And Dad Makes Three

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I walk into work and see my secretary’s desk is empty. Frowning, I walk into my office and see an envelope on my desk. I rip it open to see a goodbye letter from Charlotte. She tells me in the letter she can no longer work for a man who does not respect her or her boundaries. She has a family who needs her and can’t continue to work my long hours. Growling, I rip the note in two and yell for Leo. He rushes into my office with his secretary behind him.

“Charlotte quit, get me a temp now!” I roar, dropping into my desk chair. Lately, things have been going to shit. My dad undermines my decisions for my company. He is a stockholder and is trying to start a fight with me. He is just mad because I won’t settle down and get married to some high society chick. He mentioned connecting our families and building an empire. I didn’t want to get married. Women were a waste of time other than having a good fuck.

“I can get Ainsley Gordon to work for you until we hire a new assistant,” Vivianne replies, rushing out of the office. I glare at Leo as he laughs at me.

“What the fuck, Leo?”

“Serves you right,” he answers, picking up the ripped letter to read why she quit.

“You can’t expect your assistants to work the same hours as you do. They have lives outside of this building unlike you.” I growl and slam my hand on my desk.

“I expect my assistant to want to make my life easier,” I argue and Leo nods.

“Yes, but you can’t have them at your beck and call. Charlotte is married with children, she is needed at home too.”

“Then why did she work in the first place? Why not be a stay at home mom?” I ask, that is what my socialite mother did.

“Not everyone comes from money,” Leo counters, motioning to himself. I know he comes from a single parent background. We met in college, he was on a scholarship for the boxing team.

“I know.” I scrub a hand down my face.

“Be nice to Ainsley, she is one of the best girls we have here,” he orders and I frown. I don’t remember Ainsley.

“Who is she?”

“The girl at the front desk. She handled the incident with Priya,” he says to jog my memory. Then it hits me, Ainsley is the curvy girl who stood in the way as Priya was out for my blood. We’d broken up, and I’d been seen out and about with another woman. The paparazzi had a field day exposing me and dragging my name through the mud.

“She kept reporters out too?” I ask and Leo nods.

“Then she will work,” I reply, waiting for the woman to come.

“She is only a temp, and has it in her contract she doesn’t work past five,” he tells me and I frown.


“I don’t know, but I remember reading it in her contract when we hired her.”

“Fuck. I need someone who can help me when I need it.”

“She is only temporary. We will find you an assistant who can help you.” Leo waves and heads back to his office to handle his reports.

A few minutes later, a soft knock sounds on my door.

“Come,” I ordered, sitting behind my desk schooling my expression. I wasn’t ready for her. She walks in wearing a dress of deep green and a red sweater over top. She looks like a walking Christmas advertisement. Checking the calendar on my desk, I notice it is December first.

“Hello sir, I am Ainsley Gordon,” she says in a soft, sultry voice. I look up, but she is staring at the floor.

“I remember. You will find a list of things I need to be done by the end of the day in your email. You can use the desk outside. If I need you, you will get a message on your personal phone. Please have it out.” I see her grimace and cock my head.

“Does that not please you?” I see her sigh and look up. Her eyes catch me off guard. They are the stormy blue the sky takes before a thunderstorm.

“My phone is not unlimited texting, sir,” she answers, making me frown deeper.


“It is a prepaid plan, sir,” she answers, her cheeks turn red with a deep blush.


“That is not your business. I’d prefer it if you would email me and I will answer immediately or you can call me on the office phone.” She gives me a determined look and I find myself nodding in agreement.

“Good. Do you need coffee, sir?” she asks, clasping her hands in front of her.

“Yes, black, please.” She nods and walks out of my office. I watch the gentle sway of her hips having bad thoughts about her. It amazes me, I’ve passed her every day for a year or so, and never once did she catch my attention. Then she stands in front of me for a few minutes and I am drooling over her like a teenager. Opening my email, I see I have one from my mother telling me about the Christmas party she is planning the weekend before Christmas. I sigh and see another invitation, this one is for the company party next week.

“Here you are sir and here are the reports you wanted.” Ainsley places my coffee on the corner of my desk before handing me a thick file of reports.

“Thank you.” I take it from her. Our hands touch and I feel a shock. I can see she felt it too because her eyes widened.

“Do you need anything else, sir?” she asks, stepping back from me, tucking her hands into the pockets on her dress.

“I need you to make me a dinner reservation at Young and Long’s Steakhouse.”

“Yes sir,” she answers and leaves my office. I watch her through the window as she settles at the desk outside my office. I take a minute to watch her, she is checking her email when her phone lights up. I see she looks at it and frowns. I can’t hear her conversation, but she looks upset. It takes less than a minute for her to hang up and stuff her phone back in her bag.

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