And Dad Makes Three

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Ainsley, Callum and I get into the car and I drive us out to the outlet mall. I suggested this place because I know how she feels about money. She won’t accept any extravagant gifts from me this early in our relationship. The drive is filled with Callum telling me everything he knows about dinosaurs and then veers off talking about a dog he saw being walked down the street. I look over at Ainsley to see her giggling under her hand. I reach over and squeeze her thigh. Her eyes flare with desire and I hold in a groan. I need another taste of her. Hopefully tonight I can please her again. I park the car at the outlet mall and help Callum out, putting on a thicker coat over his fleece jacket. It amazes me the safety precautions needed for children in cars these days.

“Where did you want to look?” I ask her, and she bites her bottom lip as she looks around the place. There are a lot of shops, but I know little about where women shop. When my mom and past girlfriends talked about shopping, I stopped listening.

“Can we try J. Crew first?” she asks, pointing to the shop across the way. I nod and take Callum’s hand. He grabs Ainsley’s hand and we walk over to the shop.

“How fancy do people dress up for this?” she asks as we step inside.

“I wear a suit and tie, so business nice,” I reply, walking over to the dress racks with her. She fingers a few dresses as she checks the sizes. I see her face fall as she continues to try and find a dress in her size. I love her curves, but I can see she is feeling self-conscious about her looks.

“Do you want to try another place?” I ask her and she nods. Not saying anything we step out of that store and continue to make our way around going into several more stores before we go into Anne Taylor and she finds a few dresses and steps into the changing room. Callum and I wait on a plush couch while she tries on her dresses. While she is changing, I research stores that might have better choices for her. It takes ten minutes before she comes out with a sad look on her face.

“None that looks good enough,” she tells me with a frown. I can see the unshed tears in her eyes and wisely say nothing.

“I have a store I think I’d like you to see,” I remark, holding my phone out with the directions to the store. Callum is getting antsy as we go around.

“If you can be good for your mom in this last store, we will go get a snack,” I offer, and he nods with a bright smile.

“I want a pretzel,” he announces, bouncing up and down as we walk along.

“Done,” I agree before stopping before a store called Torrid. Ainsley’s eyes go wide, but she smiles and goes inside. Instantly, when we walk in, I see there are plenty of dresses she could pick from. I watch as she giddily goes around picking out her size without trouble choosing multiple dresses. Callum and I settle back and I teach him how to play thumb war while she tries them on.

“What do you think?” Ainsley steps out of the changing room wearing a navy blue dress that makes her boobs look amazing.

“Beautiful,” I say with a smile. She walks over to the mirror set up to show all angles.

“You like it?” she asks, looking at me in the mirror.

“Yes, do you have any others you want to try?” I ask and she nods.

“Put the dress out here so we know it is a possibility,” I say as she goes back inside.

“Okay.” A few minutes later she steps out in a maroon wrap dress. I look up and I can feel my jaw drop.

“You look amazing.” I stand up and walk over to place my hands on her hips.

“This is a beautiful style of dress on you. You should wear more of them to the office, then I can fantasize about you,” I whisper so only she can hear me. I watch her eyes widen in the mirror as her cheeks flame red.

“They have more in other patterns and colors.” Her voice is breathless. I smirk and kiss her neck, feeling her shiver against me.

“Let’s go check them out and then we can go. I want you to wear this tonight,” I say nuzzling the spot I kissed.

“Do you want to see any of the other dresses I picked?” she asks and I nod.

“You pick anything you want, baby, I will buy it all.” I mean it too, I want her to be set with everything she needs.

“Okay.” She steps into the changing room and I sit back with Callum. Another thirty minutes go by with her coming out in new dresses showing them off. I have given my phone to Callum so he can watch one of his kid’s shows.

“I’ll get the maroon one for the party,” she announces, stepping out of the changing room back in her street clothes.

“Where are the other dresses?” I ask and she points at the fitting room. I stand up and go in, picking up all the dresses she said she liked, and marched toward the cash register.

“What are you doing?” she asks, snagging Callum’s hand to walk him with us. Callum doesn’t look up from my phone as he is consumed with Paw Patrol.

“I am getting you the dresses like I said I would,” I answer, placing all of them onto the counter.

“You don’t have to do that.” She places a hand on my arm.

“I know, but I want to. You looked so happy coming out in dresses that made you feel good.” I slip the card into the reader, paying for the dresses.

“Callum you ready for your snack?” I ask, taking the bag from the saleswoman.

“Yes!” Callum cheers and hands me back my phone. I tuck it in my pocket and take Ainsley’s hand in mine as she snags Callum. We walk to the food court area and I buy Callum a pretzel, a coffee for myself and a smoothie for Ainsley. We settle at a table and chat about the party while Callum destroys his pretzel before running off to play at the soft play area.

“Do you think your mom will be okay with me?” she asks and I sigh.

“She can be judgmental, but she has given up trying to control my love life. She spends her time coddling Laird and trying to push one of her friend’s daughters onto him.”

“Wow.” I can see her processing the information I gave her while I take a sip of my coffee.

“Would I ever meet your mom?” I ask, reaching over to take her hand in mine.

“I don’t know. She’s never met Callum, and he is her grandson. She doesn’t care much about my life or that of my brothers.” I frown at her mother’s lack of involvement.

“That is disappointing.” Leaning over I place a kiss on her lips, she returns the kiss flicking her tongue against my lips. I let her in, turning the kiss deeper. We kiss for a few minutes before Ainsley pulls back.

“I’m used to disappointment. We should go get Callum’s clothes for the party and then we can go home and rest before the party,” she says and I nod.

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