And Dad Makes Three

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A week after Christmas, I meet Ainsley and Ethan to talk about the progress they’ve made on Percy’s potential embezzlement. I admire the way Ainsley’s pants hug her hips as she walks into my office. Ethan stands behind her holding a laptop.

“Plug it into my personal projector and show me what you’ve found,” I ordered, pointing to the small projector I keep on one of my bookshelves.

“Yes sir,” Ethan answers, hurriedly connecting the wires. I stare at Ainsley and wink, she blushes. We’ve been keeping our relationship quiet here at work until we both feel comfortable sharing it. Vivianne and Leo know because they were the ones to encourage us to date.

“Okay, so we’ve found some interesting documents,” Ainsley begins when Ethan finally gets the picture up on the wall. I look at the numbers and wait for them to explain.

“Ethan worked through Percy’s password protected files and found an offshore account in Percy’s name. Ethan, would you care to explain?” Ainsley motions for the man to begin.

“As she said, I found this offshore account. I’ve been able to track Precy putting money into it and traced it back to company funds. It looks as if Ainsley’s hunch was correct. He has been taking the raises of first year employees and funneling it into his account. He has also been skimming people’s leave hours. We noticed this discrepancy when Yolanda Adams came to me complaining that she didn’t have the right hours for maternity leave.” Ethan pointed to numbers as he explained each of these things.

“His actions affected how many people?” I ask, leaning back in my chair.

“Almost everyone in the office, sir. The only one he has left along for hours are those who directly work with you or Leo. I think he didn’t want to point suspicion his way.”

“Too bad for him Ainsley became my secretary, and we had a talk about her leave.” I make up part of the story. She talked about leave, but our talk was more about Callum and the cost of caring for him.

“As you can see, we will get the money back now that we know it was him and can make an airtight case against him. He will be back in the office next week after the new year.”

“Good. Collect all of this, put it on an usb drive and leave it to me. It looks to me we will need a new controller for our money. I’ll get Lyle on that job listing once I speak with Percy and the authorities. Are you able to remove all money from the account now?” I ask, thinking of cutting Percy from his money before I show my cards.

“I can,” Ethan replied with a sidelong glance at Ainsley.

“Better yet, why don’t you call the authorities now and have them freeze the account. If you take the money, then you will look guilty as if you were part of it and then got cold feet,” Ainsley remarks from her place near me.

“True. Get the proof and give it to me by the end of the day,” I order Ethan. He nods and gets up from his seat, unplugs his computer and leaves the office. I wait until he is gone before turning to Ainsley.

“Would you and Callum like to spend the night at my place this weekend? I have had things changed to make it safe for him.” Her eyes widen and she nods. We’ve been sleeping at her apartment, but I want them to see my place. I’d like to have them move in with me once Ainsley and I are further in our relationship. If Callum knows he has his own room, then he might be more willing to let Ainsley and I live together.

“Okay, I can pack a bag for him and a few toys.”

“No toys, I have some from Christmas at my place.” I kept some gifts my parents gave him since they didn’t have enough space.

“True. I’ll pack some clothes for us both and we can spend the weekend with you.” She gives me a smile and I am about to reach for her when Vivianne comes flying into my office. I frown at her, but she ignores me and goes over to Ainsley, her phone in her hands.

“Ainsley, did you see this!” Vivianne shoves the phone into her hands and I lean over to see what she is looking at.

FINN MACNEE BILLIONAIRE ILLEGITIMATE CHILD! Who is the mystery woman? The headline catches me off guard until I see a picture from Christmas with Callum on my shoulder and Ainsley’s back, but in her hands is Callum’s bag we take everywhere.

“Fuck! It was that car!” she cries out and I frown.

“What car?”

“In the parking lot the night we got home from your parents’s house on Christmas,” she answers glaring at the phone screen.

“They don’t know who you are, but you two either need to come clean with your relationship or cool it with the sleepovers until they lose interest in you,” Vivianne explains, making both Ainsley and me shake our heads.

“I don’t want to hide, but I don’t want to be in the papers all the time. I am not what they want Finn to be dating. Look at what they say in the article. Finn MacNee was seen with a mystery woman on Christmas night. She is not his typical girl. Was she a one-night stand and Finn has to make good on a mistake? What does Priya Khan think of this?”

“Why bring Priya into this? We broke up a year ago with her being caught by the paparazzi kissing another man?” I ask, reaching for the phone to read through the article. Many of the words are rude towards Ainsley, which makes me furious. How dare they say such things about an amazing woman!

“Ignore their words, you are beautiful,” I tell her, reaching over to kiss her cheek.

“Listen to Finn, he is the man who cares for you. Do you know where you two can lie low then? Maybe go away for the new year?” Vivianne asks, and an idea pops into my head.

“I know the perfect place for us to take an almost four-year-old. How do you feel about Disney World?” I ask Ainsley, making her jerk her eyesight in my direction.

“Isn’t it hard to get reservations this time of year?”

“Not for me. Lyle!” I shout and he comes into the office.

“Yes, sir?”

“Make me a reservation for Disney World at their most expensive resort. Make the date starting on Saturday and coming back in a week.”

“Yes, sir.” Lyle walks back out and gets onto the computer, typing away. I smile at Ainsley and up at Vivianne.

“Problem solved for the moment.”

“For the moment, but what happens when we come back?” Ainsley asks and I see Vivianne give a nod.

“I will have our press team help us put together a release about our relationship. With interest being on us, they will not let us disappear.” I’ve never felt this way about any woman I dated, I want Ainsley to be with me and I love Callum. I feel complete with the two of them in my life.

“You want to share our relationship?” Ainsley asks with surprise on her face.

“I love you, Ainsley. I love Callum. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for you two.” I kneel at her feet, taking her hands.

“You love me?” Tears slip out of her eyes and I can see Vivianne slip out of the office, closing the door quietly.

“More than anything. You two have made my life amazing. I love being with you and Callum. We’ve been together for a month and it has been the best month of my life. I never would have spent a night at a woman’s apartment so soon. You let me into your life and introduced me to Callum.” I squeeze her hands.

“I love you too, Finn.” She leans down and places a kiss on my lips. I return the kiss elated she loves me in return. After a few minutes, I pull back and smile at her.

“You go back to work and tonight you and Callum can come stay at my place. Saturday we will fly out to Florida.”

“Okay, I think staying at your place would be best since they know where my apartment is. I’ll go home and get Callum and you can come pick us up after you are done with work.” She releases my hands and stands. I give her one more kiss before letting her leave.

“I’ll pick you up after dinner. I have some things I need to deal with before we leave.”

“Okay, text me when you are on your way.”

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