And Dad Makes Three

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I park my car in the parking deck below my penthouse in a marked parking spot. Looking over my shoulder, I see Callum is fast asleep. I hated working so late, but I needed to handle the issue with Percy. I called Leo and explained what happened. He told me he’d take care of calling the authorities while I took Ainsley and Callum out of town. While working I received a phone call from my private investigator, what he sent me worried me. I needed them out of town and safe. If that meant going to Florida and spending a boatload of money on a vacation then I would do it. Another phone call caught me off guard.

“Hello?” I picked up the phone and froze at the voice coming out the other side.

“Is this Finn MacNee?”

“Yes, who am I speaking to?”

“This is Richard Gordon. I received a message from your father.” I gripped the receiver tighter. What did my father speak to him about?

“What did my father have to say?”

“To get in touch with you about a great business opportunity.”

“Oh, well, we can set up a meeting if you would like to learn more about my company.” In the back of my mind I know my mother put my dad up to getting in touch with Richard Gordon.

“I’ll be in the U.S. in two weeks. Have your assistant call mine and set up a meeting.”

“Yes, sir.” I won’t say anything about Ainsley to him. She seemed to think he hadn’t wanted her as a child and I’ve never met the man. Her mother sounds like a piece of work too. I looked into her a bit and it astonishes me that Ainsley turned out so normal.

“Good.” I hung up and immediately left to get Callum and Ainsley to make sure they were safe.

Now I am carrying Ainsley and Callum’s luggage while Ainsley holds Callum in her arms. I can’t help seeing her in a new light. She is an amazing mother and woman. A picture of her pregnant with our child comes to mind. I am already becoming possessive over Callum. When they came over for Christmas with my family, it shocked me how quickly my family took to Callum and Ainsley. Even Laird spoke, which I don’t think he has shared much about his passion for photography with me.

“Where do I set down Callum?” Ainsley asks as we stand in the elevator. I put my card in the slot to give the elevator permission to access my place.

“I’ll show you his room when we get inside.” I rub her back, smiling at her.

“Thank you for letting us stay with you. The paparazzi having that photo of us makes me worried. I don’t want Callum to end up in pictures.”

“He won’t if I have my say. He is a minor so they don’t have permission to take his photo. We can sue the magazines if they print a photo of his face.” I try to reassure her. The elevator opens to my apartment and I hear her suck in a breath. I try to take it in the way Ainsley sees my place. I have top end leather couches, a fireplace in the living room. A massive flat screen T.V. is above the fireplace, along with my game consoles. Around the corner is my celebrity inspired kitchen.

“Finn, I don’t get why you stayed at my place when you have all of this,” she remarks, her eyes wide as she takes in everything.

“You and Callum aren’t here. To me this place isn’t my home without you,” I tell her, placing a hand on her back, ushering her into my place.

“Let’s get Callum put down and then I’ll give you a tour,” I say, motioning for her to follow me down a long hallway. I stop at the door across from my master bedroom.

“I put his room here so he could see we are across the hall. I didn’t want him to wake up and not know where you are,” I explain, pushing open his room. Earlier I ordered a twin sized bed with a rail to keep Callum from falling out of the bed. Then I made the room into a dinosaur paradise for him. Since I kept the walls in a neutral tone, I ordered large stickers to place on the wall. That way when Callum out grows dinosaurs it is easy for us to adjust.

“You did not,” she whispers, looking up at me in shock. I smile and nod, giving her a gentle push to enter the room.

“Finn, this place is amazing. You have made this place perfect for him.” I move the comforter out of the way so she can put him down. As she places him down, I tuck the blanket around him. She gives him his favorite blanket and kisses his temple. We leave his room after turning on the night light. I take her hand and walk her back to the couches.

“Finn, how long has that room been ready for him?” she asks, sitting next to me, and I wrap my arms around her body.

“Right after my family accepted you and Callum into their lives. I wanted you to have the option to live here or in your apartment. At the moment, you had to come here because the paparazzi have your apartment cornered. I want to make sure you live with me on your own terms.” She leans her head on my shoulder and smiles.

“I love being with you Finn, I know it hasn’t been long but you love both me and Callum. This thing between us makes me happy. I want to talk to you about Nick,” she begins, and turns to face me.

“I have some interesting news too, but you go first.”

“He showed up at my apartment today.” I tense when she says that.

“And?” I want her to give me all the information to see how much it connects with what my investigator gave me.

“He says he is trying to get clean. He was the one behind that picture. I told him I didn’t want him around Callum. That he left me alone, pregnant and scared. Nick apologized and told me he is part of a program. He will finish school and promised to stop taking pictures of us.” I nod and rub her back.

“Connects some with what I found out. They arrested him on drug charges at age twenty-three. The arrest made him go into rehab and he has been living with his parents. They gave this job to him because he has exceptional computer skills. He has hacked into any computer system to track people down. I think that is how he found you. I was the icing on the cake when he saw we were together.”

“I’m not surprised. He was amazing with computers when we were in school. Do you know if what he said was true about trying to finish school?”

“Easy enough to find out.” I pull my phone out and shoot an email to my investigator to look into it.

“Thank you Finn. I love you.” She kisses me and I know our time talking is over. I haul her into my lap and kiss her with abandon. I love this woman and her son. I want us to be a family someday. My phone dings, pulling us apart.

“What was that?” she asks, glaring at my phone. I opened it to see Lyle sent me the reservations.

“Just Lyle sent me the reservations for our trip. We are staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.” I show her the reservations, and she giggles.

“I can’t believe we are going. I have never been and I want to experience everything.” She wraps her arms around me and kisses me again. I laugh, enjoying her excitement, and kiss her back. To not ruin her night I won’t say anything about her father to Ainsley just yet.

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