And Dad Makes Three

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I cannot believe I could walk away from Ainsley as she stripped! I love watching her body become revealed as she takes off one piece of clothing at a time. If Callum hadn’t been sick, I think I might have succumbed to my basic desires.

Earlier this afternoon, I spoke with my lawyer about pictures of Callum being put up on the internet. He’d told me there was little I could do because Callum’s face isn’t shown in the picture. He suggested making a formal announcement about my relationship with Ainsley, but I have to talk to her about it. The situation with her father puts another wrench into our plans. He wants to be in her life now. Why? Is it to make the public think he has been a good father to her all this time? I shake my head and go into the kitchen to make dinner. Callum is fast asleep on the couch. Once I have chicken roasting in the oven, I go check him. He is still running a fever. Ainsley will have to stay home with him tomorrow. I pick Callum up and carry him to his room. I am sure the cool sheets feel good on his feverish skin. He moans and rolls over, never letting go of his dinosaur. I smile, watching him. Callum feels like my son, and I cannot imagine my life without him in it. It has been a little over a month since Ainsley and I officially started dating. I love every minute of my life with these two. How can a father walk out on their child? First Ainsley has to deal with it as a young girl. Callum never knew his father, Nick, who is now trying to get into his life. I wonder if Ainsley has heard anything more about him. I’ll ask over dinner. I go back into the kitchen and finish cooking. Ainsley still isn’t out of the bedroom. Maybe she fell asleep on the bed, so I went down the hall to check on her.

“Ainsley?” I push open the door and there she is, sitting on the edge of the bed in a towel.

“Baby?” Moving around to her side of the bed, I kneel and look up into her puffy eyes.

“What’s wrong?” I brush a few stray tears away from her eyes before cupping her cheeks.

“Everything hit me. My father’s abandonment, my mother’s indifference, Nick being a douchebag.” She wrings her hands in her lap.

“You know what all of that is?” I ask, giving her a small smile.


“What made you who you are today. You are a brilliant, beautiful, buxom, brunette who can take on anything. You told me no when I asked you out at first. Callum is your number one priority. I love everything about you, Ainsley. Those people are your past, but if you’ll have me.” I pause and take a deep breath. I don’t have the ring yet, but I want her to promise. “Let me be your future. I won’t ask you to marry yet, but promise me you’ll seriously think about it.” I watch her eyes widen and then she nods her head.

“Yes Finn. I want you to be my future too.” Giving into temptation, I kiss her hard on the mouth, pushing her back onto the bed. Ainsley’s arms go around my neck and her towel comes loose. The need to touch her breasts is too much, and I grab them. Her moan spurs me on. I knead both, twisting her nipples to draw a gasp from her lips. Releasing her lips, I nip my way down to her delectable bosom to suck one rosy nipple into my mouth. Her cry of ecstasy strokes my ego. Only I can draw those cries from her lips. Spurs on by the delicious noises she is making, I dip a hand down her body to rest between her legs. Ainsley parts her thighs, giving me permission to continue. I slip a finger through her shaved pussy lips. Then it hits me. I palm her pussy. She shaved the entire thing. I groan into her breast.

“Ainsley, you are killing me,” I murmured, pushing two fingers into her wet heat.

“Good to know,” she chuckles, then arches on a gasp when I slam my fingers into her.

“Fuck, Finn!” Music to my ears. Discontent with using only my fingers, I hunker down between her legs, pushing her thick thighs over my shoulders to have the perfect access to her slick pussy. I take a deep breath, soaking in the scent of her desire for me. I pull my fingers out, earning a whimper from Ainsley. Not to keep her waiting, I dive in with my tongue pressing on her clit. The jerk of her hips tells me I hit the right spot. I attack her clit, sucking and flicking it, driving her closer to the edge of her orgasm. My fingers join my tongue, slipping in and out of her soaking wet pussy. My cock is rock hard between my legs, almost painfully hard. Her whimpers turn to full out groans as I get her closer. To torment her, I stop and let her come down from her high, then I start up again, playing her like an instrument. A second time, I bring her within a heartbeat of her orgasm and stop.

“Finn!” she cries, thrashing on the bed. I look up to see her glaring at me.

“Yes, my love?” I ask with a cocky smile on her face.

“Make me cum!” she yells and I laugh.

“As my queen demands.” I dive back into tripling my efforts. When I feel her pussy clench down on my fingers, I don’t stop letting her have her orgasm. Her cry of pleasure is music to my ears. I love hearing the pleasure I bring to my love. Her pussy clenching so hard on my fingers, I take some effort to pull them out and push back in, prolonging her orgasm as long as I can. Finally, she drops back on the bed, completely spent.

“You are evil,” she complains, an arm over her eyes.

“I know, but it makes you orgasm so much harder.” I crawl up the bed, placing a kiss on her lips before using her towel to wipe my face.

“I love you Ainsley, don’t you ever question that.” I kiss each breast before I hear the timer for dinner go off.

“Get dressed and come eat. Dinner is done.”

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