What's Wrong with Emma?

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Chapter Two

After I reached school I directly went to class and found my three friends Ana, Amanda, and Jenny had already arrived and taken their places.

I had been knowing Ana and Jenny since the first year of high school but we only became friends at the beginning of this year while I had known Amanda since primary school. They are amazing friends and I love spending my time with them. I have so much fun hanging or shopping out with them. Even studying with them was seemed to be fun.

I reached my seat and sit down. I put my bag and turned to them. They hadn't noticed yet and from the facial expression, it looked like they were gossiping about something serious.

"Hi! What are you girls talking about?"

"Oh hey finally you arrived." Anna greeted me first.

"Jenny broke up with her boyfriend yesterday," Amanda said,

"Oh, I am sorry about that."

"Oh come on girls, you know I was so desperate to break up with him. I just needed a reason." She said without a hint of guilt.

Of course, we are talking about Jenny. The most attractive brunette girl in school. With her good-looking, she always gets the attention of both genders. Boys who want to date her, and girls who envy her and want to be like her. She dates many guys and changes them like her shoes.

I shook my head and silently laughed at her.

"So what did he do this time?" I asked,

"He hung out with his friends when I asked him not to," she said,

We were all speechless for seconds looking at each other's and then laughed at her senseless reason.

"You can't stop him from hanging out with his friends sometimes," I told her while pulling out my books from my bag.

"We're not talking about just any friends here. Last Saturday, He went to a party with Jason and his gang and you know what is that means. It means getting drunk and hooking up with girls." she explained,

I flinched at the mention of his name, stopped what I was doing, and turned back to them again.

"He went to a party?" I asked referring to Jason.

"Yes, a wild one." She answered,

I couldn't believe that while I was trying to reach him he was partying around. Now I am really mad at him.

I was about to ask her more when the history teacher entered the class.

As our classes were done, the bell rang and we made our way out of class and we were going to the library as we planned yesterday.

"Girls I am heading to the restroom. You go first I'll follow you when I am done." I told them,

"Okay, don't be late," Anna said,

I was walking through the hallway to the restroom when I heard familiar laughter rang into my ears I turned my head to see to whom it belonged.

I saw Jason with his new friends. His arm was on Rebecca's shoulders, His classmate; he was whispering in her ear and laughing at something. They seemed pretty close lately and it's started to annoy me.

I fully turned to him to see if he would notice me but when he finally did. He only smiled and winked at me and then went with his friends.

I was disappointed... Did he not care about me anymore?

I thought when he saw me he would come running to me but I was wrong.

Didn't he miss me as I did?

I was dumbfounded. We hadn't seen each other for weeks and when we finally met, he didn't bother to come and give me an explanation of why he hadn't been answering any of my calls.

I was standing still on my spot looking so ridiculous craving for his attention.

I am beyond pissed.

I am NOT going to call him anymore.

I went straight to the library forgetting that I was going to the restroom.

I found my friends had already started studying. I sat beside them and engrossed myself in studying trying to forget about him.

As time passed, Amanda suggested continuing our study in the cafeteria, our typical spot, but Ana and Jenny got tired and decided to go home.

So I went only with Amanda. When we reached, we ordered our usual juice and carried on with our studies.

Suddenly, Amanda's phone rang, and then she excused herself to talk on the phone. After a few minutes, she came back.

"I am so sorry Emma but I need to go home." She said while gathered her things.

"Is everything okay?" I asked.

"Yeah, my parents are going to dinner so I need to babysit my little sister. I am sorry I completely forgot about that."

"It's okay Amanda. Don't be sorry" I told her with a smile ensuring her that I was completely fine with that.

"You still here?"

"Yeah I am still here for some while but I'll go home later," I answered,

"Okay, see you tomorrow." She said with a smile,

"See you." Smile back at her.

After Amanda left, I continued studying alone. I was too engrossed with my books when I felt the presence of someone. I snapped my eyes up to see Jason was gorgeously standing in front of me with a smile.

He is the most handsome boy I have ever laid my eyes on. He is a tall boy about 6'4, had short dark hair with oceanic blue eyes.

Those eyes that I always love to stare at.

Emma!! You're supposed to be mad at him. I shook my head and shifted my eyes back to my books.

"Hi, Emma!" said, and took a chair beside me.

"Hi!" I said not leaving my eyes from my books.

"I knew you would be here. How are you doing?"


"How's your study going?"

"Good," I answered with a flat tone.

"How have you been lately?"


He was silent for a moment and then asked.

"Are you mad at me?"

"No." I lied.

"Then, why are you not talking to me?"

"I'm busy as you can see." Said looking calmly,

Yes, I'm beyond mad at him.

He had been avoiding my calls and ignoring me so I am going to do the same. Let's see how he would feel.

