearing my defeat, he finally released my feet.

I was fully awake now so I sat up. I took seconds to catch my breath that I didn't realize I was holding while laughing.

"What a wonderful way to wake me up dad thank you!" I sarcastically said,

"You're welcome." He said chuckling as well.

I shot him a glare "you're unbelievable!"

"Okay now. Get ready; the breakfast will be ready in minutes. Go wash up!" he told me as he was leaving my room.


After my father left my room, I grabbed my phone again from the nightstand next to my bed.

While I was checking my phone, I found a few text messages from the girls, Ana, Jenny, and Amanda; my friends from school, on the group chat.

Yesterday, they left a message said that we would meet up after school at the library to study.

I checked again if there were any calls or messages from the person that I had been waiting for him to call me back.


But there was none.

Lately, I had been calling and texting him but he wasn't answering. He never did that before and I started to worry.

What's wrong with him?

Jason Williams and I were childhood friends. We had been friends since we were kids.

Our friendship is so unique, amazing, and... kind of complicated.

We are so close to each other and share everything, dreams, hobbies, and secrets... except for one secret.

I deeply fell in love with Jason.

Of course, he didn't know anything about that I kept it hidden deep inside my heart. I couldn't tell him how I feel about him because I didn't dare to ruin our amazing friendship. He only sees me as his best friend that he cares about. But for me, he was more than that since the day I laid my eyes on him.

On that day I felt for the first time that my heart was differently beating than usual.

I was eight when my family moved to San Francisco. We didn't know anyone in that huge city but it wasn't hard for my father to make new friends. He became a friend of Jason's father, Charles Williams since we lived in the same neighborhood. Charles then invited us for dinner in his house to welcome us into the neighborhood and there where I met Jason for the first time.

He was a cute boy. I remember when he first tried to talk to me to play with him, I was a shy girl so I just ran to my dad and sit beside him the whole evening. Though I didn't play with Jason that night, my eyes were only on him.

Their house was next to us. I always used to watch him from the window playing alone. It took me a while to get used to my new neighborhood. One day, Jason knocked at our door asking my mother to let me play with him at first I hesitated but then my mother encouraged me to make a new friend to play with so I went out with him. At first, I was shy but I then easily opened up to him because he was really fun and friendly and since that day, we became best friends and my feelings for him started to grow. We used to hang out, play together, share secrets, and sleepover at each other's house. He was the only friend I knew in that neighborhood and to be honest, I wasn't interested in making more friends because he was enough for me.

I also remember when I was eleven, Jason's father's business started to get grow and became rich. They moved to another house bigger than the old one. I remember that day very well, I had cried the whole night. I felt lonely again but though they moved to a new house my father was always taking me to sleepover in their house on weekend. they were really good times.

I smiled thinking about my old memories. I missed those days but then I sighed after thinking about how our friendship had changed.

Lately, I had been thinking about Jason.

He had changed a lot and made new friends. He began hanging and partying out with them almost every Saturday. Moreover, he was always with many girls and went out with them which started to annoy me. I hated seeing him with other girls. I knew I sound jealous and I don't have the right to but I can't help it. It's his life after all and I am just a friend.

I missed my old friend. I missed our old days.

Grudgingly, I got up from my bed and went to the bathroom. The mirror of the bathroom greeted me in my face. I looked at my reflection studying my appearance.

People always said that I got my mother's look while I got the eyes of my father. I got long silky black hair with grey eyes. I am glad I got those eyes from my father they are making me look more beautiful. Smiling at my reflection I remembered that I had a school to head to.

Sighing, I started washing my face. I took my toothbrush and started brushing my teeth... When I was done, I patted my face dry and walked into my closet. I decided to wear a loosen shirt, jeans, and Adidas sneakers. I then brushed my hair and tied it up in a ponytail.

After I was done I grabbed my bag and went downstairs. The smell of the pancakes filled my nose.

As I saw my wonderful family, Dad, Mom, and my little brother; gathering around the table having breakfast and laughing at God knows what, a huge smile appeared on my face, as I walked over to them.

