And Dad Makes Three

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I walk into my apartment to see Vivianne laying on the couch with Callum asleep on her chest. I sigh and walk over, removing my son and putting him in bed. I can see they spent the evening doing crafts. The remnants of their activity lay across my coffee table. Coming back into the living room, I see Vivianne rubbing her eyes as she wakes up.

“How was everything?” I ask, cleaning up the glitter.

“He is spunky for a three-year-old. We fell asleep watching the Christmas movies on the television,” she answers, stretching out her back.

“I love watching Christmas movies, I am sad I missed it. How was he?”

“Good for me. We had macaroni and cheese for dinner and Oreos for dessert. Then we made ornaments for your tree,” she tells me pointing to the glued construction paper stars put on the tree.

“You are so sweet to him. George bought him a Christmas gift,” I say pointing to the massive present I left at the door.

“Whoa, what do you think it is?” she asks getting up to put her coat on.

“I don’t know, plus he left me a massive tip. I got two huge tips tonight. I’ll be able to get Callum some delightful gifts for Christmas and purchase his new boots for when it snows,” I say taking the cash out of my pocket and putting it in my savings jar.

“Who was the other tip?” she asks, slinging her purse over her shoulder.

“Finn MacNee,” I say, trying not to make it a big deal.

“What?” she asks, stopping with her hand on the doorknob.

“He had me make a reservation for him today. Then Kip passed me the table because he had an enormous party of business execs.”

“What did he say when he saw you?”

“Asked me why I was working a second job.”


“I took his drink order. He was there with his family,” I say, shrugging.

“That is it?”

“Oh, and he stayed until closing and drove me home,” I rushed out hurrying into the kitchen to clean up.

“Wait what?” she asks following me into the kitchen.

“He gave me a ride home after he stayed until closing.” I put the dishes she left out in the dishwasher and cleaned the pot she used.

“What kind of car does he drive?”

“An Aston Martin,” I answer my hands deep in water and suds.

“Ainsley! That is amazing.” Vivianne hugs me around the shoulders. I give her a confused look.


“I’ve never heard of Finn being nice to a woman without expecting sex. He didn’t come into the apartment with you?”

“No, he said goodnight.”

“Ainsley! That is so sweet of him.” Vivianne shakes me back and forth.

“He only gave me a ride home. Don’t read into it,” I tell her, Finn can’t be my type, I have a son to think about.

“Why not?”

“Because Finn MacNee is not the type of man to be interested in a woman with a son. Callum is number one in my world, I won’t date anyone who can’t accept Callum,” I explain and she huffs.

“I know, but a girl can dream,” she replies before kissing me on the cheek.

“I’ll see you at work tomorrow. Are you busy for dinner tomorrow?” she asks and I shake my head.

“No, Friday night I have off. Then Saturday and Sunday I have the lunch shift at Young and Long’s.”

“Do you need me to take Callum again?”

“No, you enjoy your weekend. Callum can come with me and sit in a booth. Harley is cool about him.”

“I’m glad she is. See you at work.” Vivianne leaves and I sigh shaking my head. I need to eat something, I ate small bites at the restaurant but not a full meal. Looking in the fridge I realize I need to go to the store. Well, it looks like after work tomorrow Callum and I need to hit up the grocery store. I’ll have to be careful about what we buy, I can’t carry everything home.

“Mommy!” Callum yells for me and I hurry into his room. He is rubbing his eyes.

“Hey, baby. I am home. Did you have fun with Aunt Viv?” I ask laying him back down and tuck him in.

“We made ornaments for the tree,” he tells me as his eyes close again. I sit next to him brushing the hair out of his eyes as I wait for him to fall back asleep. It takes another twenty minutes before I know he is sound asleep. I get up and go into my bedroom to shower and get to bed. It is midnight and I need sleep. Forgetting I need to eat I fall asleep until my alarm goes off at five am. Groaning I start my morning all over again.

Callum is extra fussy this morning as I try to get us out the door. By the time we get out of the apartment I know I am going to be late to work.

“Callum we have to rush,” I say picking him up and running down the street. I drop him at the daycare kissing him and running to work. My head is light as I remember I still ate nothing. I run pass the new girl in charge of the front desk to get to work.

“Hi, Tracy!” I hurry into the elevator and up to the top floor of the building. I see Mr. MacNee’s office is still dark. Thanking my lucky stars I hurry to put my things away and get his coffee ready. Less than five minutes go by when he walks in.

“Good morning, Miss Gordon.”

“Good morning, sir,” I greet him waiting to follow him into the office. He opens his doors and drops his briefcase onto a chair. I hand him the coffee and wait.

“I sent you your list five minutes ago, get started,” he orders, I nod and go back to my desk taking a moment as the world spins around me. Taking the water bottle I had in my bag I try to open it but the world goes dark.

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