And Dad Makes Three

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Ainsley, Callum and I have a relatively quiet Christmas until my mother calls me in the afternoon.

“Finn, merry Christmas!”

“Hi, Mom. Merry Christmas,” I reply getting up from the couch, giving Ainsley a shrug as I slip outside to talk to my mom privately.

“Are you home?”

“No. I am with Ainsley and Callum.” I can feel my shoulders tensing as I think about what she could want to tell me.

“Well, would you ask them to come over for dinner to celebrate Christmas with us? Your father and I would like to get to know her, and George speaks highly of her.”

“Seriously?” I ask. There must be another motive.

“Yes, I’ve never seen you look at any of your girlfriends, not even Priya, with the look you gave Ainsley and Callum. When you two left Callum at the kid’s party, I saw you were just as worried about him as she was. I know you’ve only been with her a short time, but I see the change.” I shake my head, I’ve never heard my mother speak this way before.

“You aren’t going to throw her to your socialite wolves again, are you?” I ask, hinting at what she did at the holiday party.

“I wanted to see what she would do in a situation where you are surrounded by beautiful women. That was also a test for you. Your eyes never strayed from her, even when she was talking with Leanne. Everyone who talked to you two then spoke with us had nothing but wonderful things to say about her. Your father and I want to get to know her if she is someone important to you,” she explains, making me second guess everything. I know what my mother is like, but this is not how she has behaved around any of my girlfriends, not even Priya. It took her months to warm up to her and when I proposed she had nothing nice to say about her.

“I’ll ask her.” I open the door and see Callum passed out on the couch next to a dozing Ainsley.

“Hey sweetheart,” I call and her eyes pop open.


“After Callum gets up from his nap, my parents would like us to come over for Christmas dinner. Would you like that?”

“Okay.” She nods, patting Callum’s foot. He scrunches into a ball, wrapping her arms tighter around the stuffed T-Rex I found him.

“Mom, we will come over after Callum gets up from his nap. He is currently passed out on the couch.” She laughs and replies,

“See you in a couple hours.” I hang up and take a glance around the parking lot. In the back I see the same car that had been hanging outside the apartment the night we came home from the carnival. In it I don’t see anyone, but it reminds me I need to talk to my private investigator to see what he learned about Nick. I put a reminder in my phone to contact him on Monday and go back inside.

“Hey baby, has Nick bothered you at all?” I ask as I close the door.

“He knocked on the door the day of the party. He apologized for being a complete loser and is trying to get sober.” I frown, then why would his car still be in the parking lot?

“Anything else?”

“I told him to go away and leave me alone. He asked about us dating and wanted to know about Callum. I don’t think he remembers me being pregnant and that being the reason he left. I want to keep it that way if I can. I’ve taken care of Callum on my own for four years, I don’t need Nick coming in and out of his life. Callum deserves a consistent life,” Ainsley answers, a hint of anger in her voice.

“I need to get in touch with my investigator to find more out about Nick. Did he say how he found you?” This makes Ainsley pause.

“No. I didn’t think to ask. I just wanted him away from me.”

“Interesting. He hasn’t called you after talking with you?” I want to gather all information from her before the investigation report.

“No. I wonder how he got my new number too. I changed it after I moved away.” This makes me even more suspicious.

“Do you know what Nick did for a living while you two were dating? Was he in school for anything?”

“He was in school for computer sciences. I am not sure what he did with his degree. I don’t even know if he finished. We found out at the end of our junior year I was pregnant. Nick disappeared right before we had to go back for our senior year. I had Callum and finished my degree virtually.”

“And you do not know what he has been up to these past few years?”

“None.” I sigh, this was worrying. Nick had computer experience, which means he could do something illegal to keep tabs on her. This became more complicated the more I thought about it.

“Nick is gone, don’t worry about him.” Ainsley waved off her concern, making me more worried. If she didn’t think he was a threat, then I had to make sure he wasn’t ever going to be one. Ainsley gets up from the couch to cup my face.

“Don’t let one person ruin our day. We have at least an hour until Callum wakes,” she says giving me a wink. I laugh and scoop her up in my arms walking down the hall to her bedroom. I place her on the bed, capturing her lips in a heated kiss. Her hands slip under my shirt, her manicured nails scraping across my abs. I suck in my breath, loving her touch.

“Ainsley, can we?” I ask, feeling my shaft thicken in my pants. I want to taste her again.

“Do you have a condom?” she asks, and I nod, getting up to go to my overnight bag. I snag a condom from the pocket I’d placed them in to be careful.

