And Dad Makes Three

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If Finn didn’t touch my womanhood soon, I was going to burst. Finn’s mouth on my breasts drove me crazy. His hand slid between my thighs, making me worry for a second over my stomach. It never bounced back after having Callum. His hand slipped into my pants, rubbing me through my underwear. I groan, arching into his hand.

“Ainsley, can I?” he asks and I nod desperately, I need a release. Finn shifts over me, tugging my pants and underwear down to my ankles. I kick them off, trying my best to not let my body insecurity get to me.

“Beautiful,” Finn whispers, moving his mouth down my body to kiss my thighs. I gasp when his teeth scrap the sensitive skin. Finn uses his hands to push my thighs apart, settling between my legs. I connect with his eyes and see the desire swirling there. He wants me, the look tells me, which shoots tingles through my body settling in my womb begging for more. Finn’s mouth settles into my core, causing me to buck up. His hands hold me still as he shoves his tongue in erotically probing at my clit.

“Finn!” I moan, closing my eyes letting my other senses take over. I feel his fingers dip into my slit, gently probing my entrance. I haven’t had a man in me since Callum. My core tenses at his invasion.

“Relax baby, let me in you are so tight,” he whispers, pushing two fingers into my pussy. I do my best to relax letting him in. Finn leans over my body to capture my lips as his hand pumps in and out of me gently.

“Let me make you feel good,” he moans, curling his fingers to touch my pleasure spot. I gasp and arch into his arm.

“Yes, there you go, baby. This is all for you.” His words pass over me, adding to the pleasure coursing through my veins. I cannot hold back as my orgasm builds, my womb tightening. A sensation I haven’t felt in years starts at my toes. Finn moves back down, leaving kisses across my skin tingling from each touch. His tongue skims over my tight nipples, drawing moans from my lips. He sucks onto one, using his teeth to draw a pinch of pain. The whole time his hand is pumping in and out of me in a steady pace, holding me just onto the edge of my orgasm.

“That’s it, let me pleasure you.” Finn’s voice vibrated against my nipples before he released one with a pop. Scraping his teeth down my stomach, he stopped at my heat again. His mouth latches to my clit, his hand increases his speed until I feel all my muscles tense before pleasure washes over me in a tidal wave of shudders.

“Finn!” I shout, my hands scrunching the sheets as I come hard grinding my hips against his hand still pumping in and out of me dragging my orgasm out. I finally collapse back against the pillows, panting, staring at my ceiling. I cannot believe I just let him do that to me.

“You were amazing, baby,” Finn whispers, licking his fingers, moaning at the taste of my essence. I sit up, intending to help with his erection. I reach out, but he grabs my hand, kissing my knuckles.

“Tonight was all about you baby, I can survive a night without release.” He wraps his arms around my waist pulling me into his body snuggling down.

“Are you sure?” I ask, looking at him over my shoulder.

“Absolutely. You said it yourself you wanted to take it slow, I will be respectful. I just needed a taste. You are beautiful, Ainsley.” His words bring tears at my eyes as we settle down for the night. I reach over and turn off the lamp to send darkness throughout the room.

“Good night, Finn. Thank you,” I whisper, rolling to face him, pressing a kiss to his lips.

“Good night, Ainsley. Sleep well.” His eyes close and I let mine close sleep pulling me under.

The next thing I know Callum is yelling and running into my room, jumping on my bed. I sit up, thankful my top is still on, but mindful I am naked from the waist down.

“What is it Callum?” I ask, rubbing at my eyes.

“I am hungry.” He drops into my lap, making me groan from his weight.

“Okay, go get dressed and I’ll make breakfast,” I tell him, realizing Finn is not in the bed. I look around the room, seeing his clothing gone too. I frown, did he not want to stay?

“Okay.” Callum jumps off the bed and runs back to his room. I get up and head into the bathroom to clean up from my night. I am slightly hurt that Finn left without a goodbye this morning. I thought we were dating? I brush my teeth and hair before washing my face. I put on a pair of dark gray leggings and a sweater dress of kelly green.

“Mommy!” Callum yells again, running into my room, this time dressed in a short-sleeved dinosaur t-shirt and jeans.

“Yes?” I say, looking at him as I pull my hair up into a bun at the back of my head.

“Finn is here.” I look at him in confusion.


“He brought doughnuts!” Callum is bouncing up and down acting like the crazy three-year-old boy I know all too well.

“Okay, come on.” Callum grabs me, dragging me out of my room to the living room where Finn stands in the kitchen setting down a box of doughnuts and bagels.

“I went out to get breakfast, you looked tired so I let you sleep,” he says, coming over to kiss me gently.

“I thought you’d gone home,” I admit, and he smiles at me.

“I’d never leave without saying goodbye.” Finn kisses me again and scoops up Callum, bringing him over to the table to eat.

“I got bagels and some fruit. What would you like buddy?” Finn asks Callum pointing to the things he’d picked up.

“I want a doughnut!”

“Fruit with it too,” I say coming into the kitchen pulling out one of Callum’s plates. He pouts but takes a bite of the grapes Finn purchased.

“Good.” I place half a doughnut with pink frosting and sprinkles on his plate.

“You can have the other half after you eat all your fruit,” I tell Callum as I turn to grab plates for Finn and myself.

“Yes, Mommy.”

“Are you ready for the party tonight?” Finn asks me, and I pause, almost forgetting I’d said yes to the party.

“I’m not sure I have anything appropriate to wear,” I reply, making Finn smile.

“We can get you something. We need to pick out a gift for Callum to bring to his party tonight too. Want to check out the outlet mall?” he asks me, handing me an everything bagel with cream cheese slathered on it.

“Okay.” I take a bite of my bagel, remembering Nick had been outside my apartment last night. I get up and go to the window, relieved seeing his car is gone.

“He was gone when I left this morning. I think he left when he realized I wasn’t coming back out,” Finn says as I come back into the kitchen.

“I suppose. I just wish I knew what he wanted,” I answer, checking to see Callum is too busy licking the frosting off his doughnut to listen to us talk.

“I am asking my private detective to investigate him,” he tells me, and I pull back in confusion.


“He makes you nervous. I want to know what he is doing in town and you don’t want to talk to him. This seems like the best way to do it without directly confronting him,” he explains with a shrug.


“Eat up, we have some shopping to do.” Finn takes another bite of his bagel, giving me a bright smile. We sit and talk about what we need to pick up, and Callum heads into the living room to play with his dinosaurs. Finn watches him with a soft smile on his face. I can tell he cares for Callum. They hit it off yesterday at the winter carnival.

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