"Good morning!" Said cheerfully,

"Good morning sweetheart!" my father said.

"Did you sleep well?" my mother asked

" yes, I did," I answered not wasting any time, I took a chair next to my mother and poured myself a glass of orange juice andput my pancake on my plate, and started eating.

"Do you have any idea how your husband woke me up?" I started with a full mouth.

"I think the whole neighborhood has." Said chuckling.

"This is how I wake Keven up every morning and he doesn't mind about that. Right son?" he told Keven sending him a wink.

"Yes!" said giggling,

"That's because he is a kid and kids like these kinds of things. I am a grown girl Dad don't treat me like a kid."

"You want me to change my technics?" he joked with a smirk.

"No thanks. I am capable of waking up on my own."

"You didn't sound like you'd wake up when I knocked on your door earlier. If it weren't because of my techniques you would probably be still snoring on your bed." He said teasing me.

I put my fork down and look at him in disbelieve.

"I don't snore!" said defending myself,

"Yes you do I can hear you every single night," he said trying to hold laugher.

He is making fun of me.

I look at mom looking for help. "Mom!"

My father and Keven laughter out.

He was teasing me again.

I just shook my head and decided to ignore them.

Mom hit his arm and said, "Let the girl eat!"

"Alright... you're just looking cute when I am teasing you," he said smiling.

"Or you enjoy teasing me."

"Both." He admitted laughing.

I decided to ignore that again I just shook my head and dug in.

"So how's school going?" my father asked changing the topic,

"It's going well. We have tests, this week so I won't come home early today. I will be studying with my friends at the library." I stated while eating.

"Good luck honey!" Mom said, and continued "By the way, how's Jason? He hasn't visited us for a while."

I tensed at the mention of his name for a second and then replied.

"I don't know I haven't seen him too."

I answered her not wanting to talk about him.

"You guys don't talk?" my mom asked suspiciously.

"No, mom we just haven't met lately that all. I was busy with my study and I am sure he is as well."

That's what I was trying to convince myself but the truth was he made new friends and probably forgot about me.

"So who are those friends that are you going to study with?" asked curiously raising his eyebrow.

I knew what he meant by this question so I directly answered him, rolling my eyes. "Don't worry dad there won't be no boy. I'll be studying with the girls, Jenny, Amanda, and Anna you already know them."

I paused for moments and carried on, "and I am not interested in any boy at this moment. If that's your next question."

"That's a good thing sweetheart just focus on your study." He said smiling and continued. "My daughter doesn't care about these kinds of things. She will focus on her study, graduate from high school, and go to college, get her degree, and be a successful architect like her father."

I snapped my eyes up from my plate and looked at my father unbelievably.

Oh no! Not again.

I know where this conversation was going. My father was simply trying to say "no dating until you graduate and get a job".

"Don't worry dad I am planning on dating anyone now..." but before I finished he interrupted and said,

"That's my girl!" He looked at my mother nodding his head and smiled proudly.

I rolled my eyes and pretended that I didn't see that and proceeded "but of course if I find someone who I truly love I will date him"

Suddenly, his smile dropped, and started glaring at me.

"What Dad? You dated Mom in high school and had me at college. Why can't I date too?" I honestly looked at him.

My father looked back at me, speechless and my mother couldn't hold it anymore and started laughing.

I didn't want to have this conversation again so I just got up from my chair.

"I get to go now. See you later!" I said avoiding my father's stares.

"Have a good day sweetheart!" said mom.

"I'm not done talking to you yet," Dad said,

"Not now Dad I am running late. Love you all!"

Not wasting any time, I grabbed my bag and keys and went out to school.

It would seriously be difficult for me if I decided to date someone since my father made it clear that he hated the idea. However, it would be more difficult if that "someone" was Jason.

My father really liked him and considered him as a son but unfortunately, he knew about Jason's behaviors lately. He knew he was a player and going out with many girls so he hated this side of him.

So the idea of dating Jason one day was almost impossible and I would never dream about it.

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