As if he was reading my mind, he sighed and surprised me by grabbing my hands which made me look at him.

"I am sorry for not answering your calls and being away from you lately. It's just so many things going on lately. You are my best friend and I don't want to lose you. So please forgive me." He sincerely apologized and as always my heart melted again forgetting everything as if it never happened.

I awkwardly removed my hands from his hold before he heard my heartbeats.

"It's... it's okay, I am not mad," I said.

I don't know how he does it but he had that kind of magic that made me easily forgive him.


"Yes." I ensured him with a smile.

He smiled back looking satisfied with my answer.

"I had a fight with my father this morning... as always." He stated after a moment of silence.

"What happens?" asked curiously,

He sighed, "We were arguing about the same thing. He's always interfering in my life. In everything, the girls I see, the friends I hang out with, and it started to annoy me."

"He is your father he has the right to," I told him.

"But this is my life I want to live my age freely."

"Nobody said you can't. Live your life but rationally. You will graduate this year and you're still dating around and going to wild parties moreover you not studying for your exams. Seriously, don't you think your father is right about that?"

"I do study... with Rebecca. We go to each other's house to study. Actually, that's why I came here, there's something I want to tell you about... Rebecca."

Now I get it.

I thought he came to apologize and make things right with me but he's just here to talk with me about another girl AGAIN.

I can't believe him!

He would never change. I turned my attention back to my books and said. "I am listening."

"I need your full attention so close that book and look at me," he demanded,

"Okay." I close the book and turned to him.

"What do you want to talk about?"

"I... I am..." he hesitated to tell me.

Suddenly, his face and neck started getting red. Oh my God even when he is blushing he is still looking damn hot! ... My heart was beating too fast. Easy my heart! I don't want to have a heart attack I am still young to die.

EMMA!! Remember you are MAD at him. I mentally yelled at myself.

My heart controlled over me more than my brain. I seriously need help.

"I think I have feelings for Rebecca."

Here we go.

Since he tells me everything, whenever he met a new girl he directly comes to me and told me about his adventures with his girls. What he likes about girls, how hot they are. Or asking about my opinions. What girls like? Where he should take them for a date? And I had to bear listening to all of that.

It wounded me so much but I had to learn how to control my feelings and buried them deep inside. I had to learn to pretend that I am happy for him and help him if I could. Why? Because I am his best friend. I am so sick of that.

But wait a second! Did he just say "feelings"?

"What you mean you have feelings? Like you're in love or something" I frowned asking him trying to understand what he was meaning.

But deep inside I knew what he meant.

"Yes..., I think I like Rebecca." He confessed.

I went numb and my brain blanked out.

"Are you sure?" asked after a while of silence.

"Yes, I am sure."

"How are you so sure? You've been with so many girls how do you know she's the one?" Asking still stunned.

"I had a crush on her a long time ago and we've been hanging out lately so I discovered that I have something more than just a crush for her. I mean she's beautiful and hot. She's so cool and I like being around her."

He confessed and I can see the sparkle in his eyes when he was talking about her. Rebecca was famous among the boys in school. I have to admit she is a beautiful hot tall blond girl.

"Why aren't you saying anything?" he asked,

I was just looking at him, speechless, not knowing what to say. I was so tired of playing the good friend that helps her friend to get the girl of his dream.

"I don't know what to say." I honestly said.

He sighed "And don't know what do. I'm afraid if I tell her she will reject me and lose our friendship."

Wasn't our friendship enough for you?

He was looking down at his feet. he looked so lost and frustrated. I've never seen him like that... lack of confidence.

I can't bear this anymore. I turned my head to another side for moments to hold my tears. There was a long silence and then I turned my head back to him and said.

"Said the boy who changes the girls like he changes his pants. Why are telling me this? Shouldn't you tell her that instead of me? You've been dating so many girls, and you never had a problem getting them; what makes you think that this one will reject you?"

"It's not that easy. This one is not like any girl I had been with. This one is very special to me and I don't want to lose her."

Okay, that's enough I don't have the mood to hear this anymore. My heart couldn't take it anymore.

I wish the ground would split and swallow me. I only wanted to run and go home and cry till it ended.

Why her? We had been friends since childhood we did a lot of amazing things together, hanging out, sharing secrets and dreams and I know everything about him more than she did... But he never felt something for me as I did. Meanwhile, He only hung out with her just for short time but he easily fell for her. What does she have that I don't?

Now, that I am his best friend. He is expecting me to help him as always...

I mentally screamed... I was going to regret that.

"Why are you acting like a coward now? You're Jason Williams. Why do you think she will reject you? You are handsome, hot, and rich.