“Found it,” I announce, placing it on the side table.

“Thank you.” Ainsley snags the bottom of my shirt tugging it up and over my body tossing it away. I reach out for her shirt and remove it along with her bra. Kissing across her neck, I dip my tongue into the hollow of her collarbone. Running my tongue down her chest to her breasts I nip leaving behind small red marks. A moan passes through her lips, making my cock twitch. I am fully hard in my jeans, it is uncomfortable but I will not push her faster than she is ready. I grasp her left breast in my hand, sucking on her nipple. Ainsley arches into my touch. I smirk and using my teeth, I gently bite.

“Fuck, Finn!” I chuckle against her smooth skin, shifting my attention to her right breast while my hand massages her left. I want her melting in my arms before I think about entering her. Lavishing the same attention to her right breast, I listen for her breathing to quicken. When her hands are no longer passively touching my back and have undone my belt and zipper, I kiss down her stomach. I know she feels uncomfortable with her scar, but I find it sexy. She is a warrior and I want her to know it. My hands make quick work of her pants and underwear, tossing them away. I pause kneeling between her legs taking a deep breath. Her musky scent hits my nose, desire roaring through my body spurs me on. I place a gentle kiss on one thigh, then the other. Her thighs quiver as I rub my stubble along the sensitive flesh.

“Finn,” her moan meets my ears and I can tell she wants more. I place the flat of my tongue to the base of her slit and lick dipping my tongue into her entrance. Her hips launch off the bed, driving my tongue deeper into her slick pussy. I moan into her heat, she tastes amazing. I know I won’t be able to stop at just eating her tonight. I need to feel her wrapped around my cock, pulsing with her orgasm. I use one hand to tap on her clit before continuing to probe her. I dive deep and pinch her pussy walls clench around my tongue, her scream meeting my ears. I lap up every ounce of cream gushing out of her.

“Ainsley, you are delicious,” I groaned, kissing my way up her naked skin biting gently. Pulling the condom out, I put it on and positioned my cock at her entrance.

“Ainsley, I need you to tell me this is okay. Once I enter you, there is no going back,” I say waiting for her to come down from her high. She catches my eye and nods.

“Finn, I want to know what it feels like to make love again, just be gentle.” I lean down and place a sweet kiss to her lips.

“Always baby.” I push in, feeling her walls tighten around my cock. She is tight, and I knew she would be not having had sex since Callum was born.

“Fuck, you are so tight.” I capture her lips in another searing kiss, pushing in until I am fully embedded. I can feel her breathing hitch when I am fully seated inside of her.

“You are so big,” she gasps, wrapping her arms around my neck.

“Best compliment you could give me.” I inch back out, giving her body time to adjust to my size. I may not be the biggest, but I know how to make my partners feel amazing. I push in slowly, keeping my pace steady, building her back to another orgasm. My orgasm builds, pushing for me to spill early. I hold back the demons pushing at my control. Pressing my body against hers, her breasts rubbing my chest. Her nipples are tight, sending shocks through me. I cannot hold back and let my body take what it wants. I speed up my pace, slamming into her, her moans growing with each thrust. Pulling out I flip her onto her hands and knees slamming back into her from behind. Grabbing her butt, I hold on bottoming out inside of her. Ainsley falls forward on her elbows, her head bowed. I don’t know how much longer I can hold back. I reach between our bodies and press hard on her clit. In no time she is screaming out and clamping down on my engorged cock. I let my orgasm crash down on me, spilling into the condom. Keeping hold of Ainsley, I groan as her pussy continues to pulse around my slowly softening cock. Pulling out of her, I toss the used condom into the trash can by the bed and drop next to her. She drops down breathing deeply. I kiss her sweaty shoulder and sigh. She looks over at me with her hair a mess and a sweet smile on her face.

“That was amazing.” Ainsley gives me a kiss before trying to get up. Her legs give out and she falls onto the bed. I chuckle and take it as a compliment that she cannot stand.

“Give you legs a few minutes then we can go shower,” I tell her, patting her hip. Ainsley glares at me, but it is ruined by the smile creeping across her lips.

“You are enjoying this too much,” she remarks, crossing her arms making her boobs push up. I reach out and stroke one creamy breast.

“Yes. Sex with you was wonderful.” I pull her in for a kiss. We make out for a few minutes before I pull her into the bathroom to shower off the sweat from sex. Showering is another sensual experience, I cannot resist and take another taste of her. To my shock and awe, she kneels and gives me the best blow job I’d ever had. Stepping out of the shower, we hear Callum calling for Ainsley.


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