And Dad Makes Three

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I wrap my arms around Finn’s neck and kiss him again. I want him to help me forget Nick and the paparazzi trying to invade my life. Tomorrow morning, we will be on a plane headed to Florida. Tonight I want Finn to make love to me. My tongue pushes into his mouth, catching him off guard. I usually let him lead, but tonight I want it my way. Slipping my fingers into his hair, I hold Finn close, devouring him. Kisses are not enough, I need skin on skin. I slip my hands down to the hem of his shirt, pushing it up, breaking the kiss only long enough to toss his shirt. He lets out a moan when my nails scrape across his abs. I will never get used to how amazing Finn is. The fact he is with a plus-sized woman like me worries me.

“What is it baby?” he asks and I realize I have paused touching him. I shake my head.

“Nothing that needs to ruin our time. I want to feel you deep inside me,” I reply, capturing his mouth with another kiss. His hands slide down to the edge of my shirt and he lifts it up over my head. I reach behind me to unclasp my bra. Finn leans forward and nips at one of my puckered nipples. A gasp leaves my lips when his teeth clamp down. The pain mixed with pleasure makes my pussy gush.

“Finn,” I moan, rubbing my pussy against his hardening cock.

“You are beautiful. These breasts are perfect.” He cups my breasts, bringing one, then the other to his mouth, biting and sucking until they are covered in red bite marks.

“That feels amazing.” My head falls back as I grind my hips.

“You like it a little rough?” His tone tells me he is surprised, but his thick cock pushing against his pants tells me it turns him on.

“Take me, Finn,” I demand, reaching between our bodies to unbuckle his belt.

“As my queen commands.” Finn stands up, making me wrap my legs around his waist as he walks us to his bedroom.

“The fact that you can carry me is so fucking hot,” I whisper in his ear, nipping at the lobe. His steps falter, and I smirk. He isn’t unaffected by a little rough play either. Tonight is going to be a long but amazing night. Finn marches into his bedroom, dropping me on the bed. I bounce slightly before catching my balance.

“Strip,” I ordered, pointing to his pants and shoes. Finn shakes his head with a smirk but finishes the job I started on the couch. His pants and boxers hit the floor, and he steps out, standing before me in his naked glory. My hands itch to reach out and touch him.

“Your turn now,” he tells me and I laugh, getting up from the bed to shove my pants and underwear to the floor. With a push of my foot, my clothes slide across the floor. We came together, our bodies pressed chest to chest. The dusting of chest hair tickles my nipples, adding another sensation pulsing through my body. Finn walks us back to the bed until my knees hit the mattress and I fall back with him on top. He lets go of my lips, kissing down my body until his head is between my thighs. I look down at him, trying not to let the rolls on my stomach get to me. Tonight is our night to love each other. I can’t let my body issues ruin it for me.

“Ainsley, stop thinking about whatever has you distracted.” Finn is kneeling between my legs, looking at me with worry.

“I’m sorry Finn.”

“What is it?” He kisses up the inner thigh of one side, across my begging pussy and down the other leg.

“It is stupid,” I answer, dropping back, trying to let his touch send me back.

“Nothing is stupid. Tell me Ainsley.” He sucked on my thigh, pushing my arousal back to the forefront of my thought.

“You are so good looking and I am fat,” I groaned, covering my eyes with my arm.

“Ainsley.” Finn stands up and sits next to me on the bed. I feel his hand smooth my hair.

“What?” I mumble, mad at myself for ruining sex.

“You are not fat. I love your curves. These hips bore Callum. You’ve had a child and still I think you are the sexiest woman I’ve ever met. I love Callum as if he were my own. You are an amazing, sexy, beautiful, smart woman. I love you because you are who you are.” He moves my arm from my eyes, looking down at me with love.

“You are sure?” I cannot let my insecurities go.

“One hundred percent. I don’t want you to look any other way than what you do. I love you, Ainsley.” Finn leans down and presses a kiss to my lips. I sigh into the kiss, letting him bring my arousal back to a roar. Closing my eyes, I open my mouth, letting him in. His hands slip down my body, pushing between my slick folds to find my core. Finn’s thin fingers push inside me, curling to touch my G-spot. A multitude of moans pull from my lips. Without my permission, my hips rolled, trying to push him deeper. With practiced ease, his fingers pump in and out of me. All thoughts of my body drop from my mind, and all I can focus on is the pleasure he is bringing to me.

“That’s my girl. Let me love you.” Finn kisses down my body, his tongue joining his magical fingers. His tongue flicks over my clit, sending shocks through my veins.

“Finn!” I cry out as an orgasm crashes down on me. Gripping the comforter, I grind my hips, pushing his fingers deeper.

“I love watching you fall apart.” Before I know what is happening, Finn’s thick cock shoves into my ready pussy. He groans as my still spasming pussy clamps down on him. I wrap my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist.

“Fuck Ainsley, you are so tight,” he moans, bending over my body, pumping in and out at a steady rhythm. Pulling Finn’s face down to my lips, I feast on his mouth, moving in tandem with him. My arousal gathers, and slowly, another orgasm rises.

“Yes, Finn, harder.” Beads of perspiration build on his forehead as he slams into me again and again. Letting my senses free, passion rises to a fevered pitch before I scream out my second orgasm of the night. Finn follows soon after, crying out, going stiff as his orgasm overtakes him. He falls to the side of me, wrapping his arms around me.

“I love you, Ainsley.” He kisses my shoulder, and I snuggle into his arms. We fall asleep wrapped together.

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