And Dad Makes Three

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The rest of the trip goes wonderfully, and I keep an eye out for others with cameras. Leo has been monitoring the tabloids with the help of his secretary. So far, nothing has come up. Her brothers come for a visit to wish Callum a happy birthday the weekend after we get home. They were nice, considering their sister moved in with me. I know they both recognized my name, and each gave me “the talk” about not breaking her heart. We are home for two weeks before shit hits the fan.

I wake up to Ainsley giving a tiny cry of pain. I jolt out of my sleep and turn to see her holding her phone in her hands, staring at the screen.

“What? What?” I ask, and she turns the phone to show me the screen. Vivianne sent her a message with a snapshot. It is a tabloid headline. It reads: Millionaire Finn MacNee seen on a family trip with Richard Gordon’s daughter. Who is the child? Under it is a picture of Ainsley, Callum and myself. The picture is clear as day. You can tell who the two of us are. Callum is looking away, thank goodness. If his face was exposed, I would have called the tabloid that second and yelled at them for posting a picture of a child without permission.

“I’ll get my lawyer on it,” I tell her, handing back the phone and shooting off a text to my lawyer, demanding a meeting for today.

“What do I do? How did they know I am Richard Gordon’s daughter?” she cries, tossing the phone onto the bed with an angry expression on her face.

“We will go about doing our normal routine. I’ll call Bruiser my bodyguard and hire a second one for Callum.” I shoot off another text to Bruiser to tell him the situation. I haven’t been using him to give Ainsley some space. Now that the paparazzi have a clear picture of Ainsley, she needs protection and so does Callum.

“Do you think they will follow Callum?” she asks, fear in her eyes.

“I don’t know, which is why we need to be vigilant. Do you trust the daycare to keep him safe?” I ask, not wanting to say anything bad about the public daycare. I know plenty of business partners have their children at a private daycare for famous people.

“I do, but I don’t know if they would be up for taking care of this problem.”

“How about we look at other daycares that are used to protecting the privacy of very important people. He is associated with me and the paparazzi are extra curious about us these days.” Ainsley sighs and leans into my body.

“I suppose. I can’t afford anything crazy expensive.”

“I’ll pay for it, love. Callum is as much my responsibility while we are in this relationship as he is yours. It is my fault anyway. If you and I weren’t dating, the tabloids wouldn’t be interested in you or him,” I explain seeing my lawyer send me a message saying he can meet me in my office at lunch. Bruiser tells me he has a buddy of his who can discreetly protect Callum.

“Finn, you spoil us,” she answers, her finger drawing designs on my arm.

“I want to. You’ve had a hard life. Your mother never cared much about you. You had Callum young and have been doing an amazing job raising him. You deserve all I can give you and more. Ainsley people love being around you. Everyone in the HR department sings your praises. You even found out Percy was embezzling money from my company. I can’t thank you enough for finding that and for loving me. I love you and will do everything I can to improve your life.” I kiss her softly, hearing the door to our bedroom open. Callum comes in carefully crawling into our bed without his normal energy.

“Callum honey, are you okay?” Ainsley reaches down and puts her hand to his forehead.

“My body hurts,” Callum complains, snuggling into his blanket.

“He feels warm,” she remarks, getting up and going into the bathroom. She comes out a minute later with a thermometer.

“His teacher mentioned there was a fever going around the class when we got back last week. He has a fever of 102.1.”

“No school for you today buddy,” I say, ruffling his hair.

“I was worried about this.” I can see Ainsley’s worry in her eyes. It hits me, she doesn’t have the leave.

“I’ll watch him,” I say, thinking about being able to work from home today, although I have a meeting with my lawyer. Maybe he can come here or we can have a virtual meeting.

“What about all your meetings today?” she asks and I shake my head.

“I can do them all virtually. You go to work and I’ll stay home with Callum. Isn’t that what parents do? They trade off sick days with the kids?” I ask, trying to think of what my family did when my brother or I got sick.

“If you are sure. You can call me any time and I’ll answer the phone. He will probably sleep most of the day. Come on bud, let’s go back to your bed and I’ll give you some medicine.” Ainsley tries to pick him up, but he cries out.

“I want to sleep in your bed!” Ainsley gives me a questioning look.

“He can sleep in here. I’ll change the sheets before we go to bed,” I reply, and she nods. This time when she picks him up, Callum is compliant. She tucks him under the covers on her side of the bed and kisses his forehead. His eyes are already shut and I can hear him softly snoring through a congested nose. I get out of bed and follow Ainsley to the bathroom.

“Want to shower before you head to work?” I ask, wrapping an arm around her waist. With Callum being sick, I know tonight we won’t get any alone time.

“What did you have in mind?” she asked, looking over her shoulder at me with a smirk on her lips.

“Just a little relaxation before you go to work.” I nip at her neck and she giggles.

“I’m game. He won’t hear anything over the water.” To my delight, she steps out of my arms and pulls her tank top over her head and shimmies out of her shorts and underwear. Her naked body beckons to me. I strip out of my boxers, my cock standing at attention, ready for her. Ainsley walks into the bathroom and turns on the water, letting it warm. I admire the way her bottom looks as she bends over. The temptation to squeeze her ass cheeks is too much and I reach out to give one a squeeze. She jumps, but spins around and wraps her arms around my neck. I catch her mouth in a heated kiss. Fire racing through my veins as the desire for her builds.

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