And Dad Makes Three

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At five o’clock I hear Finn come out of his office. My nerves are in overdrive. I don’t know what Finn has planned for our date, and I am in my work attire. Today I’d picked a pale pink sweater dress with black leggings. Ever since having Callum wearing buttoned pants is uncomfortable. I had to have a c-section to give birth to Callum. He was sitting feet first.

“Ready?” he asks me, stopping at my desk. I nod and reach down to get my bag and things. Finn takes my coat, holding it out to help me into it. I smile and slip my arms into the coat, reaching into the pocket I grab out my gloves and scarf.

“You won’t need those. My car warms up fast and the seats are heated,” he tells me as I slip the gloves onto my hands.

“Habit,” I say, slinging my bag onto my shoulders. I’ve found using a backpack the most efficient way to carry things when I have to pick up Callum. Finn chuckles at me and takes my hand, walking me down the hall to the elevator. We take it down to the parking garage underneath the building. His parking spot is right next to the elevator, so I don’t feel cold at all by the time we are in his car. I admire the beautiful leather of the interior as Finn stows my backpack in his trunk.

“Where are we going?” I ask once he settles and starts up the car. I can’t seem to stop bouncing my leg in anticipation.

“I thought you might like to see a movie and go to dinner? I know it is cliche, but with a son, you probably get little time to go see movies,” he tells me and I smile. This would be a normal date, I was worried he’d try to take me to something crazy expensive.

“Okay, what movie did you have in mind?” I ask and he shrugs.

“We can decide when we get there. Any types you won’t watch?” he asks, backing the car out of his parking space and driving us out of town.

“Horror films, I am not a fan of those. Other than that, I’m open to pretty much anything.” He gives me a smile and reaches over to take my hand. I let him hold my hand for the twenty-minute drive to a movie theatre. He parks the car and we get out and I stop. We are at one of the more expensive movie theatres where the seats are two-seater couches and you get to pick your spot in the theatre.

“You okay?” he asks, putting a hand on my lower back. I shouldn’t feel the warmth of his hand through my coat, but I do. A shiver goes down my spine as I take a breath.

“I’ve never been to this one,” I say, admiring the facade. It is made to look like an old time theatre from the forties.

“Well come on then, let’s pick a movie.” Finn takes my hand and walks us into the building. The warm air around me and the smell of popcorn hits my nose.

“Can we get popcorn and a drink?” I ask, remembering always wanting to get a snack, but my mother never gave me the money.

“Anything you want, sweetheart.” Finn smiles at me, making my heartbeat increase. We walk over to the movie board and check them out.

“Looks like there is a superhero movie, a rom com, and a comedy,” he says, pointing to each.

“Superhero movies are fine by me. I love the Marvel universe and will always watch them when they come on television or Vivianne brings one over for us to watch,” I say thinking about the few movies I have in my apartment. I’ve been living on the bare necessities to make sure Callum has what he needs at all times.

“Superhero movie it is,” Finn replies, telling the clerk behind the counter which movie we’d like to see. He picks out seats and gets our tickets before ushering me over to the concession stand.

“What size drink do you want to share?” he asks, and my eyes snap up from looking at the other items in the display cases.

“Share?” He shrugs and waits for me to answer.

“I suppose if we are sharing it should be large?” I reply, eyeing the sour patch kids. I craved those when I was pregnant with Callum.

“We’d like a large popcorn, large coke, and a thing of sour patch kids,” he tells the person behind the counter. I looked up at him again, shocked he could tell which ones I wanted.

“How do you always seem to know?” I ask and he smiles.

“I was watching you, your eyes kept coming back to them.” I laugh and go to sling my backpack like usual off my back when I realize I am not wearing it. Finn hands the young man his credit card. He takes my hand and pulls me close to him. I look up and smile at him. He places a kiss on my temple before handing me the sour patch kids and he carries the drink and popcorn. I follow him until he stops at the young lady taking tickets.

“Ainsley, can you get the tickets? They are in my back pocket?” he asks me, turning so I can see them sticking out his back pocket. I gently grab them, making sure not to touch his bottom. I hand them to the young girl who is ogling Finn. I can tell she recognizes him.

“Theatre eight is on the right at the end,” she tells me, pointing toward our theatre.

“Thank you.” Finn and I walk down to the theatre, I pull the door open for him and smile.

“Gentlemen first,” I joke, making him laugh. His laugh is a deep chuckle that makes my panties damp instantly.

“We are in row G seats nine and ten.” I point to the row and Finn motions for me to enter. I go first until I find our two-seater couch. I sit down and take the drink and popcorn from Finn so he can take his coat off and get settled.

“Don’t you want to take your coat off?” he asks me and I shake my head.

“No, I get cold very easily and it takes a long time for me to warm back up,” I say and Finn smiles.

“I’ll keep you warm, look.” He lifts the middle cup holder and holds out an arm. I stare at him with a skeptical look.

“Hmm, maybe. I’ll take it off because it is bulky.” I pass him the popcorn again, stand, remove my coat, setting it behind me on the chair. I put the middle cup holder back down, smirking as Finn frowns.

“Let’s take this slow,” I say, popping a piece of popcorn into my mouth. Finn laughs and nods, leaning back in the chair. I pop the chair back so I can lay back and enjoy the movie.

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