Even though you're a playboy, you have a big heart, and every girl in this school dream to date you. As I know Rebecca is not dating anyone and many boys have their eyes on her, so don't act like a loser and take away the opportunity and confess to her before it's too late and if she rejects you then that's her loss because she will lose an amazing person like her."

I didn't know that I was holding my breath when said all that. I mentally thanked God that I didn't lose my temper.

All I want now was to go home.

He started looking at me for a moment and then smile at me one of his gorgeous smiles, the one that makes my heart beating so fast and makes me feel butterflies in my stomach.

What are you doing to me, Jason?

He then surprised me by hugging me so tightly.

"I don't know how my life would be without you" he then kissed my cheek and run to her left me here with my thoughts.

I didn't know why I feel like that, but deep down inside me, I wished she would reject him. I know I sounded selfish right now but I would work hard to make him feel better and help him to forget her.

Suddenly, I didn't have the mood to study again so I just gathered my things and went straight home.

The next day, I woke up early. I didn't sleep well and I was very tired from crying the whole night.

Yesterday, when I got back home I went directly to my room not wanting to talk to anyone. I skipped dinner pretending that I had to study for the exams for next week.

Sighing, I stood up from my bed and walked into the bathroom. Looking into the mirror, I saw my red bloodshot eyes and black circles. Sighing I decided to take a shower. When I am done I wore my tee-shirt, jeans, and my sneakers. I grabbed my bag and jacket and went downstairs. My mom was in the kitchen preparing for breakfast, as she sensed me she turned to me.

"Morning, mom" I greeted her

"Morning, sweetheart" greeted me back,

As I took a chair and started eating my pancake I feel her staring at me and I snapped my eyes up to her and asked.


"Were you crying last night?"

"No, I wasn't crying I'm just tired of studying that's all." I lied

She took a chair and sat next to me and started looking at me questioningly.

Who am I lying to? She's my mom. She always knows everything with one look.

"Since when you started keeping secrets on me"

I sighed "it's not like that. I just don't want to talk about right now."

He sighed, "Ok sweetheart, you know I am always here for you."

"I know."

She didn't push me and started caressing my hair and hug me. How amazing having a caring mother like her.

I love her so much.

"GOOD MORNING MOM!" my nine old, little brother was screaming while coming down from upstairs.

As she heard him, she sat up and went to him;

"Good morning my boy! Come and take sit with your sister" she said.

"Good morning Em!" he said cheerfully

"Morning Kev!" I said kissing his cheek.

"You seem in a good mood. Did you sleep well?"

"Yes, I did." He stated.

"He's always in good mood," I smiled looking.

Sometimes I wish I was still a child, I wouldn't care about a thing.

Suddenly, I felt the absence of someone.

"where's Dad?" I curiously asked,

"He went to work early. He said he has something important to do. Anyway don't forget about next Friday" she said,

"What about Friday?" I asked confused,

she turned her head to me and questioned,

"Didn't Jason tell you? We're having dinner at Williams' House. They say they have something to share with us"

"We met yesterday but he didn't mention it he probably forgot to tell me"

Lately, he hadn't been telling me a lot of things. Now, He all thinks about is Rebecca.

"All right guys it's time for school," My mom said bringing me out of my thoughts.

After breakfast, I went straight to school. At the gate, I saw my three besties Ana, Jenny, and Amanda standing waiting for me.

Jenny saw me first she waved to me. As I reached them, they hugged me and I saw Amanda was sadly looking at me.

I frowned and was about to ask her what's wrong when Ana started talking.

"I can't believe you keep this huge news from us. We're your besties. We're supposed to be the first people to know." Ana said and she looked disappointed

They were all looking at me waiting to explain something. I look at them confused

"Know what?" I asked confused,

"It's okay, Emma! The whole school knows about it. Now just fill us with details" said jenny

"Girls, I don't know what are you talking about?"

What the hell were they talking about?

Suddenly realization hit me. Oh no!

"Jason and Rebecca are dating. Yesterday, she posted a photo of them having a date." Ana then left her eyes up and looked at something behind me.

"Oh my god, oh my god! They are here" she said excitedly.

I turned where she was looking.

And there they were.

The hottest girl with the most handsome guy. Holding hands and smiling at each other.

I hate to say that but they are looking good with each other. Everyone was looking at them like there are celebrities.

Suddenly, the sunny day started to gloom. Something was squeezing my heart and I was starting to lose my breath.

Jason had been seeing and messing with girls but he was never serious about them. I used to see Jason with many girls and hurt me plenty but the pain I feel right now is unbearable maybe because He was so serious this time.

He looked really happy I can see that.

I guess that's my sign for me to give up on him.

Am I able to?

Suddenly, I felt a hand holding my hand. Someone was taking away from that scene but whoever was, I was thankful because I was about to break down.

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