And Dad Makes Three

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For the next week, I take Ainsley out to lunch every day. We talk about everything going on at work. Percy hasn’t left for his family trip yet, but I have moved Ainsley into the HR department and I have a new assistant.

“Lyle, have you spoken to Miss Gordon?” I ask through my intercom.

“She is with Mr. Inkwell working through some payroll accounts.”

“Thank you, Lyle.” I get up and head to the HR department to see how Ainsley and Ethan are doing on the payroll. We let Ethan in on what is going on to help us with Percy. I see the two of them working in one of the conference rooms, sitting in front of two computers.

“So you can see the discrepancies here and this is the leave accounts,” Ethan explains as I walk into the conference room.

“Hello Mr. MacNee,” Ainsley says, smiling up at me.

“What do we owe the pleasure?” Ethan asks, his eyes shifting to Percy’s office door that is closed with the shades drawn.

“Is he always in his office like that when I am not around?” I ask, looking at the office. Both of them nod at me.

“Does he know what is going on?” I stand facing his office wondering how much I have missed being too busy with investors and not paying enough attention to my business.

“He only comes out when something goes wrong or you announce a visit,” Ethan replies, settling back in his chair.

“Have you been able to find anything about what we talked about?” I ask Ethan. There is a reason I hired him, he is a hacker.

“Nothing yet. He has hidden his digital footprint well. I’ll find something, though. Ainsley is helping me go through payroll to make sure nothing is missing from people’s paychecks. I had a hunch he might be taking leave from people who collect a lot. Some women who went out on maternity leave have complained to me about not collecting their hours correctly. I’ve fixed it in the system, but I am trying to figure out where those hours are going.” I scrub a hand down my face.

“Fuck, this is getting worse. Ainsley, have you found anything?” I ask, sitting next to her. She gives me another sweet smile and turns her computer for me to look.

“I am comparing the totals to what they should be. I am marking the people whose leave isn’t correct. I also noticed a weird charge on the paychecks for all our custodians.” She points to the charge, I lean forward and see it is marked as Custodian.

“Who marks payroll?” I ask and both eyes flick to Percy’s office. I growl and run a hand through my hair.

“This is making him look worse and worse. When does he go on vacation again?” I ask, looking at Ethan.

“He is leaving Friday and won’t be back until after New Year.”

“The day he leaves, I want you two in his office on his computer.” They nod and I get up after squeezing Ainsley’s thigh.

“Mr. MacNee, can I talk with you for a moment?” Ainsley asks me, getting up to follow me out.

“Certainly. We can talk in my office,” I say, motioning for her to follow me to the elevator. Ainsley and I get in the elevator and stand with a decent amount of space between us. We’ve been very careful to not touch inappropriately at work. When we are out for lunch, I take us a decent way away from the office so we can hold hands. I still haven’t kissed her yet. I want her to feel comfortable around me. I can tell she is guarding her heart. We have talked about Callum extensively, I feel like I know the little guy.

“What did you need to tell me?” I ask, shutting my door.

“I want you to come with me as I take Callum to a winter carnival.” I stare at her in surprise.

“You do?”

“Yes. I want you to meet him.” I smile and nod, pulling her in for a hug.

“I’d love to meet him.”

“Thank you. This is a big step for me.”

“Bigger than kissing?” I ask and she blushes deep red.

“I don’t know. I have kissed no one in three years,” she whispers, looking up at me. I put a hand under her chin, tilting her up. I bend my head, touching my lips gently to hers. It is better than I imagined. Her lips are soft and plump, perfect for kissing. I increase the pressure on her lips when I feel her respond. My brain fogs over with desire for her. I slip my hand into her hair holding her to my lips feasting on her. Taking a chance, I slip my tongue out to touch her lips. She opens and lets me in. I swipe my tongue in to play with hers. Her tongue tangles with mine, pulling a moan from my throat. She mimics me with a soft moan of her own. My dick twitches and I know I need to pull back from the kiss before embarrassing myself. I ease us back from the edge of the kiss, keeping my arms around her waist.

“I don’t think you lost anything,” I tell her once she blinks open her eyes.

“Thanks, Finn.” She leans up and presses a sweet kiss to my lips before stepping back.

“Where should I meet you for the winter carnival?”

“Do you know where the fairgrounds are?” she asks and I nod.

“Can you meet us there Saturday around two? That will be after he wakes from his nap.”

“How are you getting there?”

“I’ll take the bus.” I shake my head hard.

“No. I will come to get you two.”

“You drive a two-seater car. Where are we putting Callum?” I laugh and kiss her temple.

“I have more than one car, sweetheart. I’ll bring my Audi SUV.”

“What about a car seat?”

“I can buy one. Send me the model of the one that will work best for him and I’ll put it in my car.”

“Finn, that is insane.” She shakes her head at me with a smile on her face. I know she is close to caving. Taking advantage of our attraction, I pull her close to give her a kiss, this time pouring my feelings into the kiss. Her knees go weak making it so I held her up, easing back from our kiss again.

“Let me buy the car seat. If everything goes well, we’ll do more things together and need the car seat. If we don’t continue together, I will give it to you,” I say, nuzzling her neck nipping it gently. She smells delicious and I can’t resist.

“Fine Finn. You can pick us up at one-thirty on Saturday.” I smirk and peck her lips before releasing her.

“Perfect. Go back to work before people get suspicious.” I smack her ass as she turns away. Her head jerks back at me and I see the desire flare in her eyes.

“See you for lunch tomorrow.” She gives me a wave and leaves for the HR department. I watch her stop at Lyle’s desk before continuing on. Never have I had this much trouble getting a girl to date me, and for once I don’t find it exhausting. I’ve enjoyed getting to know her and become friends before we become more physical.

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