And Dad Makes Three

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I wrap a towel around my body and hurry back out to make sure Callum doesn’t walk in on Finn and I naked.

“In my room, buddy. Give me a minute to get dressed,” I call back praying he stays out.

“Okay. Is Finn still here?” His voice sounds worried as he asks through the door.

“Yes, give us five minutes sweetie,” I reply frantically putting on my bra and underwear.

“Fine,” he complains, and I hear his little body thump against the door. I know he is sitting outside the door waiting for me.

“How fancy should I dress for your parent’s?” I ask, turning to see Finn putting on his clothes.

“I’m just wearing my jeans and a button-up shirt,” he replies, slipping his boxers on. I stop to admire his body, loving how tan his chest is.

“Look all you want Ainsley, this is all yours,” he tells me coming over to wrap his arms around my waist. I smile up at him and kiss him gently.

“I like the thought of you being mine,” I replied, placing my hands on his chest.

“Good. Just wear one of your cute dresses we picked up for the party. Anything you wear will be fine. Callum can wear jeans and a button-up shirt too.”

“Wait! Do I have to bring a gift?” I ask in a panic. Nothing is open for me to purchase a nice gift for his parents.

“No. They have a gift from me and know that inviting you and Callum last minute, they don’t expect a present. My mom wants to get to know you and Callum.”

“Are you sure?” I need him to reassure me.

“Yes. You coming with Callum is gift enough. I told you we haven’t spent Christmas day together in years. Ever since Laird and I graduated college and had a life outside of them.”

“I am sorry. Christmas at my house never felt very Christmassy. My brothers went with their dads, and my mom couldn’t care less about me. My nanny bought my gifts, and we had a small celebration. That is why I have tried to make traditions with Callum. I want him to love Christmas,” I share pulling out a maroon dress we picked out.

“Mommy!” Callum cries through the door, making Finn laugh. I sigh and open the door. Callum must have been leaning against it because when I opened it he fell back onto my feet. I laugh and crouch to help him sit up.

“Why are you in a dress?” he asks, looking me up and down.

“We are going back to Finn’s mommy and daddy’s house. They wanted to do Christmas dinner with us,” I explain smoothing his blond hair down.

“When are we going?”

“You need to get dressed and then we will go.” I help him to his feet and we go into his bedroom. I pull out a plaid red and green button-up shirt and a fresh pair of jeans.

“Let’s put these on. Do you need to use the potty?”

“No, I already went,” he answers, struggling to get out of his clothes. I know better than to help. He likes to do things on his own. We take a good ten minutes to get dressed since Callum insisted on doing the buttons on his shirt. I sat on his bed watching with Finn standing in the doorway. Once Finn tried to step in but I shook my head slightly, letting him know Callum wanted to do this on his own.

“Done!” he announced, a gigantic smile on his face.

“Well done, bud. We need to head out.” I stand to take his hand and he runs off to Finn, taking his hand and dragging him to the front door. I chuckle and follow them, taking my time to turn off all the lights. By the time I make it to the front door Finn has Callum in his shoes, coat and hat on.

“You look ready to go,” I remark, taking my coat off the rack and putting it on. I pull my hair out of the collar and watch Finn put his own coat on.

“Finn helped me with my hat.”

“I see that.” I smile and wrap a scarf around my neck before grabbing my bag and keys. Finn places a kiss to my lips before opening the door and ushering us out. I lock it behind us and scan the parking lot. I spy the car Nick drove in but I don’t see him. Did he get an apartment here? Finn catches my eye and I shake my head. We would talk about my concerns later. I also wanted to hear what his private investigator found about my ex boyfriend. With Callum being a very curious boy, I won’t bring it up in front of him.

Finn drives us the long drive out of his parent’s home with Callum singing along to the radio in the back. I hold Finn’s hand and it hits me.



“What should Callum call your parents? Mr. and Mrs. MacNee?” I ask, wanting to make sure we don’t offend his parents.

“Probably. My mother will let us know what she wants to be called. She has never been shy about her opinion.”

“Okay, thanks. Callum when we get to Mr. and Mrs. MacNee’s please be polite,” I say turning to look at him sitting in his car seat. The dinosaur Finn bought him in his hands.

“Okay, mommy!” Callum gives me an enormous smile and snuggles the dinosaur. I smile and turn back to see Finn watching me from the corner of his eye. Leaning over on impulse, I kiss his cheek.

“What is that for?” he asked, a massive smile on his face.

“Because you are being so sweet to us. You’ve known Callum for a little over a week and already help me with him.”

“Why wouldn’t I?”

“Few guys would step in to help with a child not their own so quickly. For that, thank you.”

“I care for you and for Callum. He is such a sweet child too.” Finn pulls into the driveway, parking his car this time instead of handing it off to a valet like last time. I get out and help Callum out just as a sports car comes flying up the drive and screeching to a halt inches from us both. I let out a slight scream, closing my eyes, certain we would get hit.

“Laird, you idiot!” Finn yells, coming to the driver’s side of the car as his brother gets out.

“Sorry, didn’t see you and didn’t know you were coming.” Laird gives me a shrug, not looking apologetic.

“You can’t come up driveways like that. What if you had hit someone? You almost hit Ainsley and her son!” Finn is still furious, his hands scrunched into fists.

“Finn, we are okay. Neither of us are hurt,” I say, trying to help calm him down.

“That is the only reason I haven’t hit him.” Finn glares and turns away from his brother and walks over to me and Callum, who is clinging to me.

“You two okay?” Finn asks, smoothing Callum’s hair and bending down to look him in his eyes.

“Yes,” I replied, rubbing Callum’s back. Finn plants a kiss on Callum’s head, then my lips.

“Good. Let’s go inside.” He takes my hand and walks us up the long walkway back to the house we left five days before. I see the decorations from the party have been subdued.

“Where are the lights?” Callum asks, lifting his head from my shoulder and looking around.

“My mother puts some of them away after the party,” Finn explains, ringing the doorbell. To my surprise, Laird stands behind us instead of pushing through.

“Did you move out with a girlfriend?” Finn asks his brother looking at him over his shoulder.

“I’m coming from Laura’s house. We had lunch together and exchanged gifts.” I frown at his words.

“I thought your girlfriend’s name was April?” I ask and Laird just laughs at me.

“I don’t have girlfriends. I have fu-”

“Stop!” Finn demands, cutting off his brother. I know he is going to say fuck buddies and Finn cut him off from saying it in front of Callum.

“What?” Laird asks, and Finn jerks his head at Callum and Laird’s eyes go wide.

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