The Art of Loving You

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The book is exactly what it say, the art of loving you. Nothing out of the ordinary, a handsome man boy falls for your average twink butttt art is involved. Might not be interesting but give it a try

Romance / Other
Shroom Cow
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Chapter 1

The light sound of pitter patter of feet connecting with the floor was heard through out the halls of the school drew attention to the person making them

Heads turned to stare at the small feminine boy in awe

His light pink lips upturned into a small innocent smile

He knew he was beautiful for a boy and the attention he was getting sent a rush through him boosting his confidence

He turned the hall and entered a room at the end of it

Upon entering a head turned in his general direction

Dark grey menacing eyes met his dull blue ones in what could only be described as an intense staring contest

"Luke I presume" the deep voice that belonged to the grey eyed stranger cut through the awkward air

The boy was rendered speechless, he out right stared and absorbed the features of the other male in the room

Thick eyebrows with a piercing over it, high cheek bones, that of a model, a sharp jawline looking as if it could cut diamonds, thick dark pink lips, golden skin that was pulled together with his short jet black hair styled to look perfectly messy, how he'd love to run his fingers through it

This this MAN was the pure definition of temptation

Luke quickly snapped out of his daze

" I am, sorry"

His face flushed with embarrassment

The man nodded

"Where is everyone else?"

You see Luke had volunteered to be the naked model for some students at the local art collage for the sole purpose of making some money

He wasn't particularly shy with his body because he knew his body was something women envied

"I was absent from class, everyone else did their own, so I'm the only one"

"Well your teacher should have said so" he said before placing his things on a nearby table

The man closed he door and locked it

"Speaking of her, where is she?"

"She left saying she had something important to do"

"Oh ok, then lets"

Luke looked over to the man who was already staring at him with his beautiful thick eyebrows pulled together


The boy couldn't help but coo in his head, the name fit him so perfectly

"Right, nice to meet you Jerimiah"

He put out his small hand and Jerimiah engulfed it with his larger one


Jerimiah took off the leather jacket he was wearing, revealing the tight black shirt underneath

Luke could see every outline of muscles there was, his shirt looked as if the seams were about to tear open and that stirred up the smaller male even more

'did they make this man out of a brick wall or something??' he thought

He swallowed harshly and began to undress in a slightly teasing and suggestive manner, acting oblivious to the dark gaze he was receiving

After shedding his clothes he stood in front of Jerimiah's easel, naked as the day he was born

Blue eyes met with almost black orbs which caused his face to redden, which was strange to him, he's never been shy before

Jerimiah slowly made his way over to the small boy, like a lion ready to pounce on its prey

"H-How do you want me?" it was as if he couldn't speak at all

Jerimiah's large frame towered over Luke as his fingers slowly touched the boy, sending shivers down his spine

As if in a trance, Jerimiah ran his hands over the boy's body slowly placing him in the position he wanted

Blood rushed to both Luke's cheeks and the part of his body he wished dearly with his heart was covered

This was mortifying

After Jerimiah was satisfied he moved away to admire his work, he smirked then licked his lips

This gorgeous boy waltzed into the room, stripped naked for him, it was his work and he could do whatever he pleased which made it even better

Beautiful rosy cheeks, milky white skin, pale blond hair and a curvy figure

His eyes roamed Luke's figure, taking a mental image of the boy's delectable body

He smiled smugly

"Now lets begin"

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