And Dad Makes Three

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The rest of the party, Ainsley and I hide from people. We went to check on Callum, who was happily running around with chocolate cake smeared across his face. Ainsley wanted to step in and clean him off, but I motioned for one of the people working to catch and clean him up. After Ainsley was happy to see Callum content, we snuck into the other portion of the house where guests were not allowed. I help her down on one couch in my parents’ living room. I turn on the tree to add a gentle glow to the room. I snag a throw blanket and place it over the two of us. Ainsley snuggles into my arms and I smile down at her.

“Thank you for coming tonight. You have made this the most enjoyable party in years,” I tell her, bending down to place a kiss to her lips.

“Does your mother hate me?” she asks, looking up at me with a concerned look on her face.

“No. I think she wanted you to see what you would be getting into dating me. She has done the same to all the women I date. I think it is why Laird doesn’t date women for long,” I share, reaching for the remote to turn on the fireplace.

“I liked Leanne, I think your mother thought we might not get along.” I laugh at her words.

“I believe she wanted to see what you would do with another woman who is a powerful force in the business world. Like I said before, everyone likes talking to you. You are easy to be around. I know you didn’t want to date me at all when I first broached the subject. You did give me a chance though, and for that I am forever grateful. You are an amazing woman dealing with more than most your age. I remember at twenty-five clubbing at night, sleeping my way through women and dealing with the tabloids in the morning,” I tell her and she frowns.

“I’ve seen plenty of your face on the tabloids. When Vivianne asked me to apply, I almost didn’t because of that. She told me I’d never work directly with you, so I didn’t have to worry about it. Boy, was she wrong,” Ainsley replies with a laugh.

“I am sorry about my past behavior, but since I broke things off with Priya a year ago, I have been trying to clean up my act. The tabloids have found me less interesting and have shifted their attention away from me,” I say, and she sighs.

“I have worried about suddenly showing up in a gossip rag as the mysterious fat woman dating Finn MacNee, the most eligible bachelor in the states,” she tells me and I frown, shaking my head.

“You are not fat, I love every curve on your body. You’ve had a child, you are the amazing one,” I reply, pulling her in for a kiss. I nip at her lips putting my feelings into the kiss wanting her to know how I feel about her. She places a hand on my cheek, pushing her tongue into my mouth. Not able to resist her, I pull her on top of me as I lay back on the couch. We are in a private room only my family has access to. My hands slide into her hair, keeping her lips attached to mine as I make out with her. I feel like a teenager again hiding out with my girlfriend when my parents are busy entertaining their business associates. All too soon I hear the sounds of people coming. I sit up slowly releasing Ainsley.

“Someone is coming,” I whisper when I see the confusion on her face. Her hands going to smooth her hair.

“Mr. MacNee?” I hear one of my mother’s many maids call.

“In here,” I reply, adjusting my second boner of the night.

“I am looking for Miss Gordon, her son Callum is asking for her.” Before I can say anything Ainsley is jumping up from the couch forgetting her shoes. I snag them and hurry after her.

“Is he hurt?” Ainsley demands once the maid is within eyesight.

“No. He just said he misses you.” Ainsley’s shoulders relax and she smiles.

“Okay, thank you. We will go get him,” she tells the maid. I hand her her shoes, making her look down at her feet. Ainsley laughs and puts them on.

“Come on, I know a back way to get Callum. This way we don’t have to go through the party again.” I take her hand and walk her the opposite direction we came in and cut through the bustling kitchen. We come out the other side to the same hallway leading to the children’s party. It occurs to me the noise from the party has gone down tremendously. We walk in to see Callum and one other child sitting down coloring pictures.

“Callum,” Ainsley calls. His blond head pops up, and he turns to Ainsley. Getting down from the bench, he runs over.

“Mommy!” Callum throws himself into her arms, throwing her off balance. I catch her before they topple to the floor.

“Finn!” he yells, jumping on me next. I swing him up into my arms.

“Did you have fun, little man?” I ask as one helper comes over with a massive bag filled to the brim.

“Here are all his things, the present he got during the exchange is in there as well.”

“Thank you.” Ainsley takes his things and looks around for his coat.

“Here is his jacket ma’am,” another helper comes over with his coat, handing it to Ainsley. Callum rests his head on my shoulder and I know he is getting tired. Tugging my phone out of my pocket, I see it is almost eleven.

“Wow, he is up late,” I remark and Ainsley nods.

“Tomorrow is going to be rough and we have work,” she replies and I shrug.

“You can come in late, I won’t be upset.”

“Finn, you are sweet. I should get him home.”

“True, I’ll let my parents know we had to get Callum home and couldn’t stay for the present exchange.”

“Okay.” I take Ainsley’s hand with my free one feeling Callum drop his head closing his eyes. His body goes limp and I know he has passed out. We walk into the party seeing it is still in full swing. I go up to my mother and catch her eye.

“Mother, we need to get Callum home. Thank you for inviting us to the party.”

“Aww, I am sorry you have to go, we got Callum some gifts.”

“Maybe we can come after Christmas for him to open,” Ainsley suggests, and my mother smiles.

“I’d like that. Thank you for letting me meet him. Have a good night, Ainsley and merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas.” My mother hugs Ainsley, giving me a wink over Ainsley’s shoulder. We leave the party with me putting Callum in the car while Ainsley gets inside to stay warm.

“Finn, wait!” Laird calls and I turn to see him rushing out of the house with a present in his hands.

“I wanted to give you your gift since we won’t see each other on Christmas,” he tells me, I stare at him in surprise. My brother is not thoughtful.

“Thanks.” I tuck the present in the back and see Laird curiously glance at Callum.

“This is Callum, Ainsley’s son,” I explain, and he smiles.

“I never thought I’d see the day. Dad mentioned the kid, but I didn’t believe it.” Laird claps me on the shoulder and walks away. I shake my head and finish getting Callum buckled in before climbing into my car and driving us home. On the way home snow falls. Blanketing the world in a layer of white. I reach over and take Ainsley’s hand, holding it until we get home. I park and help her take everything and Callum inside.

“Thanks, Finn.” Ainsley gives me a kiss as we go into her room.

“It was my pleasure.” I kiss her gently, walking her back to the bed. When her knees meet the mattress, she falls back with me on top. I catch myself with my hands leaning over her body.

“Finn?” she whispers and I kiss her again, picking up from where we left off in the private room at my parent’s house. Her arms wrap around my neck, telling me she is ready to keep going. I won’t push her into having sex. We have plenty of time for us to get there.

“Are you staying again?” she asks, breaking our kiss. I smile down at her and shrug.

“I can if you would like me to,” I reply and she nods.

“I enjoyed having you with me last night, except don’t leave before I get up this time,” she says, making me laugh. I kiss her nose and pick up from where we left off.

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