And Dad Makes Three

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Finn kisses me, my body tingling with anticipation. It had been too long since we’d spent some alone time. I enjoyed our vacation, but Callum hadn’t given us much privacy. Opening the shower door, I pull Finn into the shower under the scalding water. Finn pins me against the wall, the cold tile sending a shiver down my spine. I moan into his kiss, hooking one leg over his hip. I don’t know how long I can wait for him. My fingers rake down his back, grabbing his ass. Finn’s body is amazing. I can’t get enough of him.

“Mmm, baby,” Finn moans, releasing my lips to nip down my neck. One of his hands grabs my breasts, massaging and tweaking my nipples. I groan, rubbing against his erection.

“You are driving me nuts,” I tell him, closing my eyes on a gasp when he pinches my nipple.

“Good. I want you moaning my name.” His words turn me on more, making my pussy gush down my legs.

“Finn,” I beg, but he shakes his head and kneels before me. The leg I have hooked on his hip is moved over his shoulder, opening me up to him.

“Beautiful.” His mouth latches onto my heat as white streaks my vision. The way he uses his tongue spurs me on. I can’t hold back my orgasm any more than you can hold back the tides. I gush on his tongue. Finn doesn’t let up licking me burying his face in between my legs.

“Finn!” I cry out, gripping his hair tightly. He chuckles and lets my leg down for a moment.

“Wrap your legs around me, my love,” he orders, grabbing my ass to haul me up against him. I wrap my legs around his waist and he impales me with his thick cock. I groan and bite his shoulder. His grunt tells me he liked it before he slams into me. The wall holds me up as he hammers in and out of my slick pussy. I hold on for the ride, moaning and gasping as he hits my G-spot repeatedly. Another orgasm builds slowly this time. Each stroke I tighten like a spring ready to break.

“Finn, Finn, Finn,” I moan, capturing his mouth in a kiss. I shove my tongue in and match his thrusts with my tongue. Finn responds with a moan of his own, sinking deep into me with each stroke. Gripping Finn tightly, I cry out as my second orgasm crashes down on me. I lose all sense, focusing on the intense feelings coursing through my veins. Finn follows me a beat later. He sets me down on shaky legs. I have to hold on to his arms for a few moments until I have control of my legs again.

“Wow,” I whisper, looking up into his loving eyes.

“You were amazing.” Finn kisses me again before picking up a cloth. He washes me down before and I reciprocate. I take a little to get dressed and make sure we settled Callum. I leave medicine for Finn to give Callum when he wakes.

“You call me if anything is wrong?” I ask, holding onto Finn’s arm.

“I promise I’ll call you. I can send you text updates too. We are going to be fine, my love. You need to get to work.” Finn hands me a cup of coffee and kisses me before ushering me out the door.

I am only a few minutes late to work. I stop and talk with Ethan, who was given Percy’s job, letting him know Callum is sick.

“Let me know if you need to leave early. I spoke with Finn the other day and he told me to reinstate everyone’s leave at the beginning of the year. You have a full year’s worth of vacation and sick leave.” I stare at Ethan in surprise. I hadn’t checked my leave balances because I always know I have practically none.

“Thanks Ethan.” I smile and walk to my office. All throughout the morning, Finn sends updates on Callum’s situation. I call on my lunch break.

“Hi baby,” Finn’s soft voice tells me Callum isn’t awake.

“How is he?” I ask, fiddling with my computer mouse.

“He is asleep. I gave him the medicine, and he fell back asleep. His fever is still high. Should I take him to the doctor?”

“Not yet. Usually fevers take forty-eight hours to fully be gone. I’ll stay home with him tomorrow. Turns out I have personal leave again.”

“Oh right. I had Ethan renew everyone’s leave on the first. I wanted to make sure anyone who needed the leave had it.” I can hear the self depreciation in his voice over forgetting.

“That was nice of you.”

“Standard practice at most places. How is work?”

“It is okay. I know people have seen the picture because I’ve been getting looks anytime I leave my office.” I frown and look over my shoulder to see several of my coworkers duck their heads.

“I am going to meet with my lawyer today. We have a conference call soon.”

