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The Alpha’s Destiny

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Who would have thought your destiny would sign your death warrant?

Romance / Erotica
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The Bunker


I could hear them screaming. I covered my ears and instructed the remainder of our pack members to do the same. We were hiding in a bunker. Most of us were females, and the few males that remained were badly hurt. The rusted room smelled of blood. "We can't survive this. We aren't ready." The oldest male paced across the tiny room forcing us to press further into the dirty walls. His arm was nearly detached, but that didn't stop him. I could smell his fear, and it was overwhelming him.

"We have to try. They cannot kill us all. I will not give them the satisfaction." I pressed my palm to my abdomen biting back the pain. On my way to the bunkers, a wolf clawed into me, if it weren't for a fellow pack member he would have pulled out an organ. Most of our pack was slaughtered, and only a handful of us were able to make it to our emergency bunker alive. They had attacked when we were most vulnerable.

"You should have known this would happen! They have always targeted us. They hate that we're different, that we do not follow the moon." I bit my lip in pain as my wound began to open further. If I were in better condition I would have already left the bunker in search of help. We were a peaceful pack, our non-belief in the Moon Goddess was not the real reason they attacked us. My father had already told me what it was, they wished to steal land from us.

"Please, Faris, now is not the time. If they hear you we will all die." Cold sweat coated my skin and with it followed painful shivers. I knew that the Alpha who had ordered our destruction wanted us all dead, he would not extend any mercy. He was a tyrant who abused the power his pack held in mumbers. He pack was the largest in the continent. I had never met the Alpha, but my father had told me countless stories about him, nothing was ever good. He killed his father at a young age to become Alpha, which ultimately drove his mother to suicide.

"Isra, I will not make it to tomorrow. We need to do something now! We cannot hide, we did nothing wrong!" He was right, but I couldn't risk the lives of all the females and pups over my pride. If I had to hide like a coward so be it.

My cold lips quivered as I tried to talk, "Faris, they are still out there. We must wait." I knew my father was dead so his title has passed down to me. Like it or not they had to listen to me. I was their only chance at surviving.

"I cannot wait any longer. I want to live." Faris stumbled up the stairs and began to open the door. As soon as he did he was yanked up. All we heard was his scream. I knew he was dead the second his scream died down. Blood dripped from above, tauntingly. It was them, they were rubbing it in.

We remained silent hoping they wouldn't come down for us. Even the pups remained quiet as fat tears streamed down their cheeks, most of the pups were orphans. I stood in front of everyone knowing I had to defend my pack.

We all held our breaths until the inevitable happened.

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