And Dad Makes Three

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The morning of Callum’s birthday, Finn has a special breakfast brought to our room.

“Happy birthday, Callum!” we all shout as the worker pulls the cover off the breakfast. On the plate were waffles in the shape of his favorite cartoon characters, along with syrup and fruit.

“Yummy!” Callum calls out, jumping up and down in excitement.

“We have big plans for the day so eat up,” Finn encourages Callum, who has already popped a grape into his mouth. I cock my head at Finn, wondering just what he has planned for my son.

“Eat,” Finn orders with a smile, pointing to the plate of food sitting in front of me.

“What are you up to?” I whisper, using Callum’s distraction with the Mickey Mouse shaped waffles to cover our conversation.

“You’ll see. We have the entire day planned at Magic Kingdom,” I say, snagging a piece of bacon.

“I love Magic Kingdom,” I reply, leaning over to kiss Finn. We have had little time to be intimate since Callum has been crawling into our bed. Sleeping in an unfamiliar place makes it hard for him to be alone.

“Perfect. Eat up and we’ll head out as soon as we are ready.” Finn dives into his meal and I follow suit. Thankfully, my medication has kicked in and I feel back to my old self.

After about thirty minutes, Callum declares he is finished and we get ready to go into the park. I have the backpack with our water bottles and sunscreen. Having fair skin means Callum and I burn easily. He complains as I coat him in sunscreen, getting his ears and the back of his neck. I place his hat on his head and look up to see Finn chuckling. He too had a hat on, which made my insides flip. Everything this man wears makes me want him.

“It is to keep you from getting skin cancer when you are older,” I explain when Callum complains again.

“What?” he asks, having been distracted by something he doesn’t know about.

“Skin cancer. It is something that can make your body hurt badly when you are older,” I explain the best I can. Callum scrunches his nose but stops fidgeting. I stand up and apply sunscreen to my body.

“What are we doing first?” Callum asks, yanking on Finn’s arm.

“It is a surprise,” Finn answers, tweaking his nose. I laugh and turn around.

“I’m ready, let’s go to the park.”

“Finally!” Callum shouts, and runs to the suite door. Finn takes my hand, and we follow Callum to the elevator to get down to the main floor. We walk out of the hotel and head for the bus loop, where we can catch a bus to the park. To my surprise, there is a decked out jeep waiting near the loop. The jeep has Callum’s favorite car cartoon character on it.

“Mr. MacNee,” the driver says, nodding his head at us.

“First surprise. Private ride to the park.” Finn opens the door to let me and Callum sit in the back. I buckle Callum into the car seat waiting there and settle back. Finn climbs into the front seat and we take off for the park. To my surprise, we were allowed to be dropped off at the front of the bus loop even though we were in a car. As we get out, there is a young man waiting with Finn’s last name on the sign.

“MacNee party of three?” the young man says. I nod and Callum takes my hand.

“Welcome to The Magic Kingdom. Happy birthday Callum! I am Greg and will be your guide today. We will ride everything you want with a jump the line pass. You have lunch scheduled at the Beauty and Beast Be Our Guest Restaurant and front row spots for all parades and shows.” I turn to look at Finn as Greg explains our day.

“Here is your birthday pin,” Greg announces, leaning down to pin a birthday button onto Callum’s shirt. It read It’s my 4th birthday!

“Where to first bud?” I ask Callum and he thinks about it. We’d gone over many of the rides the night before.

“Buzz Lightyear,” Callum replies and I look up at Greg. He nods and pulls out a small tablet. There he clicks away on the screen.

“Excellent, we will go there first, young sir,” Greg answers and leads the way. As we walk through the park, Greg explains each area. The line for Buzz Lightyear is already long for the park only just opening.

“Go through the fast pass spot and you will be on the next car of the ride,” Greg says, motioning for us to go through the empty line.

“This is awesome!” Callum shouts, jumping up and down as we wait to be let on the ride. Finn kisses my cheek and whispers,

“I’m glad he likes it.”

“This is an amazing gift. We will ride everything Callum wants.” I turn my face up, waiting for his kiss. He places a sweet one to my lips and then we follow Callum onto the ride. He is so excited about shooting the aliens.

“Take that!” Callum shouts, shooting randomly as we move through the different areas of the ride. Before I know it the ride is over and Callum is debating on our next ride. All morning we move around the park riding everything Callum wants with Greg leading the way. I find out Greg is an intern for the park and is studying hospitality in school.

At lunch Greg leaves us while we enjoy a meal in the West Wing area of the dining hall. This was one of my favorite movies growing up. I loved Belle and her library. It was unique to see the story come to life around me.

“What was your favorite part of the morning, bud?” I ask Callum as we settle down to enjoy the first course.

“I enjoyed going on the carpets! They went really high.” He bounces in his seat, sipping on his juice.

“There is a ride where you can spin around in circles,” Finn remarks, pulling up the map of the park on his phone for Callum to look at and decide what we do after lunch. I take the time to relax and try not to think about how much my feet hurt already. After several days running around the parks, my feet are just not up to it.

“Well, we have a parade to check out after lunch,” I add, when they are discussing which rides to try next.

“Your mom is right. We also have a show to see too. We have until ten tonight to get everything you want in. The fireworks start at nine.” I check my watch and see it is just a little past noon.

“Plenty of time to do everything we want,” I assure Callum when he got a worried look on his face. He nods and settles down to keep eating. Lunch was delightful. Several of the Beauty and the Beast characters came by to say hello and for dessert Callum got to have Happy Birthday sung to him by the servers. I couldn’t help but tear up when I saw how happy Callum was. This was something he wouldn’t forget and neither will I. Finn reaches over and squeezes my hand.

“Thank you Finn for making this a wonderful birthday for him.” I kiss Finn briefly and clap when Callum blows out his candles.

“Anything for my family,” Finn murmurs and I glance over at him, surprised. He thinks of us as his family? So soon? I can’t help but feel the same way.

“Thank you,” I whisper, and lean forward to help Callum with his cake.

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