“I’ll let you go then. I love you.”

“Love you too. I’ll keep you updated on Callum.”

“Thanks.” I hang up and not two seconds later, an unknown number calls me.


“Ainsley?” I hear a male voice say over the phone.

“Yes? Who is this?”

“Your father.” I freeze and hold the phone away from me for a minute. I see the number is long distance.

“I don’t have a father,” I reply, unable to fathom why this man who wanted nothing to do with me for twenty years is calling me.

“I deserve that. I am coming into your neck of the woods to do some business. I wanted to see you.”


“I owe you an apology and I’d like to give it to you in person.” I shake my head. This has to be because he saw me with Finn.

“I want nothing from you. You left me on my own with my mother. You knew what she was like and still you abandoned me for your own selfish reasons.” I hang up and turn my phone on silent.

The rest of the day goes by without incident and I rush home. When I get home Callum is laying on the couch still out of it but watching the television. A children’s cartoon is playing. Around him I see his tablet, some books, juice and some toys.

“Hi baby,” I say, kneeling next to him, brushing his hair out of his eyes. He still feels warm to the touch. I pick up the thermometer on the table and check him. He is running a 101.3.

“Hi mommy,” Callum’s voice is soft. I kiss his forehead and smile at him.

“How was being home with Finn?” Callum gives me a weak smile.

“He was fun, mommy,” Callum tells me, snuggling tight to his dinosaur stuffy.

“I am glad you had a good time. I’ll stay home with you tomorrow.” I kiss him once more before getting to my feet.

“I am going to change and we can have dinner.” I walk down the hall and see Finn working in his office. He has the door open, so I know he has heard Callum if he needed him.

“Hi, boo,” I say, walking into the office and wrapping my arms around his neck as I lean over him. His hands reach up to squeeze mine.

“Hello, love. How was the rest of your day?” Finn places a kiss on my wrist. I shiver in delight.

“Okay. My dad called me out of the blue. He said he’d be in town and wanted to apologize for being a dud as a parent.” Finn goes still beneath me.

“What did you say?”

“I told him I wanted nothing from him and hung up.”

“So you will not see him while he is in town?” I frown and lean forward so I can look Finn in the eyes.

“Why should I? He walked out on me when I was five. It’s been twenty years of silence. He only wants to see me because of that picture of us. They mentioned him in the headline, which means people have connected us. He probably wants to do some damage control.” I had plenty of time at work to think about why my father would suddenly want to see and speak to me again.

“Possible. He is coming to speak to me about investing in my company.” I pull away from Finn and pace around the room.

“When did you know this?”

“Before we left for Florida. I didn’t want to upset you and the connection between us hadn’t been made public. George passed on the information to him,” Finn explains, getting up from his seat to catch me mid pace.

“Why do my parents want me now?” I cry and pull out of his arms.

“Well, you know your mother doesn’t know about our connection yet. She probably will once she sees the headlines. Are you two easily connected?”

“No. I have a different last name from her. The paparazzi also don’t follow her. She’s a gold digger and bounces from rich man to rich man.”

“Well then, you don’t have to worry about her too much. I can talk with your father when he comes for our meeting next week and feel him out for you,” Finn offers, and I shrug.

“I don’t know if I want him in my life. He walked out and left me with that woman. She was terrible to me my whole life. Told me I ruined it by having Callum. She doesn’t even know his name!” I started my pacing again.

“Baby, you don’t have to connect with him at all. If he asks about you, I’ll keep it to the minimum. Who knows why parents change their attitudes?” Finn shrugs and yanks me into his arms, hugging me close. I crumble in his arms. All my life I’ve had to be strong about my absent father and now he wants to speak to me. This is all too much. Finn scoops me into his arms and carries me to our room.

“Why don’t you change, take a shower and I’ll get dinner going. Take all the time you need.” He kisses me gently and I nod. I can’t let this ruin my night. I have a sick baby boy to take care of.

“Thanks Finn, you’re amazing.” I kiss him and slowly strip out of my clothes. His eyes flare with desire, but he backs out of the room. I am impressed with his control.

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